Top 5 WoW Dragonflight Easiest & Safest Classes (Specs) for PvE/PvP | Dragonflight Class Picking Guide

11/15/2022 11:30:17 AM

Here we sort out the Top 5 Easy & Safe Classes that are meta for both PvE and PvP in WoW Dragonflight, as well as the top picks for your main character in the new World of Warcraft Expansion!

WOW Dragonflignt Class Picking - Easy & Safe Class Specs

Top 5 WoW Dragonflight Safe & Easy Classes for PvE/PvP

Whenever a new expansion drops, it can always be super scary deciding what class to main throughout the entirety of it. So many questions would race through your head like "Are they going to be good in Arenas and Battlegrounds?", "Are they going to be viable in a raiding environment?", "How are they a Mythic plus? " So if you are struggling in picking up your main class in WoW Dragonflight, check out this guide, we're going to be breaking down the safest classes to pick overall in WoW Dragonflight based on the class spec variety and the way they are looking to perform.


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No. 1 - Shaman Specs

Shaman currently has one of the best and most complete Talent builds in WoW Dagonflight so far. 

  • Elemental is getting some massive changes in the addition to having multiple charges of storm keeper which is one of their strongest offensive cooldowns. The Gust of Wind making a return as well as having the option for Spirit walk to increase movement speed for the duration, helps Elemental on the mobility end and especially for Arenas and PVP in general. Also having the addition and Primordial waves buffing talents like Primordial Surge and talents to extend your ascendance duration further beyond to keep you pumping away in ascendants' repeat PVE raid boss encounters. 

  • The Enhancement also got some nice additions as well, most of their previous legendary abilities you can obtain in the tree and they are very powerful with all their multi-cleve and heavy AOE integrated towns. They were also given a new Talent - Thorim's Invocation to give their ascendance window even more burst than ever. Overall, Enhancement is looking very fun and strong in almost all forms of content this upcoming expansion. 

  • Lastly with Restoration, it's also in an amazing spot with how much great AOE healing they bring and a massive amount of utility as well as their totals. 

Overall, the shaman is in an absolutely phenomenal spot with all three specs and all forms of content which make for easily one of the safest classes in WoW Dragonflight, massive group buff and utility great burst damage awesome transmog, and class fantasy what more could you ask for.

No. 2 - Rogue Specs

Rogue is honestly shaping up to be an incredible DPS class in Dragonflight

  • Specifically Assassination, with a ton of the specs weaknesses being now filled with a beautiful design of the new talent tree, it's starting to rise as a top performer once again. More mobility to Shadowstep and Shiv for more burst setups, and a lot more AOE with Indiscriminate Carnage which spreads your next gorilla and ruptures to enemies nearby. The Assassination also has very powerful one-point cooldowns in the middle of their talent tree that lead to even more powerful abilities, they have great PVP Mythic+ and even boss-fighting builds so they truly cover all the bases.

  • Outlaw is another great option for PVP as usual with some revamping of old towns and additions to new ones like Keep It Rolling for new Dynamic when it comes to your roll to bones and giving you the opportunity to have some insane DPS builds with Shadowstep to spam ambushes and finishers for massive damage increase temporary buffs. 

  • Subtlety is in a bit of a weird place with not really bringing that much utility and damage in PVE, but they once again shine in PvP combat and will always be competitive and playable making them a super fun choice. There is also some very interesting Talent builds that are playable like having seven total combo points having all your bleeds and poisons be converted to shadow damage and a wide variety of other things that look like a ton of fun to try out and play. 

If you're looking for a great DPS class, overall Rogue is going to be truly something special in WoW Dragonflight with the new talent tree and class editions.

No. 3 - Hunter Specs

Hunter is always going to be a safe option when heading into a new expansion, very straightforward class that has the ability to deal tons of damage on the move which is why they are used for most mechanics in a rave environment. 

  • Beast Masteries are pretty typical when it comes to the playstyle it always was, you have your pets deal most your damage whether it's focusing on one in particular or multiple pets to just straight up put out an entire zoo on the people. Overall some of the damage numbers still need to be tweaked but they are looking incredibly safe for the expansion.

  • When it comes to Marksmanship Hunters, they have huge burst windows and great cleave potential and overall a lot of different tools to pick and choose from. Blizzard is currently spending a ton of time every single week and making sure the talent tree is solid so they have a very wide variety of builds to pick and choose from in any scenario. When it comes to the melee spec survival Hunter it brings a really refreshing change of pace instead of always being in the back line. With this spec you're going to be up close with your pet dealing amazing damage with their bombs and big bursts with Mongoose stats. In Shadowlands, the hunter was very strong at the beginning and the end of the expansion, with versatile it will be coming insane from Mythic plus overall for AOE damage.

If you're looking for a class that is safe that brings great gameplay variety for DPS, it is going to be Hunter and it can very well just be your main this expansion.

No. 4 - Monk Specs

Monk is no slouch heading into this expansion, their talent trees are looking thought out and designed very well for all three specs as a whole. 

  • Brewmaster is going to be by far one of the stronger tank specs in the entire game with how many powerful cooldowns they have defensively, and their natural damage mitigation will always be high due to their passives. 

  • When it comes to Mistweaver Monk, it honestly is in a bit of a weird place right now with how much they are still tweaking out the talent tree and integrating Mistweaver into their gameplay style, but overall they shine the most in a Mythic plus environment with their fistweaving and dealing great damage while putting out some awesome off heals for the party and being very mobile. In Mythic plus, time and efficiency are huge that's exactly why they performed so well in them.

  • When it comes to Windwalker Monk, they can honestly have the potential for being an incredible melee DPS for PVP and PVE. With almost unhealable burst and damage increases, Windwalker is scary to fight against. They also have a very wide variety of talent build setups that are super engaging and fun for almost any scenario, so Theorycrafting is going to be great in some situations.

Monk is a very high mobility with punching Kung Fu Master and is a great decision for anyone to main heading into Dragonflight.

No. 5 - Evoker Specs 

Like Shamans, Evokers can take advantage of multiple abilities and combine them into powerful destructive combinations that are entirely unavoidable and unstoppable.

  • The Devastation of Evokers can take advantage of their Giantkiller Mastery that scales all of their abilities' damage based on the enemy's Health. The bigger they are the harder they fall but that same mastery makes it hard for them to establish any finishing potential. Th talent of Tyranny modifies this mastery to maintain its full value during the ability of dragon rage, greatly empowering your burst capabilities. The ability of Fire Breath plays into an apartment mechanic at empowerment 1, it mostly leaves a long-lasting burning effect, at empowerment 4 this damage is a lot more front-loaded making it extremely bursty.  Shattering Star can help weaken your target leaving them more vulnerable to burst. While Spellweaver's Dominance enhances all Critical Strike volume.  What makes this damage combo even stronger is that it's entirely unavoidable, unless your class comes with an immunity ability. 

  • For Preservation Evokers, the talent of Tip the Scales erases the empowerment timer causing the ability to fire off instantly at maximum effectiveness meaning the chicken casts a powerful spell like living flame followed by a Fiery Blaze right after creating a powerful combo. The PVP sound of null fine shred makes evokers immune to the next three control spells but leaves them open to interrupts. Obsidian Mettle grants interrupt immunity against all targets covering all of the Evoker's bases. The class of Evoker becomes available in WoW Dragonflight pre-patch on November 15th or 16th depending on your region, once they get released in just a few weeks be on the lookout for this powerful explosive combination.

WoW Dragonflight is going to be a great opportunity for you to decide whether you want to have a new main or not and here we just wanted to bring you some classes that we consider very safe when it comes to both PVE and PVP. We're not saying these are the only classes,we just wanted to try and guide you in the right direction with some of them.

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