D2R Nova Sorc 2.5 Guide - Best Energy Shield Sorceress Build in Diablo 2 Resurrected

11/8/2022 5:57:47 PM

Today we’ll get into a full guide to the D2R Nova Sorc build 2.5, which highlights each piece of gear and equipment and what merc gear to use, as well as stats and skills. 

D2R Nova Sorc 2.5 Guide - Best Energy Shield Sorceress Build in Diablo 2 Resurrected

This is a Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Nova Sorceress build by Snoozey, which is an Infinity-wielding Sorceress. 

Character Stats

This is an energy shield build, so the majority of attribute points are put into energy, then enough strength to make sure you can wear your gear, do not have to be the exact stats as below. 

- Strength 123

- Dexterity: 65

- Vitality: 109

- Energy: 520

Skill Tree

- Cold Spells: Frozen Armor 1

- Fire Spells: Warmth 1

- Lightning Spells: Nova 20, Static Field 20, Lightning Mastery 20, Telekinesis 20, Energy Shield 20, Thunder Storm 1


- Weapon I: Infinity (Scythe). It is a two-handed weapon, you will not be able to use a shield, so you're not gonna be able to use that Spirit Shield, then you will not have that 55 faster hit recovery, you’ll need to make that up in other ways, whether to change out your boots and put tracks on or get it from charms. 

- Weapon II: Call To Arms (Flail). On the swap, we're going to be sticking with the Call to Arms, the highest battle orders you can afford, if it's only one to battle orders, it should still work. Put these in either a Flail or a Crystal Sword.

- Shield II: Lidless Wall (Grim Shield). 

- Helm: Griffon’s Eye (Diadem). Griffon’s Eye is another required Diablo 2 item, you could probably get away with a Shako if you need magic find, but you're really going to want this Griffin's eye, with this item, you are getting plus one to all skills, and +25% faster cast rate. Actually, you don’t need a perfect Griffon for this 2.5 Nova Sorc build, you can buy the cheapest Griffons based on your budget, then you slap in a high facet, for example, the Rainbow Facet brings -5% to enemy lightning resistance and +5% to lightning skill damage. If you can't afford perfect facets, you can always take them out with a Hel rune and a Scroll of Town Portal in your Cube and then put a new one in.

- Armor: Skin of the Vipermagi (Serpentskin Armor). For the body armor, you can go with a Vipermagi to get extra 35 resistances, and then a lightning facet for some more damage or skill damage. The other option that you could use is an Ormus' Robes with a plus three to Nova, you're going to be really careful with your breakpoints, because it's only a 20 faster cast rate, compared to the 30 faster cast rate from the Vipermagi, but this will give you 15 lightning skill damage, and then if you're going full offense, you're probably going to put a facet in that, so you're going to get another -5% to the enemy lightning resistance and another 5% to lightning skill damage, bringing that up to 20 lightning skill damage and three levels to Nova.

- Gloves: Magefist (Light Gauntlets). It gives plus one to fire skills, so it's a little bit more Mana regen, thanks to warmth, you got the 20 faster cast rate, if you really wanted to, you could put in a Trang-Oul's gloves, which will give you a little bit more cold resistance.

- Rings: The Stone of Jordan. For the rings, you can equip the SOJ if you have a 20 faster cast rate, you want that plus one to all skills, plus 20 to mana and the increased maximum mana 25%, which is huge, and the put Frostburn for even more mana, but this is not necessary, make sure you're still hitting those breakpoints. You really want a very high man pool because when you're spamming Nova, it will eat your Mana very quickly, when monsters are smacking you and you're taking 95 of that damage to your mana pool, it's going to go down, so having a huge mana pool increases your regen and makes you tankier.

- Amulet: Armageddon Fletch. The stats on this amulet are absolutely insane, you will want +2 to sorceress skills, if you can’t get that, +2 to lightning skills will also work, the cast rate is whatever you need to hit your breakpoint, the strength, life, and resistances on this gear are all nice, the other thing that would be nice to have is a reduction of the poison duration on you, your poison resistance is crucial for this build because energy shield does not protect yours against that.

- Belt: Arachnid Mesh (Spiderweb Sash). The belt is going to be the Arachnid Mesh just for that cast rate, the one to all skills, and then that increased maximum mana by 5%.

- Boots: War Traveler (Battle Boots). Similar to many other builds, War Traveler is used for that magic find and +10 to strength and vitality. 

D2R Nova Sorc 2

Mercenary Gear

- Level 98 Desert Mercenary

- Helm: Andariel's Visage (Demonhead)

- Armor: Fortitude (Archon Plate)

- Weapons: Insight (Cryptic Axe)

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