D2R Best Frost Nova Sorceress Build Guide - Attributes, Skill Points, Best Gear, Merc Gear

8/15/2022 4:28:49 PM

This is a frost nova build that we used in the Arachnids Lair but also works very well in any area that you would normally use any cold spell D2R sorceress.


Attributes & Stats

  • Strength – 163

  • Dexterity – 75

  • Vitality – 507

  • Energy – 85

Advanced Stats

  • Regenerate mana: 211%.

  • Magic damage reduced by 3.

  • Damage reduced by 18%.

  • Attacker takes damage of 26.

  • 137% extra gold from monsters.

  • 468% better chance of getting magic items.

  • 10% to experience gained.

  • 14 life after each kill.

  • Reduces all vendor prices 14%.

  • +8 to light radius.

  • +70% faster run/walk.

  • 60% faster hit recovery.

  • +105% faster cast rate.

  • +15% damage taken goes to mana.

Skill Points

Cold Spells

  • One point to Frozen Armor, Ice Bolt, Ice Blast, Glacial Spike.

  • Maxed out Frost Nova.


Lightning Spells

  • One point to Telekinesis, Teleport.

Fire Spells

  • Maxed out Warmth.

Frost Nova takes 50 mana, so you need that mana regenerating as fast as possible, so you don't run out all the time, you do spoiler alert for some of the gear coming up, and have an insight on the mercenary if you do what we did, so that way you keep your mana up as much as possible without putting any points into your energy.

Best Gear

 2022-08-15 151703

Weapon: Swirling Crystal

Weapon Runeword: The Oculus

Shako: Harlequin Crest

Shield: Monarch

Shield Runeword: Spirit

Armor: Wyrmhide

Armor Runeword: Enigma

Boots: War Traveler


Raven Frost


Gauntlets: Magefist



Gheed's Fortune Grand Charm

Chilling Grand Charm

Mercenary Gear

Weapon: Colossus Voulge

Weapon Runeword: Insight

Demonhead: Andariel's Visage

Armor: Dusk Shroud

Armor Runeword: Treachery

Gameplay for Frost Nova Sorceress Build

We'll head out to the ancient tunnels here, real quick battle order up, and zip over here, and you could kill monsters on the way too, we kind of like doing this once in a while if it's early on and you can get some set items and some uniques from them, all up to you we'll hop down into the ancient tunnels, and you can see it's working pretty okay, this is players one difficulty if you're targeting champions and bosses, you can just run on players one,  you'll limit slightly your rune drop chances, but if you're hunting unique single player stuff like the kind of things, this is not a bad option, now it is obvious you're doing this for the change of pace type of thing, and the one thing that is great for us too is that you don't have to aim, those are almost 50 mana, a piece your mana is going down, but it's  replenishing, so incredibly fast, it's crazy, so this is a fun build, a little bit different for you to use.