Animal Crossing New Horizons NEW 2.0 UPDATE REVEALS - New Amiibo & Villagers

9/26/2021 11:46:35 AM

Now Nintendo has just announced that there will be an upcoming animal crossing new horizons direct in October.

The return of the roost and brewster finally to animal crossing new horizons after months of speculation data mines and more, it finally looks like getting a bigger update for the game.


Animal Crossing New Horizons NEW 2.0 UPDATE REVEALS - New Amiibo & Villagers

A series 5 of the animal crossing amiibo cards

Actually, Nintendo also made another very interesting and kind of sneaky little update alongside this, that they didn't mention anywhere other than on Twitter and that is that they are coming out with a series 5 of the animal crossing amiibo cards. Data miners seemingly knew about mumps in advance and something. All the details you need to know about this, and how it could mean that some brand new or returning villages come to animal crossing new horizons as well as some other details about these announcements that you might not currently know about. Disney emoji blitz is unlike any other match-free game, each emoji has its unique power-ups and you control what to use, letting you strategize with each game that you play. Mando is just one of many that you can collect, you can also use emojis to text your friends which is pretty cool in my opinion, and for you collectors out there.

There's a lot for you to get your hands on and the game is always getting updated with more emojis, the start Nintendo did announce on Twitter that a series 5 of the animal crossing amiibo cards which is exciting, it's been a long time to got a new series of amiibo cards. In terms of the series one through four, when animal crossing happy home designer came out, which was quite a long time ago now. So the fact that finally getting a series five, which of course will be centered around animal crossing new horizons is really exciting news, and it does make sense for them to announce this in advance. They like to do this sort of thing, it's because it's physical merchandise but they did something very similar with the Sanrio cards and mentioning that those would be coming back just before they did the Sanrio update.

So it definitely seems like they want a lot of people to be able to get their hands on these cards which are good news, now you might be wondering how does this ties into new villages and which characters will be included in this new series while Nintendo hasn't really mentioned much about the series 5 cards yet sadly. Of course, it was just a minor announcement, it's pretty much safe to assume that will see character cards for new horizons exclusive characters, this includes the eight new villagers with characters like Raymond Audi and Judy who are exceptionally popular within the games, and will now finally have amiibo cards that you can use to summon them in which means no more long hunts or trading on nookerzen for characters like Raymond anymore, which is just absolutely fantastic.

Now how does this exactly tie into new villages well data miners discovered a few months ago?

Should definitely check out, it was discovered that there were about a hundred amiibo ids that weren't tied to anything, this means that there was about a hundred amiibo kind of laying around with nothing attached to them, and when it comes to a hundred amiibo. It really only could be related to one thing and that's animal crossing new horizons and the amiibo cards which of course are designed on mass rather than the amiibo figures which you definitely wouldn't see a hundred new ones off.

So it does seem very likely that now that know this is coming out these two are most likely connected and could potentially see up to a hundred new cars in this series. At least 50 new cards within this series, and of course there aren't that many new horizons characters that were introduced in fact, there were less than 20. Definitely wouldn't fill up a whole series of cards, they would need to do quite a few more, now the other option is that they could do cards of existing characters who are maybe quite popular in new horizons, maybe doing ones for tom nook and Isabelle and such, what would make this series five fantastic is to actually have cards for some new villagers which maybe could be introduced for the very first time in a big animal crossing update.

After all, see eight new villagers introduced to the game if they did decide to add a few more after got the Sanrio villagers to come to the game. So it would be great to see even more villagers introduced, however, if that doesn't happen, bringing back some of the missing characters from past animal crossing games who haven't been seen in ages, they did do this in animal crossing new horizons with the welcome amiibo update bringing back characters from the original game like Dobie who was removed, since the very start, so maybe they could continue upon that it's an idea that they've used before.

So it makes sense that they could use it again at some point, either way, it does seem like Corinne for a treat of getting quite a few new cards, especially for characters like Raymond and Judy who are honestly quite difficult to get your hands on, but it would make this series even better, it would make so many people happy, if they did introduce or reintroduce some villages to animal crossing new horizons, it would be really great to have more characters to interact with around the island, as well that don't currently know exactly when this announcement is going to happen sadly, it does seem like these announcements will happen in early October, maybe they are coming out with a smash presentation on the 10th of October. 

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