Elden Ring 1.08 Weapon Tier List - Best Dex, Str, Int, Arcane, Faith Weapons in Elden Ring 1.08

12/16/2022 7:06:29 PM

Read our Elden Ring 1.08 Best Weapon Tier List to find out the best Faith, Arcane, Dexterity, Strength, and Intelligence weapons in the 1.08 patch.

Elden Ring 1.08 Best Weapon Tier List

Elden Ring 1.08 Weapon Tier List (Ranking Best Dex, Str,  Int, Faith, Arcane Weapons)

With patch 1.08, we've now had some very interesting changes to the game, be it further PVP only balance changes or regular balance changes, as well as new modes of play in the coliseums. Some weapons are certainly better in that situation. So here we rank the Best Elden Ring Weapons in 1.08 patch!

1 - Blasphemous Blade (S Tier)

Blasphemous Blade is the best boss weapon and one of the best Elden Ring weapons in general, it is overturned with so many effects- physical and fire, life seal on damage, lifestyle on kill. The fire Ash of War is outrageous with long-range and super high damage in all content. You could just blindly use the ash of war and that could just be more than enough to absolutely carry you. It shines in the open world, in invasions, in boss fights, and in the arena mode. 

2 - Dark Moon Greatsword (S Tier)

It has been nerfed slightly in this patch, while the weapon part of the special heavy is actually buffed to have more poise damage on it so when you use a melee range. The actual Magic wave has had its Poise noticeably reduced which is fair, it was kind of overly strong and unnecessary. So still it's insane, you buff up and then you can just spam out their heavy ranged magic strike at no FP cost. Really it should cost FP but it doesn't, and it's broken because of it. You can also get outrageously hard-hitting hits on those waves and if you use it at melee range, you'll hit with a weapon at the same time leading to a bigger burst and more poise damage in this patch. 

3 - Greatsword (S Tier)

Greatsword can take any Ash of War, so you can change its scaling to be outrageous which means you can slap on a great Ash of War like Giants Haunt or Lion's Claw which was somehow improved in the previous patches. So it's got the insane moveset, incredible output, and arguably even better potential because you can buff it up with magic damage, fire damage, or whatever grease you need to put on depending on what you're facing, meaning you can always technically maximize its output whenever you can. The universal incredible top-tier colossal sword and it deserves to be because it's got a sword.

4 - Wing of Astel (S Tier)

Wing of Astel is still a top tier intelligence weapon and more versatile than Moonveil because you have an infinite heavy attack combo where you have medium to the short-range shotgun blast of magic damage that cost no FP for some reason. And you can even send out four attacks in a combo in short time, then you've got the Ash of War which you can spam to lead to some of the highest output potentials in the game if an enemy is taking all hits of it repeatedly like a dummy. It's always controversial that Moonveil vs Wing of Astel is better, overall the utility and potential of Wing of Astel are higher.

5 - Giant-Crusher (S Tier)

It is the highest output potentially one-hit weapon in the game, a unique heavy attack that allows for the heaviest hit and one of the strongest weapons statistically because of that. However a bland slammy hammer moveset leads to not much variation in the gameplay and makes it a dangerous weapon to fight in PvP, but one that is extremely predictable. However, as it hits the hardest in the entire game in PVE, we put it at the bottom of the S Tier.

6 - Rivers of Blood (A Tier)

Rivers of Blood is no longer an S-tier weapon in 1.08, overall due to the major nerfs to its damage on the Ash of War: Corpse Piler, you cannot one-shot or burst people down in the same way that you could, and even when you land two in a row it often doesn't kill someone. Now it takes two to three successive lands of the Ash of War to kill someone because the stats buildup is reduced, the raw damage was reduced, and you need to be closer to the target to actually land the weapon part of the Ash of War to get the same sort of output. Despite all of that, it's still outrageously strong as a Katana would be built up with solid range a great moveset, and a really effective Ash of War in all content. It just used to be absolutely busted and now it's really good.


7 - Moonveil (A Tier)

Moonveil's still awesome as a katana, it has less bleed potential than Rivers of Blood, the burst on its Ash of water is now higher though and Incredibly accurate at impressive range with the heavy version of that Ash of War. We found this outrageous strong in the arena and free for all when people aren't paying attention to us for a second, we will just clean out over a thousand health in one quick hit. It's a massive threat entirely tied to the Ash of War, unfortunately, that makes it a bit single-minded and therefore predictable, but also mega scary because of how quickly that Ash of War and power comes out.

8 - Golden Order Greatsword (A Tier)

Golden Order Greatsword has the Ash of War that's two-part AOE around you, then followed by a sort of slash which sends an arc of holy damage at the range that can pierce through enemies and AOE foes with great range, cleaving through people and being massively impactful in general whenever you use it. Anywhere the holy damage is shining, this is a top-tier weapon and it's incredible in the new patch with the arena in free-for-all and team deathmatch thanks to the Ash of War being great range, good damage, and really high poison. The downside here is the fact that the Ash of War comes out a bit slowly, you have to get through the first part to get to the better second part reducing its threat overall. 

9 - Royal Greatsword (A Tier)

While the pair of them are actually very comparable in baseline moveset and output, it comes down to the Ash of War: Wolf's Assault that flip slam AOE with the frost buildup, it is just outrageous and they buffed it in the previous patch for some reason. If you've not tried it, we cannot express how stupidly effective this Ash of War is, you can blindly spam it against every boss and destroy them. As long as you have the health to do so, nothing will stop you and so in PvP the same thing applies and of course in the arena as well. The output potential of the Ash of War is stupid.

10 - Sacred Relic Sword (B Tier)

Sacred Relic Sword's always a good nicely scaled Dex Faith weapon, the great sword moveset when used in two hand has been continuously buffed, over various patches to have a better recovery time and better moveset in general. It comes with the insane Ash of  War the: Wave of Gold which is the really long range wide reaching Ash of War that catches so many enemies and so many people if it lands. The problem is to say in dueling in PvP you're never going to land it, it moves too slow, and it's too obvious you just roll straight through it with no problem. However with the new Colosseums, things have changed, in the free-for-all modes in the team deathmatch mode you get out of their line of sight for a millisecond send it out, and here comes the big wave that's going to absolutely clean out Health pools. And you'll hit so many targets in a free-for-all situation accidentally every time you use it. It performs well in all content except for dueling where the Ash of War is a bit too obvious.

11 - Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear (B Tier)

Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear is better in this patch, thanks to the situation in the arena. As a great spirit has the running heavy attack moveset, when you use the Ash of War you buff up the weapon with curse Blood Fire which further enhances the AR and damage output, especially against certain enemies. Despite the minor nerf to the ash of war, the range of the previous patch is still very wide-reaching and very effective, one of the best options will be built up still to this day. That is in hand in the free-for-all and team deathmatch situations, where if you get out of the line of sight or you push someone into a corner, you can just spam the Ash of War, it is incredible in both free for all and team deathmatch. The moment you start using the Ash of War, everyone stops what they're doing and tries to run away, and often it still clips them very much so. 

12 - Bolt of Gransax (B Tier)

Another weapon that people were talking about on Colosseums to list because he didn't include, it is the Bolt of Gransax which is a top-tier pick although has actually been nerfed in this patch. They reduced thrusting weapon counter-attack damage by 1.08 slightly which unfortunately was quite a big basis for the damage of this weapon. It's still high AR and high deck scaling weapon that gives you the lightning power without having to commit to any faith. The damage of Ancient Lightning Separ was various patches ago, so it's much faster and it's deadly accurate, if you power-stance these into the jumping attack, you can output so much damage. It's ludicrous, especially if in counter-attack even though it's beneath this patch. So thank thanks to its output burst potential and the incredible Ash of War, we think B Tier is probably fair.

13 - Marais Executioner's Sword (B Tier)

Marais Executioner's Sword has extremely strong burst potential thanks to his Ash of War that's been buffed multiple times to be much more effective and fast and you combine that with successive hit buffs whether it's wondrous physic or talismans or otherwise your AR as it lands multiple times will Skyrocket and lead to outrageous burst. It is a boss screw machine, in PvP, it's still viable because you can roll cancel and two-handed great swords, of course, have been better, but it's extremely one-sided in its gameplay and therefore very predictable. So we don't think an A Tier fair because of that but it's undeniably outrageously strong.

14 - Maliketh's Black Blade (B Tier)

Maliketh's Black Blade is one of the best weapons in the game, thanks to the impressive buffs to the Ash of War making it a trading machine in both PVE and PVP. Also newly improved Destined Death timer lasting up to a minute, has that really solid debuff to work with which you can stack with other effects, leading to impressive damage thanks to the Colossal sword buffs across the board.  The op Crouch poke has actually been buffed making the speed at which it comes out slightly faster, which is probably the issue that was needed after maybe an over-nerf when they took it from being broken to not that good. Because Destined Death has been greatly improved,  we now rate it higher than Blackfire in all scenarios, you can consistently land this Destined Death through trading and spamming the Ash of war in PVE leading to great output and consistent debuff. But it does not compare or compete with the A-tier Colossal great sword.

15 - Nagakiba (B Tier)

In general, you can slam on any Ash of War on Nagakiba, it's got a great range of solid damage works in so many builds and comes with basic build-up that you can go further into which is obviously going to be strong where relevant. We've seen many PVP builds set up based on this weapon because it's so versatile and so effective. However, you're never going to burst someone down in quite the same way as spamming say Wolf's Assault or Moonveil Ash of War. So while it's extremely using adversely strong, it doesn't have that broken output that the others generally do as a weapon as itself.

16 - Scavenger's Curved Sword (B Tier)

Scavenger's Curved Swords are no longer what they once were, as status build-up has been reduced when power-sensing weapons and this is the fastest best way to build up your power stand stats build up, it is not as effective as it once was. But it's that curved sword moveset, especially in power stance that's still so incredible, because it has the potential to bleed enemies it's always going to be terrifying. 

17 - Black Knife (C Tier)

The black knife was not on any of the previous best weapons tier lists, now in the 1.08 patch, is absolutely deserves to be on the best weapons tier list because this is the best source of Destined Death which was buffed in the last patch last a full minute now. The reality is the burst is insanely high, you can get out many attacks with just one weapon or power sensed and it's super useful against low-point enemies in PVE as well as PVP. Black Knife is the most effective dagger in the game. In 1.08, they actually buff the speed and distance of some attacks and recovery time on daggers in general, so they're even better now, so Black Knife deserves to be on the list. 

18 - Nightrider Glaive (C Tier)

The halberd style of weapon is a great strength pick and honestly arguably the best halberd option you have in the game. There are various Ashes of War you can slap onto this to get some great effect. The problem is we don't really rate this weapon and its moveset is overly high and much like the Black Knight is the best dagger. The Nightriders Glaive being the best halberd, deserves to be on the list but that's why we've got it lower on the list.

19 - Godslayer's Greatsword (C Tier)

Godslayer's Greatsword is a colossal sword, it has that unique moveset, more vertical than you might imagine, which also makes for faster long-range strikes than normal. The issue here is the output, due to the fact that the other colossal swords on this list have all had specific buffs, it can't really compete with them. Even though black fire is attached to the Ash of War, the fact that you can cancel out the Ash of War which is incredible, is super useful and it comes with that great move set and the damage is solid, making it one of the best weapons. And it's still that issue that being directly compared to the other colossal swords here it's the least effective option of them.

20 - Guardian's Swordspear (C Tier)

Guardian's Swordspear is a really high AR Dex weapon with a really fun moveset, also like the Godslayer's Greatsword quite vertical. We have an absolute blast using this thing in PvP when we are dealing with someone who is panicking and rolling a lot because it's so good at punishing that with its constant really long, and fast move set. As the best weapon tier list though his output is not really comparable to other weapons we're going to talk about here, so we absolutely love this weapon and that's why it's here but it can't be higher than C now.

21 - Cross-Naginata (C Tier)

With the nerfs to Seppuku, these weapons are no longer the effective seppuku sticks that they once were. Seppuku is still good but it's greatly reduced, powerstand stats build up also as reduce the damage you take when you Seppuku horrible now. Still they're a long-range great moveset poke thrust-based weapons but thrust damage in counter-attacks also reduced this patch. They're still great but they have been nerfed with the ways that they were strong in various ways.

There you have a complete Elden Ring Best Weapon Tier List for 1.08 with the arena and the patch changes in mind.