Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Dream Address - ACNH Dream Codes 2020

7/30/2020 2:45:59 PM

The new dreaming feature is available now with the ACNH second summer update, go to the latest version 1.4 and have a nap on your bed, you’ll have the chance to visit any islands in the dream. Looking for the most gorgeous Animal Crossing New Horizons island design? Here we collected a list of the best Animal Crossing Dream Address (ACNH dream codes) shared by AC players on Reddit, allowing you to explore their islands easily and freely.  

acnh dream address

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Dream Update

Dream Suit is a feature of the Animal Crossing series game, as a returning mechanism, how does ACNH Dream Islands work? When you start sleeping on your bed in the house, you will have a dream and meet Luna, who can help you travel to dream islands. You can visit the islands of other players in the dream or show your own to others. When Luna shows up, she will ask “How may I be of assistance?”, there are four options you can choose:

- I want to dream: visit others’ islands through inputting their dream address

- I’d like to share a dream: get your dream address to share with other friends

- Where am I: get more information on Dreaming

- I want to wake up: return to the real world

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Nothing you do in the dream will be permanent, so feel free to explore the islands with the way you like, get inspiration from the vast designs! What you should know is that you can't bring any Animal Crossing New Horizon items back from or leave items on that island. And you can only upload your island once a day. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons Dream Address - Best ACNH Dream Codes 2020

With the launch of Animal Crossing New Horizons Summer Update wave 2 (ACNH version 1.4.0), AC fans have access to visit dream islands like previous games. To visit islands of other players in the dream, you need a special code called ACNH dream address, share your dream address with others, you can visit their design or show off your island. What’s the best Animal Crossing dream address? Here we collected 10 top ACNH Dream Address 2020 as below. As the dreaming is just beginning in the game, there will be a host of new, popular dream islands shared by AC players, this is not an absolute list. But you can explore some unparalleled Animal Crossing island designs now.

Top 1 ACNH Dream Address - DA-0088-6977-5250 (Zsasz Cove)

- An piracy style island 

- The grave of Blackbeard 

- A resort with a past

Top 2 ACNH Dream Address -DA-4564-6321-5532 (Rikoka)

- A white/cottage/farm/village themed island

- A marketplace, lavender farms, a museum study, orchard, and many more

Top 3 ACNH Dream Address - DA-0330-8435-3832 (Solshire)

- A cozy, small town vibe with lots of little decorated areas

- Featuring a farmer's market, an ocean-side cafe, a cultural zone next to the museum, and a resort beach area

Top 4 ACNH Dream Address - DA-1682-9583-0024 (Prymni Island)

- Lots of natural style designs with items fell out of trees, prezzies and balloons

- Local chemists hideaway, Redd’s antiques cavern, a flower tower, spa/salon, spiffy flower/coffee shop and all sorts villagers

Top 5 ACNH Dream Address - DA-5102-4796-7530 (Sandungueo)

- A mixed theme island

- Lots of inspiration from the player’s home in Puerto Rico 

- A Zelda themed house and a Vets office

Top 6 ACNH Dream Address - DA-0490-9362-6748 (Isdao)

- 5 star island

- Southern Hemisphere

- A residential suburb, a fishing village, a Japanese garden with hot spring, and an Ice and Snow Festival 

Top 7 ACNH Dream Address - DA-1781-8854-6288 (Moonshine)

- Lovely and beautiful 

- Still under construction

Top 8 ACNH Dream Address - DA-6652-9498-5141

- Hydra island

- Extensive shopping district and haunted house 

Top 9 ACNH Dream Address - DA-9258-1778-4948 (Kosubi)

- Flower valley in the day, glowing forest at night

Top 10 ACNH Dream Address - DA-5132-9740-5072 (Avalon)

- A fairytale village vibe

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