Lost Ark Arcana Empress Guide after August Patch: Gear & Stats, Engravings, Skills, Gems, Rotation

8/22/2022 11:13:18 AM

We'll cover the Lost Ark Empress Arcanist guide after August patch in KR, there are many builds for Empress, but we're going to cover one build that looks fun and lots of people seems to play, then let's get started.



There are a lot of things that got changed for Arcana, but we will just cover things that we think are important for this build, first, the identity of the auto drawing call balance, judgment, and Wheel of Fortune got increased and other cars got decreased, also two new cars are added clown card, you get back the last card that you used, Joey card reduces cooldown by 15 or by even 30 with 50 chance for the skills that are already on cooldown except for Spaceball and Awakening.

Gear & Stats

For the relic set, you want to run the Nightmare set and for the stats, you want to main specialization and sub crit.


The Engravings, Grudge, Crystal, Raid Captain, Hit Master, Adrenaline, level 2, and Empress level 1 or you can run barricade over raid Captain, depending on which one you use, it will affect the skill Lost Ark Rune and tripod that you have to use, for Engravings under five times three prioritize on Empress level 1 and you can add other Engravings in your favor.


The graphic effect of most of the skills got changed, to increase the efficiency of raid Captain, all the blue skills have movement speed boost tripod that allows you to max out speed at level 5 when paired with swamp of Yearning set from the supporter, for the red skills while the damage of the four Stacks got increased by five percent, also the identity gauge meter when Landing the red skills got increased, the amount of meter differs scaling with the stacks, and because call of Destiny's Quick Draw tripod got reduced by half which is a Nerf, this build does not use call of Destiny, and rather draws the cars with red skills meter, to amplify the meter gain, you can use wolf Rune on red skills which helps you a lot to draw the cars or quick recharge which gives Arcana a chance to increase DPS, this is possible for this build since it doesn't run barricade which means protection Rune is not needed, for those who want to run protection and barricade, you can still use it by putting four protection rune on these four rescules.

These are the 8 skills and if you don't have enough skill points which is 384 then you can lower Backflash to level 7 or level 4, for the priority of tripod, you want to prioritize the crit damage buff from the return, then go for DPS tripods on DPS skills, and then the movement speed tripods on Blue skills:

  • Return, this is a credit party Synergy skill that also gives self-crit damage both tripods are the same as before the patch, rune's rage.

  • Scratch Dealer, this is a stacking skill that provides you movement speed for raid Captain, tripods are the same as before the patch, rune's tailwind.

  • Spiral Edge is a stacking skill that provides you movement speed for rate counting, tripods are the same as before the patch, rune's tailwind.

  • Backflash, this is a new stack skill that provides you moving speed for raid Captain, if you're running barricade over raid Captain, then you can run Quadra accelerator instead, for the first tripod of backflash movement speed boost, the second tripod either Mana restoration which restores 12 of Max Mana when it lands the hit or card increase which increases the stacks from two to three, third tripod the one that makes the skill into combo skill, rune's kill wind.

  • Celestial Rain, this is a DPS skill, tripods are the same as before the patch, rune's bleed rune.

  • Four of a Kind, this is a DPS skill that got buffed on both damage and identity meter, first line, the one that gives you 55 chance of resetting this skill at level 5, second line, if you're running barricade then deception, deception doesn't consume the stacks by 75 chance at level 5, so it has high potential, but it doesn't fit with raid caption much since the duration of a movement speed boost from the blue skills is not long enough to DPS with multi-resets, so if you're running raid Captain, then you want to run this tripod, this one right here that increases the damage, barricade can also run this tripod if deception tripod is hard to use, third line, Full House tripod, this is a new tripod that increases crit rate and damage at the same time, rune's throne.

  • Serendipity, this is a DPS skill, tripods are the same as before the patch, rune's wolf rune.

  • Secret Guardian, this is DPS skill tripods are same as before the patch, rune's quick recharge, the ruined damage which is the stacked damage does not increase over level 10 so we left the red skills at level 10.


For the gems, you want to run attack gems on four red skills, four of kind Sacred Garden, Serendipity, and Celestial rain, for the rest of the Seven slots you want to run cooldown reduction gems on four of the kind the backflash, spiral Edge, scratch dealer, return, Secret Garden and Celestial rain.


Let's go over to the rotation, you want to use Awakening first, if you're using nightmare set, the priority of red skills is Celestial rain, Sacred Garden, four of a kind, and then serendipity, most of the time Serendipity will be on, but it's still okay, you can use it as a counter or you use it when you get either call judgment or balance card since the order of all those cars got increased, that's why a lot of people are using this build showing high DPS.

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