Lost Ark Brelshaza Update Preparation Guide - How Far Should I Push My Roster before Brelshaza Update

11/26/2022 5:10:37 PM

How far you should push before the Brelshaza update, so it's a very simple topic, we can also show you the progress of how the pushing is going to be, when you start, when you receive the update, so without talking too much about it, let's get right to it and we have the best Lost Ark gold for you.


What's So Special About 1490

1490 afterwards is when you can expect a huge jump towards progression.

-New chaos dungeon 1490.

-Guardian raid karleligos.

-Legion Raid Brelshaza.

-New tier reward for Una quests.


Chaos Dungeon and Guardian Raids - Summary

1490, 1500, 1520 are the breakpoints for Brelshaza legion raid/chaos dungeon.

1490 VS 1475 Dailies

-New materials. (1:5 ratio in NPC Trade)

-Double the Shard Gains.

-Less leap stones but higher value.

-Able to get new accessory Bracelet.

-About the same Gem Drops.


New 1490 Guardian Notes

-More difficult than the future upcoming guardians. Karleligos>Hanumatan(1540)>Sonavel(1580).

-Heavy Battle item usage: Destruction, Whirlwind, Pheromone, Flare.

-About 3 to 4 times value in material.

-Low, but has drop rate for bracelets.

-Until 1540 and new updates, majority of the people will be fighting Karl for a while.


Brelsahza Legion Riad - Honing Materials

Gate 1-2 (Including box buy)

-New Destruction Crystal: 360

-New Guardian Crystal: 720

-New Leapstones: 20

-6000 Shards

-120 Brelshaza tokens (NPC Trade)


Gate 3-4 (Including box buy)

-New Destruction Crystal: 480

-New Guardian Crystal: 960

-New Leapstones: 20

-6000 Shards

-130 Brelsahza tokens (NPC Trade)


Gate 5-6 (Including box buy)

-New Destruction Crystal: 840

-New Guardian Crystal: 1680

-New Leapstones: 28

-8200 Shards



  • If you’re under 1490 and close, push to 1490. Even if you do not go to Brelshaza, the dailies will bring you huge income in the early in the patch, if you happen to beat Brelshaza gain 1-2, you can get a 1510 item by just switching the gear. (With Silver and few gold)


  • Going to 1500 without Brelshaza gear is crazy, even with few Brelshaza gears, you don’t have a huge advantage of going to ilvl 1500, there will be no daily upgrades and only gate 3-4 for additional mats and horns, control your spending for this.


  • If you can clear gate 5-6, the 152 ilvl has an advantage, but if you cannot clear 5-6, there are no advantages due to materials are being about the same with 1490 ilvl dailies.