Diablo 2 Resurrected Runeword Guide - Runewords Farming Tips for Beginners & Returning Players In Diablo 2

2/3/2022 4:40:16 PM

This is a guide to talk about Diablo 2 rune words, so it's for beginners or players who are returning for d2 resurrected. How to make a rune word which is really basic and easy? How you can socket Diablo 2 items that don't already have sockets in them? You can make your room words as well as how to Ebug and armor, and then some places where you can go to the farm for your runes. So you can make your Diablo 2 Resurrected rune words, To make a rune word it's really easy all you need to do is get a Diablo 2 item with sockets in it and you can find an item on the ground with sockets.


Diablo 2 Resurrected Runeword Guide - Runewords Farming Tips for Beginners & Returning Players In Diablo 2

How to Make a Runeword? 

Other ways you can get sockets in a Diablo 2 resurrected item, but once you have your item with sockets in it, you just need to make sure you put the runes in the right order, in order to make the room work.

The steps to make a Diablo 2 rune word:

Spirit runewords 

1. Just gonna be talthal or am in that order, go ahead and make it, and then it makes a rune word called spirit which is a great room word for casters to use.

2. Put the runes in the right order, you cannot use a unique set of rare magic items for a Diablo 2 runeword, it has to be in a gray item or a white item that you added sockets to and made it gray.

3. For a great resource for room words and finding room words and you know looking up the order of the runes is the area summit.

How to Add Sockets? 

1. You can make a rune word one way to add sockets to a Diablo 2 Resurrected item for your room words is to run up the bloody foothills in act 5 and kill shank the overseer completing the first quest in act 5.

2. You can then go back to town and talk to larsak, and he'll add sockets to any item for you for free, and you can do this three times once on each difficulty, so each character will have three sockets quests. They can use larsak will socket any item in the game for free as long as it has no sockets already, but if you socket a white or an ethereal item, you'll give the maximum amount of sockets that item's allowed to have based on that item's eye level.

3. You may have to do a little research to see what is based on where the item's found, and what type of item it is that'll determine how many sockets Larza will give it, basically any item that you find in hell.

4. Get the maximum amount of sockets that the game will allow that item to have, if you use the socket quest with Larsak, another way to add sockets to an item that doesn't already have sockets for a runeword is to use a cube recipe.

For example, a towel plus a thaw plus a perfect topaz and a normal white body armor or ethereal will add sockets to it, but just know that when you do this recipe it adds a random amount of sockets so you're not guaranteed to get the number of sockets that you need for the room where you're looking for so do it at your own risk.

How to EBug Armor? 

The e-bugging and armor e-bugging is just a bug that happens to Ethero armor when you give it sockets, using the cube recipe and it has to be just a normal armor, it can't be superior or low quality, and it works for helmets and shields as well, so what happens is it, just gives it a defense bonus.

It gives it extra defense which is great for making um fortitudes or ethereal armors that you can put on your mercenary since ethereal armors don't break if it's on your mercenary and just so you know you can't Ebug an armor through Larsak it has to be through the cube recipe with just a normal ethereal armor that's not socketed. 

Tips for Farming Runes

1. A good place to start farming runes would be the countess found in act 1 on the 5th level of the forgotten tower which you can get to through the black marsh, she has a guaranteed chance to drop certain runes, and her rune drop table changes depending on the difficulty.

In normal she can drop up to Rao Roon nightmare, Io, and then hell she can drop up to the east room with a bonus chance to drop even higher runes in hell being, she can drop up to the low room.

2. It's recommended that you farmer on player one, because more players in the game increase her chance to drop gear instead of more runes, so it's recommended to farm on player 1. If possible the countess is good for farming easter lower runes. 

3. If you want to farm high runes up to burr to come to the lower currents farm the super chests and act three. The super chests are found in huts which are found around a campfire like this that has these torches around it, so above the campfire, there will be two super chests in this hut, and then to the side, there will be another hut with one super chest and these super chests have the best odds of dropping high runes.

4. It's recommended to do this on players seven or eight, so if you're in single-player, you can just type slash player seven to set it to you know player seven, and if you're on the multiplayer battle net,  just make sure you're doing it in a game with other people in it anything less than players 5 is not really worth it, but if you want a good guide on the lower carass that goes really in-depth with the odds and numbers.

5. Hitting the odd log or flipping over the odd corpse when you're down there, a burr rune under a log before, so you know you can get lucky with that, but if you don't want to kill any monsters, you can really bypass the monsters if you're too weak or anything like that and just goes straight for the super chests. It is possible to find up to six super chests on a lower caress map, so you could find two campfires that have you know the huts around them which would add up to six total if you get a good lower caress map.

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