D2R Best 2.6 Assassin Build - Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder 3 Dual Mosaic Martial Arts Build

2/16/2023 5:24:20 PM

We need to talk about Mosaic because it's literally too strong in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.6 patch. With the best D2R Ladder season 3 Assassin build, you don't need to worry about survivability, you don't need to worry about the next hit delay, and you don't need to worry about any of that. Once you get the end-game gear, you literally just walk through and shred and you kind of can't mess it up. In this D2R 2.6 Assassin builds guide, we'll make the most op Phoenix Strike Dual Mosaic Martial Arts build for Ladder 3.


D2R 2.6 Assassin Build Guide - Best Assassin Build In Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 3

Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder 3 added Mosaic. The Mosaic D24 Rune Word is meant to boost Martial Arts Assassin builds. It gives a brand-new effect that allows users a chance to not consume the charge while employing a finisher move. Note that the effect still happens but the charge is not eliminated. If you're using two of them, you don't expend any of your charges from Martial Arts and you refresh your charges whenever you use a finishing move. Now, we’re just going to explain the gear, skill trees, stats and tips for the best D2R 2.6 Assassin build.


D2R 2.6 Assassin Build Gear

Right Hand - Mosaic

Left Hand Hand - Mosaic

Head - Griffon’s Eye

Armor - Enigma

Amulet - Mara’s Kaleidoscope

Legs - Bone Brogues

Hands - Acrobatic Heavy Gloves of the Magus

Belt - Arachnid Mesh

Rings - Raven Frost, Stone of Jordan


-We're using dual Mosaic, we don't have any plus skills in the form of Staff mods on these yet and it was still shredding also the roles were pretty bad. Our left one is decent enough, the right one is almost min across the board. So just with that part, the role on the Mosaic isn't super important, the plus skills aren't super important. But for people looking to min-max, you'd want to have clusters of Phoenix strike probably plus three to claws of thunder. Then you either want to have plus three to weapon block because that is one of our best versions of survivability on the build right now. Or any of the other utility skills that you would typically want to pick up that you don't necessarily want to put the skill points into.


-We’re using Griffin’s Eye with a facet Enigma, Mara’s for the resistance and the plus skill.


-We're using Myrmidon Greaves as the best damage base. Since we're using Dragon Talon as one of the finishers, we want high-kick damage on our boots and this is the best way to get it. If you're looking to kill bosses slightly faster the gameplay is players eight and we absolutely shred Diablo without any crushing blow open wounds with this Diablo 2 Assassin build 2.6. You could take something like Gore Rider and upgrade them as well. Shadow Dancer is a fine option, Aldur's Advance is really good on more of a budget. But ultimately, you're going to want some pretty nasty rare boots that you either upgrade or just find in Myrmidon Greave form. 


-Arachnid Mesh for the fcr breakpoint.

- Raven Frost for cannot be Frozen as well as the Stone at Jordan.

-Then 320 gloves. They're of the Magus, all this is hero edited, all of its single player.

-We're using Call to Arms with the Spirit on Swap. This is really nice just to get our base skill damage up as high as possible. You don't technically need this, you could have more magic find on swap or another option or a setup where you're not using Mosaic. There are some scenarios where you may not want to reset a run, but you do want to be able to dump your charges in an efficient way. Call to Arms is probably going to be the go-to. But whatever you need, you can put it here.

-We're using Skiller, Life Charms, we're using Crack of the Heavens, Torch Annie, and then all res magic find across the charms.


D2R 2.6 Assassin Build Skills

1. Martial Arts Skill Tree

-20 Fists of Fire,

-20 Claws of Thunder

-20 Blades of Ice

-20 Phoenix Strike

-1 Tiger Strike

-1 Cobra Strike

-1 Dragon Talon

-1 Dragon Claw

Maxed out Fist of Fires, Claws of Thunder, and Blades of Ice both for the synergy. We're using charges across all of the these. Only one point in Tiger Strike, in Cobra Strike, and then only one point in Dragon Talon as well as Dragon Claw. Getting more kicks on Dragon Talon is just not worth it. Ultimately on players 8, you’re going to use Dragon Claw so much more often, so that you’re not stuck in the attack animation of Dragon Talon kicking at empty air. Obviously we're also maxing out Phoenix Strike this is the Hallmark skill of this best Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder 3 Assassin build.


2. Shadow Discipline

-1 Burst of Speed

-1 Fade

-1 Weapon Block

-14 Claw Mastery

Then put one point wonders down into Fade. You could put dumb points into Weapon Block to get up to 60% block here on Hardcore. Then put 14 points into Claw Mastery, so that it's easier to actually go get the charges at the beginning of the run. It really sucks when you miss an attack.


D2R 2.6 Assassin Build Stats

Strength - 208

Dexterity - 85

Vitality - 449

Energy - 70

With Battle Command and Battle Orders in Fade up, we put in just enough strength to be able to wear our gear with our boots being the highest strength requirement that we had. Nothing into dex, everything else into vitality that puts us at around 3 300 life with over 500 mana and we're almost maxing cap res across the board.


D2R 2.6 Assassin Build Tips

If you wanted to, you would swap out some of the all-res charms for lightning charms to be able to solve for the thunder charm. Technically speaking, you could also get a two to Martial Arts, 20 IAS either crafted or rare gloves, and then put a lot of lightning resistance in that spot too, if that was something that you wanted to worry about. If you want faster boss kill speed, you could go with the crushing blow-crafted gloves and then if you have happened to hit two Martial Arts 20 IAS as well as lightning res on that, that would probably be the best in slot gear.


The Diablo 2 Resurrected best Ladder Season 3 Assassin build is sitting at 24 physical damage reduction. If you had more to Fade, obviously this would go up higher and we're at just about 150 magic find. If you want to buy D2R ladder 3 items, MTMMO is going to be the best website.