Diablo 2 Resurrected Blade Fury Bladesin Assassin Build - Secret Meta Bladesin Build In Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5

11/30/2022 6:13:05 PM

Today going to talk about an actual end-game Diablo 2 Resurrected Blade Fury Bladesin Assassin build that almost everyone forgets about or in many cases.

They actually think is not really capable of the end game, and that is the blades on Assassin who is more than viable ever since the Diablo 2 resurrected 2.4 patch made some major improvements for them, prior to that they were good enough, but now they keep up with builds, such as the multi-shot Amazon and the wind Druid which can do full clears quite easily and quickly in the right hands with the right equipment.

Now how the blades in plays these days are quite a bit different than they used to be since in previous versions the focus of the Blatson wasn't using blade Fury as a dangerous relatively decent damage physical Inferno style skill and for that use it as an effective.


Diablo 2 Resurrected Blade Fury Bladesin Assassin Build -  Secret Meta Bladesin Build In Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5

Diablo 2 Resurrected Blade Fury Bladesin Assassin Skill Tree 

To traps 

Shock web 6

Fire Blast 6

Blade sentinel 25

Charged bolt sentry 6

Wake of fire 6

Blade fury 25

Lightning sentry 6

Blade shield 25

Death sentry 25

To Shadow Disciplines 

Claw Mastery 6

Psychic Hammer 6

Burst of Speed 6

Cloak of shadows 

Fade 11

Mind Blast 6

To Material Arts

Dragon Talon 6

Dragon Claw 6

Dragon Tail 6

Dragon Flight 6

Diablo 2 Resurrected Blade Fury Bladesin Assassin Skill - Traps 

Since the first skill, get Blade Sentinel is now going to be a standard cast against everything except bosses, since they increase the percent, it gets from your weapon by a little over double increasing its travel speed as well, and introducing the synergies for the cast damage this results in the Assassin being able to essentially have multiple traveling whirlwinds that rival endgame Amazon damage values relatively, easily similarly blade Shield at the bottom here, got a number of boosts as well ranging from increased duration and again the synergies, but also an increase in taking three-quarters of the weapon's damage, if you're using a one-hander, this basically means actually using it to decent impact against certain Troublesome enemies, like act bosses as well as any enemies that swarm us. 

Blade Fury 

Now still use blade Fury, but it is no longer the Cornerstone skill of the build instead, it is somewhat limited to bosses that you actually want to hug while using blade Shield to deliver multiple instances of both your damage and gear effects to shred them relatively quickly since blade Fury with blade Shield comes out to a little over five fairly decent damage hits per second, all of which can deliver most of your gear effects which is the reason actually rate this on par with the multi-shot Amazon when played properly, since it sacrifices a small amount of clear speed for a decent gain on Boss speed, and it's just all-around, just solid that said the bosses are not the only thing, you'll fight in this game, in fact, they're what you'll generally fight the least when farming.

Fire blast

So want other tools to take up that slack, pick up one other trap death Sentry which maxed here for radius, though if you simply want more corpse explosions, you could go with low points in the rest into fire blast, due to Blade Sentinel being new main attack for crowds.  

Death sentry 

Generally will cycle through traps faster than burn out the limb limited shots on a low-level death Sentry, just in general, this is because those blade Sentinels, they're traps too beyond that it's a matter of picking up your useful one-point wonders in the shadow tree.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Blade Fury Bladesin Assassin Skill - Shadow Disciplines 


This means fade sense for most fighting, rather have it up than burst of speed, since blade Sentinel has a one-second cooldown, and usually only has one or two death sentries out.

Mind blast

and those are our only frequently used skills that benefit from attack speed, you can also get some decent use From Cloco Shadows and mind blast depending on your personal preferences.

Cloak of Shadows 

Personally, more of a cloak of Shadows person, since absolutely hate any and all conversion effects since all they do are ruin the pacing of runs by making specific enemies Untouchable for a while, but your mileage will vary.

Especially if you're doing your initial playthrough and lack solid equipment, since converting does make it easier to run past things which is important for solo self-found, you can also pick up Venom as well, though this generally means sacrificing some points from Death Sentry and fade and even our martial arts tree to grab the extra points, even if going all the way to 99 Cents.


if you use Venom you want it at Max points as well.  Otherwise, it's just going to be kind of underwhelming, though speaking of the martial arts tree.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Blade Fury Bladesin Assassin Skill - Material Arts


the optional Dragonflight for some movement Tech, since using Enigma on this build, though you could get a Teleport charged amulet or Circle it, if you were lucky with rares, since both those slots are a little more flexible whenever get into the gear selection, generally in the background footage, you won't see using many of the above, since showing off how the skills work on enemies rather than how to avoid the fighting in general, though back on the subject of the solo self-found stuff, this build is not super conducive to it sadly, it is doable more, so with the changes in patch 2.4, it just requires a bit more knowledge of your gear, and how the skills work. 

Basically going through with traps in or a dragon tail assassin is overall quite a bit easier, if you don't mind burning your skill resets when you want to shift over to this, but if you are determined to go through with the Blatson life is definitely easier than it used to be at least, in normal for those wanting to go with pure bladesens, you will get your one-point wonders along the way like fade Dragonflight and your support Shadow Skill, but you'll mostly invest in Blade Sentinel for clearing out the trash mobs, it is now a fairly solid skill and can work most of your way through normal as long as you keep your weapon choice on point or simply put the biggest chunking one-handed damage weapon.

Gore rider war boots

now this gear is still not exceptionally easy to find since a lot of it is fairly high-end stuff, but overall it is comparable to what similar performing physical builds cost with some stuff like Gore riders. For example, being a staple that is across multiple builds not to mention, they can be upgraded should you want to go blade and dragon tail together instead of Blade and death Sentry.

Phoenix Shield 

This is further helped Along by the fact that use several pieces that overlap with that build, such as Phoenix Shield which gives us a fairly nice percent damage effect that can cap out at 400 and also provide a handy Redemption Aura to keep us topped off between battles since after your death Sentry uses a few corpses.

Fortitude Dusk Shroud

There will still be a handful on the ground to act as well as Rejuvenation potion the other really common overlap is the fortitude armor again big percent damage boosts other good mods and is useful across quite a few build-ups.

Thanks to a number of the perks and it actually work quite well with a Teleport emulator circulate if you get one theoretically the game could generate a rare circulate that would easily be best in the slot for this build but I've yet to see it personally this is because they can get sockets plus skills enhanced damage resent as well as teleport suffixes among other things but yeah we don't work in Theoreticals here.

Guillaume's  Face Winged Helm 

That's why choose g-face for the helmet with enhanced damage Jewels,  just because it's a good one that is one of the old helmets, and since don't need attack speed, it's good there as well, and it's also got a good source of crushing blow, in addition to that extra damage, put in it if you go kicks with this build, you might consider something with increased attack speed instead though but it's still a solid helmet for that too. 

Atma's Scarab Amulet 

On the amulet, just have Atmas here for the pocket amplify damage though with testing the amulet is actually really flexible able plus skills help damage a little could pick up some resists here, if you wanted or it could go with a safety amulet to grab block if you feel you really need it, especially for hardcore that said earlier if you need teleport this is probably where you want to get it.

Raven Frost

On the Rings you do not absolutely need Raven Frost, just use it, so don't get chilled, because that impacts movement speed and trap laying speed, it's not an absolute necessity especially if you prefer Fury over Sentinel, but in testing, it makes runs a lot more fluid than using plus skills Rings like bull Cathos.

Even though that does add more damage, the other ring is a dual leech ring, mostly for our boss fights or when we get swarmed.

Doom Loop 

A lot of use out of it since recovery is mostly from corpses outside of boss fights, but it is handy enough to beat out a plus skills ring as well, though the resistant attack rating is also pretty dang important to that Factor on the Belt, 

Aragnid's mesh for extra plus skills across the board, it helps here and there if you feel like you need more damage reduction, you could go with a string of ears for that leech.

This is another flexible slot like the amulet where you can kind of fit it to your personal needs, such as attack speed if you go kicks or durability if you don't second to last, gloves again sticking with damaged steel Rend in this case which since normal attacks don't really care about attack speed on this build, it's easy to get this extra damage kicking along the only thing to consider changing this for is.

If you are going for different hybrids, then say death Sentry here, since the speed will only really impact you for those and you could go faster cast or faster attack speed on your gloves instead, though one of the most important parts of the Blatson is your choice of weapon, a lot of damage because that directly translates into more damage for skills.

Death Berserker Axe 

Using with the ethereal death Berserker ax, an ethereal death Eden would be better,  just don't have one of those, because the Berserker is useful for more builds either one provides high damage crushing blow deadly strike bonus to attack rating, and a pinch of Mana leech. 

All of which is Super useful, especially when stacked with the percent from the rest of our gear as far as charms, using the physical Sunder on this character, as it helps smooth things out.

Bone Break Grand Charm 

Though tend to need to use blade Fury to take down the immunes in a timely fashion since it will trigger more stuff necessary for them in regard to plus skills against plus maximum damage charms.

This is another it depends on the situation the safe bet, though is plus damage charms through just normal play, so you kind of want to weigh the pros and cons, but both work great on that subject, though it is worth noting that you cannot trust your character screen in regards to the damage on these skills.

Unfortunately, since all three of the blade skills are notoriously messed up in that regard and generally, you will usually be doing much more damage than is listed per hit, because of how the enhanced damage effects kind of Stack onto things, as far as the mercenary the two big choices are Pride which boosts your damage even more and does well against a number of enemies and Reaper's toll which usually Smooths out the gameplay quite a bit, since it has a much better chance of triggering than Atmas and even though it's only decrepify, the reliability really does help out a lot more than Pride for the feel of playing this build, even though the speed difference is relatively minor, this is because most of our attacks are relatively short range, and the mercenary has a chance to proc this unlike on the multi-shot Amazon.

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