WoW Dragonflight Best Professions For All Classes | Dragonflight Professions Picking Guide

11/4/2022 8:28:35 PM

In this Dragonflight Professions Picking Guide, we list the best professions in World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion and what useful items and powerful skills they offer.

WoW Dragonflight Best Professions For All Classes  

Best Professions To Pick in WoW Dragonflight

One of the largest changes coming with the WoW Dragonflight expansion is the huge profession overhaul! Professions have never been given this much attention. So in this guide, we will go through every available profession recipe to see which professions stand out and which one has the most interesting or the most powerful crafting options.


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No. 1 - Engineering

In WoW Dragonflight, there is a bulk of useful and cool stuff that comes from Engineering, so it would be a great profession to pick up. 

  • Goggles - This is also pretty standard but this time the Goggles only have one secondary stat and they come with a tinker socket, the single secondary stat is interesting and it's going to be great for anyone who loves to stand back a specific stat. But the tinker slot is where we want to focus, you can put very specific Tinker modules into these sockets as you might have guessed we have lots of Tinker modules to craft and create as well, some are effects that we've seen before like battle rares invisibility, a flamethrower but there are also charge effects or routes and knockbacks alarm turrets, and even that guarantees a tinker to actually work. So you can put whichever one you want into your goggles and go crazy with it. But then you can also make braces as an engineer. There are braces for each armor type and they once again only have one secondary stat and a tinker socket, but the goggles are strictly Engineers only you need to be an engineer to use them, the braces are not so you can use work order system to have an engineering craft these braces for you even though they are bind on pickup and you can use a tinker socket without actually being an engineer. This is going to be very powerful because some of these Tinkers will be very useful and potentially very powerful, so being able to use them while not having to commit it to be an engineer could shake things up quite a bit, but this also means that engineers get to use two Tinker modules instead of just one. 

  • Tinkers - Engineering also has lots of devices, they can make there are quite a few fun ones like toys and cosmetic stuff but there are a few we want to highlight. Obviously, they get a new Wyrmhole Generator that lets you zip around the Dragon Isles, probably not quite as useful in a world with Dragon riding but still probably fun nonetheless. They can also make S.A.V.I.OR, this is essentially just a new wipe protection pylon that should prove to be quite useful in various forms of content where you want to recover from a wipe quickly. 

  • Zapthrottle Soul Inhaler - It's snuck under the radar but by the sound of things you can suck souls out of Elementals, these souls are actually epic crafting materials so they're probably going to be quite rare and valuable and hard to get and required for the highest tiers of crafting. If this Soul inhaler is the only way to get them, well that's going to be an incredibly valuable device. Interestingly the device itself is not enough, you also need an Empty Soul jar, everyone is going to want one of these gizmos which makes any engineer who can make it a very valuable friend. There is also the help device, this one is specifically for Battlegrounds and it essentially lets you fire off a flare "H.E.L.P" to signal a base needs help or enemies are approaching. 

  • Alchemist and Tinker profession Tables - Engineers can also make portable Alchemist and Tinker profession tables. A lot of crafts will require you to be at a profession table, they are scattered throughout the dragon Isles but there's a nice collection of them in the player City Hub of Valdrakken. Basically, you need to be at your table to use your profession properly, but Engineers can temporarily provide a table for both Alchemists and Engineers to make what they want wherever they want, so that's going to be very useful indeed. Besides that, they also have lots of bombs to make as you would expect from friendly neighborhood Engineers.

No. 2 - Inscription

Now as for Inscription, there are a few things changing here and here are the most powerful things it can do:

  • High Quality Missives - To start with missive will return but they're going to be a bit different, they still allow you to choose your secondary stats for various crafts but this time they will increase recipe difficulty which leads into the quality system quite heavily. The higher the quality of your missives, the less it will increase the recipe difficulty, so there's still value in creating higher quality missives.

  • Create Missives for Profession Tools (Darkmoon Deck Box) - Another interesting addition here is that you can create missives for profession tools specifically with the new profession stats, so that's going to be huge for the professions that maybe want very specific stats, or maybe different profession tools with different stat setups for different kinds of crafts. So these missives are going to help with that we also get a new round of Darkmoon cards and decks which we all know will most likely be very powerful at the start of an expansion. They're made in more or less the same way create random cards put them all together and make a deck for yourself, but something that is different is that craft can create something called a Darkmoon Deck Box, these are the same thing as the deck but a higher item level. Because it's a craft you can also increase the item level using Empower materials which means you should be able to upgrade a dark moon deck up to the Mythic raid quality which will keep them relevant for much longer especially if you have powerful effects. Do note that a deck is actually required for a Box craft that's in the recipe, so you won't be able to make the box if you don't already have a deck. Another factor for these darkmoon deck boxes is that you can add a Sigil to your box that's also an optional crafting reagent here, these change how the shuffle mechanic works and there are quite a few options you can remove numbers force it to stay on the ace or even give you more control over how and when the deck shuffles. It could make these decks even more powerful than they usually are simply because you remove or restrict the RNG factor of the Dex effects.

  • Create Profession Knowledge Books - Another huge option for Inscription is the ability to create profession knowledge books, you can craft a book for each profession and when used it will grant one knowledge. These are also going to be tradable and sellable on the Auction House, so everyone can use them even if you're not a scribe. Knowledge is going to be huge for professions it's literally the main grind for profession progression, and it's what will allow you to specialize and improve your crafts everyone will be chasing after every last point of knowledge they can get their hands on. These books only provide one knowledge and it can be used only once per week but that means everyone interested in professions will be buying at least one of these books per profession they are invested in every single week for a very long time, they're going to be very valuable and only scribes can make them.

  • Craft Dragon Riding Customization Options - Then as an extra little bonus, inscription also has a few recipes for crafting Dragon riding customization options, something that a lot of players will probably want to collect, so there could be another great gold making option for all the scribes out there.

No. 3 - Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting actually does have some great items to craft to make it is very useful in WoW Dragonflight for all classes:

  • Empty Soul Cage - Part of the fantasy this time around for Jewelcrafting is also glass work so you can make Empty Soul cages - one would assume that you cannot trap a soul if you don't have an empty cage, so you'll need a soul inhaler and an empty cage and then you can decide what to do with your souls after. You can use them in crafts or break them down into awakened reagents.

  • Vials for Alchemists - This is actually where the quality factor of items comes into play. You can probably only buy box standard lowest quality vials from vendors in game if you want the higher tiers of vials to help create higher tiers of potions and files. It looks like you're returning to the jewel crafters.

  • Tiered Medallion Setting for Sockets - This item allows you to add a socket to your neck piece and it also says the neck can have up to three sockets. So you can use this Tiered Medallion Setting to crank up your sockets with a restriction, the number of sockets you can add is directly linked to the quality of your medallions, so you need to be able to craft a quality 3 Medallion to add that third socket which means Jewelcrafters who focus their specialization into making better medallions will be the first to make these three socket medallions and these are tradable, so this will be huge for gold making early on. In addition to that, there are some pieces of jewelry necklaces included that have special effects tied to them which means you can probably make a very good necklace for yourself, and then slap three sockets on it for maximum effectiveness, and socket them with the best gems you can create, these effects also interact with your socketed gems so you can amplify their effects or use them for a quick shield.  It's not just jewelry though there are also some trinkets that directly interact with your socketed gems, each trinket provides you with a secondary stat depending on which types of gems you have equipped, so this encourages you to stack as many gems of the same type as possible which lends even more weight to the Medallion because you can then stack three sockets on your neck. If you craft two rings for yourself that's another guaranteed two sockets, so you can start with five sockets almost baseline as jewel crafting provide finding you can craft all the right stuff, that's an insane amount of secondary stats if you stack your gems properly.

No. 4 - Alchemy 

Alchemy will be making all sorts of potions interestingly in Dragonflight, we don't have flasks they've been renamed to vials. So when you see vials that are more or less a flask this time around, so lots of different potions and vials with a wide variety of effects. 

  • Cauldrons - But the first really interesting change for Alchemy is for cauldrons. We will see cauldrons in Dragonflight but instead of providing the vials or flasks for your group to use they're actually going to provide stacks of potions instead, the potion provided by The Cauldron will be a straight primary stat boost, so that's probably going to be a good general potion for most players, but it looks like we'll have to source and bring our own vials this time so no more guild flasks in WoW Dragonflight.

  • Alchemist Stone Trinkets - Besides that and obviously the wide variety of potions and vials, the only really interesting thing left for Alchemy and Dragonflight are the Alchemist Stone trinkets. We have two trinkets to look at one is a haste trinket that decreases the cooldown of your combat potions by one minute letting you use potions more often and potions of power will also grant you additional primary stat, and the other trinket is a versatility trinket that has a chance to grant you a huge amount of primary stat depending on what your class is and extend the duration of your active vial by one minute. So not only do these trinkets provide you with a potentially very strong bonus baseline, they also directly interact with your potion use or vile use which is a really cool touch for an Alchemist and could end up being very powerful.

No. 5 - Tailoring

Tailoring is the other armor crafting professions they don't seem to have too many other exciting factors to look into. They're going to have a variety of cloth armor recipes to chase after and perfect and that makes up the majority of the profession. 

  • Craft Cloth Armor with Special Stats - You will see the return of spell threats in WoW Dragonflight, these will serve as leg enhancements for casters by the looks of things, they increase intellect and stamina or intellect and mana and then there's a cheaper variant which only increases int by a smaller amount.

  • Craft Reagent Bags - The other interesting thing available to Taylors is the new Reagent Bag crafts. The reagent bag or profession bag is tied to the brand new bag slot that we have in WoW Dragonflight, you can only put a profession bag in that slot and that bag will hold all of your profession items and materials, this gives us more backspace in general and helps to keep our actual backspace free for non-profession related items. So we're obviously all going to want as big a bag as we can get our hands on and that's where tailors come in, they can craft 32 and 30 T4 slot reagent bag, but hopefully larger bag recipes will be available later on.

No. 6 - Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing is going to be the weapon pros in Dragonflight, as well as the plate armor crafters as you might expect, they can make a lot of profession tools which will be important for anyone looking into professions and they also have some weapon enhancements like sharpening stones. 

  • Repair Hammers - But the really interesting part about Blacksmithing comes with repair hammers. You can make hammers to repair your own gear they do require blacksmithing, sadly you can't pass them on to a friend, so we think that's a bit boring we wouldn't like to see the lower tier of repair hammers tradable and usable by anyone at the very least. But then we also have a special Masters Hammer, this looks to be a reusable repair hammer, and learning the recipe does take quite a lot of specialization points for blacksmithing. So it's kind of a long-term goal but that does mean that blacksmiths will be able to repair their gear for free whenever they want for the entire expansion, that's really the only interesting part for Blacksmithing in WoW Dragonflight.

No. 7 - Enchanting 

There isn't that much going on with enchanting for Dragonflight, we have a lot of enchants and some of them are potentially powerful, but we've kind of come to expect that from enchanting that's kind of what they do. 

  • Enchant Gears - Nevertheless, in WoW Dragonflight, we have enchanted for cloaks, chests, braces, boots, rings, and weapons so everyone will have their list of best and chance for each of those slots no doubt. 

  • Enchant Profession Tools - Now something that is slightly interesting is the ability to enchant profession tools, absolutely everyone is going to want one of these enchants whether it's for the crafting tools or the gathering tools, and you're going to want an enchant for each tool, so this is definitely something worth remembering if you go the enchanting route or if you want to min-max your profession stats.

  • Crystal Magical Lockpick - The only other curious thing enchanters have is the Crystal Magical Lockpick, we thought this was just going to be another lockpick option but it specifically reads that you can unlock magic bound chests to access the treasure within. 

No. 8 - Leatherworking

Leatherworking will be making both leather and male gear as per usual which means they're arguably making gear for the most classes total that already sets them ahead, but sadly that's kind of all they have going for them. They do have quite a variety of gear options, they're going to be focusing on various elemental powers to craft gear with special bonuses, but that's not what we're here to talk about.

Leg Enhancement Effects - The only thing that's slightly interesting is the return of leg enhancement effects, leatherworkers can craft new armor kits that increase your armor as well as your agility and strength, and these can be put onto your leg pieces of gear. There are three tiers of armor kits and these kits also have quality tied to them so the better you can craft them the higher the stat increases will be, that kind of it though the rest is just focused on creating awesome gear.

There's a lot of potential here, outside of what you would typically expect for a profession and we are excited to see how this all comes together, almost everyone has something that could end up being very useful, and for the few that don't have too many exciting things they already have some of the most extensive and valuable base profession recipes anyway. 

Being able to craft gear on par with Mythic raid gear is going to be huge for tailoring, leatherworking, and blacksmithing and they also have a lot of profession tools between them, so while they might not get the fun stuff they will still be great professions going forward. But those are the most interesting and most powerful professional items you might want to keep an eye on for WoW Dragonflight which items do you think will end up being used the most or most sought after?

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