Elden Ring Dex Faith Frozen Lightning Blade Build - OP Dragonscale Blade & Lightning Nagakiba Build

1/13/2023 3:57:58 PM

Frozen Lightning Blade Build Guide! Worked on this for a while with different stats, side weapons, and best Elden Ring golds, and we're really happy with how it turned out. Hope you enjoy the guide!

Attributes & Stats of Dex Faith Frozen Lightning Blade Build









Equipment of Dex Faith Frozen Lightning Blade Build

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  • Right Hand Armament 1: Dragonscale Blade+10

  • Left Hand Armament 1: Lightning Nagakiba +25

  • Left Hand Armament 2: Gravel Stone Seal +25

  • Head Armor: Night’s Cavalry Helm

  • Chest Armor: Night’s Cavalry Armor

  • Gloves: Night’s Cavalry Gauntlets

  • Greaves: Night’s Cavalry Greaves

  • Talismans:

Lightning Scorpion Charm

Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

Radagon’s Soreseal

Ritual Sword Talisman

  • Incantations:

Flame, Grant Me Strength

Howl of Shabriri

Golden Vow

How Does This Dex Faith Frozen Lightning Blade Build Work (Playstle)

How does this build work, what's the play style and how are we able to output as much damage as we can, so to start us off, this is a dual wielding frozen lightning blade Katana build, we are going to be using the dragonscale blade as our main damage Source or one of our main damage sources, this is dropped later on in the game, so it's not a weapon you're going to be able to start the game with you can get a little bit later, but it's Unique skill is ice lightning sword now when we do this isolating sword, we are going to do a beefy chunk to enemies that are right next to us, we've got enough Poise that we won't get staggered out of that hit with our current armor and then we've got a frozen lightning Armament on our weapon, this allows us to freeze enemies which is going to proc Chill on them and mean that they take 20 increase damage from all sources while they're chilled as well as we've got lightning which we can scale  the damage of, in addition to that, we are using the lightning NagaKiba, we've messed around with a few different weapons or different katanas in our offhand, and this is the one we've settled on, the reason we wanted to use the lightning NagaKiba is one, it's going to give us blood loss build up, you'll note one of the big weaknesses of the dragonscale late in terms of the katana family is, it does not have a way to proc bloodlust, so originally we wanted to use two of these, but we'd have to offhand and then buff.

And then put the main one in our hand and then buff, this one means that we don't we have less steps in order to achieve our amount of damage and we get blood loss build up, you can use the NagaKiba or the uchigatana which you Katana you can start the game with so if you want to spec into this build you can start working, from literally level one on leveling up your uchigatana and turning it into a lightning uchigatana, but we've decided we went with the nagakiba just for the increased reach of it, in addition to that so our two weapons are going to be light doing lightning damage, frozen damage, and bleed damage, meaning with that Frozen damage, we're going to be debuffing enemies, however, we're also speccing into Faith, faith is really important to this build for a few reasons first off at 34 faith, it gives us access to the frozen lightning spear incantation, now frozen lightning spear is great for big targets, you can get it to hit really hard, but in our testing of this build, the faith investment is not worth it, we wanted to keep this character at a lower level and while incantations are great, we're mainly using them for debuffing and buffing, so frozen lightning spear is a great way to build up frost on a big group of enemies or just a large enemy in general, meaning they're going to take 20 more damage.

At 34 faith we get access to three buffing incantations, the flame Grammy strength incantation, the howl of shabriri or Howl and the golden vow, this allows us to not only debuff the enemies with our chill, but also buff ourselves up, and this is what leads to so much damage, we're also going to be prioritizing being able to recover our stamina really quickly, so that we can wail on enemies build up that Frost as fast as possible plus those bleed products,  and this build just does so much damage, so in accordance with being able to attack enemies quickly and build up that lightning damage, we're using the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, this is going to greatly raise our attack power with successive attacks which our katanas will do for us, Lightning Scorpion Charm is going to boost the damage of our lightning, the Radagon's Soreseal is a flex slot this gives us 20 levels of stats, it's really nice, and we wanted to keep the level of this character pretty low, so that's super great if you wanted to you could Flex to a green turtle Talisman or for something like the Dragoncrest Greatshield for more survivability.

If you didn't want to take this increased damage taken from the sword seal, and then lastly in our slot, we've got the Ritual Sword Talisman, this is something we just wear for bosses just because it's really nice, if you wanted to wear something that isn't just for bossing, we do a lot of bossing on this, things like the Flock's Canvas Talisman potency incantations is nice, Godfrey's icon is nice,  but we would probably prefer just to rock something like the Green Turtle in addition with this just so we can be as agile as fast and whale with our attacks without having to ever slow down, one of the biggest DPS limiting factors on dual wielding builds is when you run out of stamina then you have to stop swinging and if we have  some things to buff up our stamina with our lower level, that is going to allow us to output more damage.