Animal Crossing New Horizons Fall Update 2020 Predictions - ACNH Halloween, Harvest Festival, Gyroids & More

8/17/2020 3:48:51 PM

As we come to the end of August, what might we see in the upcoming fall update for Animal Crossing New Horizons? So far, Nintendo have been fantastic in providing pretty frequent updates since the release of the game in March and Fall is not an exception. Players may be excited to see what surprises Nintendo may bring our way. And here is the predictions for Animal Crossing New Horizons fall update 2020, covering what we might see and what characters we might encounter in the next couple of months. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fall Update 2020 Predictions

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fall Update 2020 Predictions 

It is confirmed that the next free update will arrive in Fall. Thanks to the hard work of the data-miner, we know of 4 potential new features may added to New Horizons in Fall Update, it will presumably include a Halloween event featuring the Pumpkin headed character Jack, Harvest Festival featuring the turkey cooker Franklin, manner of furniture items and Brewster. 

When will ACNH Fall Update release? Halloween in Animal Crossing begins in late October, this update could be coming in late September or early October, when will the Fall Update actually happen is variable, the exact release date is still uncertain now, but we predict September 30th. 

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ACNH Halloween

As you know, the Halloween event in some form will be in this update, its structure is likely to remain the same while offers and ACNH items you can get will come through free updates. Halloween is an Autumn event celebrated by villagers in most of Animal Crossing series. Jack is a strange character who has previously shown up at the beginning of October in past Animal Crossing games. Hearth pumpkin half purple whizzes robe Jack is the epitome of Halloween and a fun character with a task for you to complete in a set time. The reason we can predict this character will most definitely be a part of the fall update is that his face appeared at the end of the last month's update video and after all fireworks were teased in part one of the summer update and we got them in part two. So we will see his face. Previously, Jack would test players to find various bits of candy and reward them with spooky prizes.

acnh halloween items

During this time period, Halloween items would also appear in the store. This was the time where both the spooky series and the creepy series would be available to players maybe this time the tasks will be similar but I can definitely see some kind of trick or treat mechanic coming into play maybe where you collect candy from villagers and give them to Jack to redeem prizes or perhaps it'll be similar to the bunny day event where players can find candy in many unexpected places like from trees and in the water.

ACNH Harvest Festival

The harvest festival is also something that may reappear in the fall update, with Franklin - the turkey returning to cook up food during the Thanksgiving season. The YouTuber EmmaUniverse predicts players may need to find food items or retrieve them from villages to create a nice thanksgiving meal. 

In New Leaf, Franklin's role is much different and far less upsetting. Instead of running away from being cooked, Franklin is the one doing the cooking. He'll ask players to help him gather ingredients for the meal. These include things that can be found normally, like fish, fruit and mushrooms, but other ingredients like flour, butter and vinegar need to be obtained from villagers.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Brewster

Without a doubt the fall season will bring all manner of furniture items ranging from spooky to cozy as the days get shorter and the leaves begin to fall for some time. Brewster may also make a comeback in Animal Crossing New Horizons perhaps in the museum with his own big cafe. I think he would suit fall or winter with his warm beverages. So we'll just have to see but it would certainly be a nice surprise to see the return of our favorite shy yet lovable pigeon friend and share a cup of coffee and some wisdom. But remember to drink your drink while it's still piping hot.

Gyroids In ACNH 

Gyroids are rather iconic item when it comes to the animal crossing franchise, basically another collectible set of items that just like fossils only can be found in dig spots after it's been raining. They also related to Brewster, it’s very likely to see gyroids returns in the game, they're some of the most beloved items and expected items in Animal Crossing Crossing New Horizons, which can sell for good amounts of ACNH bells. 

Realistically, the update will probably only have a couple of the things mentioned but a couple of extra things we could see coming in the near future are the option to transfer save files between Nintendo Switches. If a switch is lost broken or stolen, an option to transfer save data to an upgraded switch could be a nice addition, and the ability to upgrade the shop and see it expand even more. Read Backup And Restore Island Save Data.

What do you think will appear in the new fall update and what's one thing that you'd like to see? Keep following our news and you may find out more ACNH Fall Update details!