Lost Ark Prep Guide for New Tripod System - How Should We Prepare for New Tripod System

10/26/2022 4:42:37 PM

You are going to have a tripod system coming very soon, we talked about this when we were having this update in Korea a couple of months ago, and we want to make sure to make this guide very early so that you can prepare as early as you can, this is one of the most important systematic changes in the game where you can increase your spec as in your character can be much stronger with less effort, as in the future you're going to have such so much more problematic if you don't prepare it now, this is the beneficial thing for all the players that been playing earlier on, a versus the player that's going to join later.


What Is a Tripod System

Tripods impact most of your DPS, the #1 priority in a boost of your build. Impacts most damage % per skill, some increases other important attributes (identity gains) - SH, Mach, DB, Striker, etc.

Past Tripod Systems Problem

Based on 3 tripods per gear, 18 tripod total:

-10% chance to succeed level 5 + with Powder.

-Complicated skill tree inventory, not able to change tripods on the fly, makes only certain tripods viable in the market.

-Hard to find great combinations.

-Heavy investment to change builds.

What Is Going to Change

1. Skill tree inventory is completely removed.

2. All tripods from the skill tree inventory will be learned.

3. All tripods will be manual add now with % buff:

-Lv2 100%

-Lv3 50%, 100% with powder

-Lv4 25%, 50% with powder

-Lv5 10%, 20% with powder

Why Is It Good

1. Simplified System: just works like engravings, but the character is locked, just needs to succeed once to level tripods, no need to calculate Lv4 transfers.

2. Can freely change tripods on the fly for raids.

3. More tripods you unlock, the more you will save as time goes on.

How Should We Prepare

Utilize Skill tree inventory to the fullest to learn as many tripods as level 5 after the patch, buy additional pages based on class, Inventory 3=50, Inventory 4=100, Inventory 5=150.

Price example:

Save peons by diligently adding chaos dungeon loots to the skill tree inventory.

-3 pages total

1 page price = 50 blue crystals

18 tripods x 7 Peons = 126 Peons total

-5 Pages total

3 Page price = 300 Blue crystals

30 Tripods x 7 Peons = 210 Peons total

Price example (if not prepared):

18 Tripod Class, powder+20% change x 18 times (no pity). If average 5 times is your try, it would cost:

-18 tripods x avg 5 tries = 630 peons.

-18 tripods x avg 5 tries = 90 powders.

--gold based on auction house price for amulet.

--silver per try.

Every class is different, choose wisely:

-Some classes have neat tripods that increase damage to lower foes (good for chaos).

-Potential to build swap easily not worrying about tripods.

-If tripods change during the balance patch if it’s level 5 they will give you a free amulet to level another tripod to 5 for a 100% chance.

It's too many pheons to worry about level 5 across your roster especially if you want pods outside of meta for future changes. Level 4 tripods are more than fine for alts, go for level 5 pods on your mains (main alts). Also, it's a horrible change where it makes it harder to do this later. 20% chance it will be with dust but on rare occasions, you get a chance to +% a pod. Then add in your tripod variations for certain encounters and you're entering a world of hurt trying to get enough combinations on alts.

so you guys don't get confused as to how you save them efficiently, you open all pages first for the main let's say, after you buy LVL 4 BROKEN GEAR WITH ONLY ONE TRIPOD (that you want)ON IT, and you buy these one tripod broken gears ONE BY ONE, and then you save them on all the pages that you have opened, so you buy let's say 4 LVL 4 one tripod broken gear all of the gloves lets just say, so you save each ONE BY ONE on all 4 pages, one glove with a tripod you want on page 2, one for page 3, one for page 4, one for page 5. And then you go for Chest, Head, Pants, Weapon, Shoulders, and so on.

You don't have to upgrade 1 level at a time. You can try to upgrade from a level 1 tripod straight into a level 5 by using an amulet with a level 4 of the same tripod in it, and (this is the important bit) if it fails, then the amulet, with the tripod you wanted to upgrade to, gets destroyed? So you will need a new amulet with the same tripod again, we have enough pheons and 80k gold to do one of these two: Get tripods at level 5 or get started on relic gear 5x3 for Sorceress (Main, currently 1467 with 4x3 legendary) Which would be a better way to spend the Lost Ark gold. Our instinct is telling to get as much RNG as possible out of the way and go with the tripods.


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