Top 5 Elden Ring 1.08 Bleed Weapons - Best Bleed Builds After Patch 1.08 in Elden Ring

12/22/2022 3:27:02 PM

Today let’s take a look at five blood loss builds that you can make around with Elden Ring best bleed weapons after Patch 1.08.

Elden Ring 1.08 Bleed Weapons

Top 5 Elden Ring 1.08 Bleed Weapons - Best Bleed Builds After Patch 1.08 in Elden Ring

If you are going to switch your commonly used bleed weapon such as Rivers of Blood, you can have a look at the five unique Elden Ring 1.08 bleed weapons and builds that are recommended by Darth Senju are overpowered. 

Top 5 - Venomous Fang with Bleed

Venomous Fang is a claw that mainly scales with strength and dexterity, this is a very underrated weapon, you can use it against certain enemies, they innately come with deadly poison, not regular poison, when you infuse blood loss on top of that, you've got an insane combination, it inflicts bleed very fast because of its quick successive attacks, plus the poison just eating away at your disgusting enemy, creating a bleed build around the Venomous Fang is really fun.

Top 4 - Flamberge with Blood Tax

Flamberge is an Elden Ring Greatsword that scales primarily with strength and dexterity and is good for standard and pierce damage. The Flamberge with Blood Tax build is perfect for bigger enemies or boss fights, Flamberge is one of the only Greatswords with blood loss, it is effective when combined with Blood Tax. If you can land the entire blood tax attack, it's pretty much guaranteed to inflict a bleed, and depending on your build you can use Bloodflame, and it's so satisfying, what’s more, this weapon has an A scaling with dexterity, so it's definitely viable for a bleed build.

Top 3 - Keen Infused with Lightning Enhance

The next bleed weapon you should use is the Keen Infused Katanas, most people just go the blood loss route with bleed infused all the way, but to get the highest attack power possible, it's best to do Keen Infused instead with high dexterity and then enhancing your weapon with something like Lightning Grease. Keen Nagakiba has an A scaling for dexterity, so with a high dexterity number to enhance your weapon with lightning, you can get a super high attack power. You can use Bloodflame if you really want because it's still very good combined with a Spinning Slash or Double Slash, but the point is to use keen infused with a high DEX.

Top 2 - Blood Blade with Blackflame

Blood Blade and even Bloody Slash are undo used, Blood Blade is insanely strong, especially when capitalizing on a glitch, that's currently active where your weapon arts can inflict passive effects such as Black Flame or Blood Flame. The Blood Blade with Black Flame is an insane combination, especially in PVP, it's the super cheese, even though you can't actually see the red flames, it still increases the bleed buildup. 

Top 1 - Grave Scythe with Passive Effects

The last one and also the best bleed build in Elden Ring 1.08 is Grave Scythe with passive effects build, the Grave Scythe is a Reaper that is exceptional at inflicting status buildup, combining their innate blood loss with frost or doing a bleed poison combo, and you can defeat most bosses, use Cragblade or Royal Knight's Resolve on your left hand for even more attack power, they have insane jump attacks. This is a perfect situation to use blood flame because it is actually best when used with an attack evade strategy, once the blood flame fire is burning, connecting more attacks won't stack on that bleed buildup, so a jump attack evades let them burn, then another jump attack burns them up again, that's the way to use blood flame correctly with one hand.

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