Diablo 2 Resurrected Best High Rune Drop Guide: Which Monster Has the Best High Rune Drop?

5/11/2022 4:52:32 PM

Most people know that higher player difficulty and faster monsters can lead to more high runes. But do you really know that some monsters have a higher rune drop rate than others, that really gives you a better chance to find high-level D2 items, We'll see which monsters are And whether you should really farm them?


First of all, we'll take a look at the hardest player difficulty just to show you the difference between one and eight but you can get the same idea without even needing to dabble with that for this particular guide, we're talking about monsters here in hell difficulty. we'll go ahead and pick a Jah rune, everything's set perfectly fine, let's go ahead and go find an item now down here, we have the probability for all the monsters you see a lot of them are all the same here of them are different.


When you're running at shako trying to get a shako for mandarin or Mephisto, it's like one in a thousand chances well you only kill one monster, so you're going to want that odd to be quite low to even be worth it, but if you look at these wisps wraith, there are these finger mage ones and as we're talking about some of these here, these different casters are another similar type to the wraith and glooms, there's like monsters just kind of float around but these ones would cast a little bit instead of shooting lightning or different stuff or coming up and just attacking you as the ghosts do, in the tower cellar, taking out ghosts on the way down to the countess, that is a prime location, that's why we would highly recommend don't just go straight down to the countess.


As fast you can hit these champion packs and the ghost packs along the way, they have a much higher chance of dropping high runes, and just to compare these to regular monsters, there's one monster kind of by itself here hell bovine with a 1 in six hundred thousand and six hundred fifty thousand chance, now the thing about cows why do people love farming cows for high runes, they're not immune to anything so anybody can kill them, that's why people love farming cows for high runes.



It is extremely efficient to just have that many cows in one area and not have to go look around for others, if you get the right map some maps will have just billions and ghosts down in Tahrash's tombs, there's a bunch of tombs so you don't have to keep saving and exiting and you can find them, all over the place is a very slept on a D2R rune spot, there's a race in the flyers dungeon actually so if you're ever looking at going at that one of these souls, though these are never farmed in your wreck don't go after souls, these things will slap people, everyone's probably been shot down instantly by souls at some point in their life a lot of times, you're just gonna come across these different types of casters and stuff they're all over here in the chaos sanctuary, so that's kind of why on one reason the cast sanctuary is quote-unquote good for high runes good density and it has these casters in it that is actually a lot of people don't talk about or don't know or whatever but they actually have the same rune drop rates as essentially ghosts, so if you can handle the cast sanctuary and just slap in a slaughter in there it is a great place right there when we look down at the other one.


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