Top 10 Best PVP Builds & Weapons in Elden Ring Colosseum 1.08 | Elden Ring Best PvP Builds 2023

1/17/2023 6:30:49 PM

Here we go over the Top 10 Elden Ring Best PvP Builds in 1.08 Patch that all are set up with the most powerful weapons and are able to dominate the Colosseum Arenas. 

Top 10 Best Elen Ring PVP Builds & Weapons for All Colosseum Arenas

Top 10 Best 1.08 PVP Builds & Weapons for Colosseum Arenas in Elden Ring

The top 10 best builds for all new game modes in the PVP Colosseums, the further into the guide, we go the builds will get stronger and stronger, saving the best for last, but even with that being said, everything on this list is viable and totally worth using because it's our top 10 builds. 

Top 10 - Pire Intelligence Poise Mage Builds

  • Weapon: Azur's Glinstone Staff, Lusat's Glintstone Staff

  • Talismans: Great-Jar's Arsenal, Godfrey Icon

  • Status: High Int with some Vigor and Mind

This pure int poise mage build is obscenely overpowered in PvP invasions. Here we have the staff that increases the damage and other staff to boost your casting speed, wielding both of them at the same time gives you both bonuses at the same time. But both of them cost you more FP so you do run out of ammo pretty quickly. The good thing about this is that you still managed to have 72 Poise which negates the issues with being a wizard - Wizards normally have glass bones and paper skin because they can't wear armor. We've got more Poise because of poisons for big strong builds. Then you want to get carry weights Talismans such as Great-Jar's Arsenal, so you can put more points into intelligence. With these talismans, you can still wear armor and negate the issues of that though. We also use Godfrey Icon to get 15% extra damage onto anything that is charged that's a big deal, especially considering it compounds with this Lusat's Glintstone Staff here. 

Top 9 - Bleed Arcane Builds

  • Weapon: Warhawk's Blood Talons, Dragon Communion Seal, Magic Iron Roundshield

  • Talismans: Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, Millicent's Prosthesis

  • Incantations & Spells: Blood Boon

  • Status: High Vigor with some Arcane

This god-tier honest bleed build is designed for aggression and high DPS, it is extremely powerful and puts out very high amounts of damage very fast. Here we use dual straight swords, they are really good without being broken but very balanced. Warhawk's Blood Talon is probably one of the best straight swords in the game simply because the edge has forward momentum. For a lot of Arcane on this build we use Dragon Communion Seal, while for getting carrier retaliation by using Magic Iron Roundshield. The Rotten Winged Sword Insignia reward you if you attack fast so if you attack consecutively quickly you gain a lot of damage. Stack the talismans to stay persistent and aggressive. The Blood Boon is good even though it doesn't do a lot of damage, if you throw it at people you can build up bleed build up from a distance, once they get hit by one of these, they keep building up bleed and it very helpful in building their blood mater. 

Top 8  - Blood Spiked Fist Build

  • Weapon (Ash of War): Heavy Star Fist+25 with Beast's Roar

  • Armor: Bull-Goat Armor Set

  • Talisman: Dragocrest Gratshield Talisman

  • Flask: Strength-Knot Crystal Tear, Opaline Hardtear

  • Status (150 Level): 50 Vigor, 15 Mind, 44 Endurance, 75 Strength, 13 Dexterity, 9 Intelligence, 15 Faith, 10 Arcane

The heavy star fist has an A-tier strength scaling, so this is good because it allows you to pour all your levels into strength and endurance, so you can wear super heavy armor and still be punching super quick. You'd be looking like the Elden Ring version of Mike Tyson, this is actually a unique build but to be honest it really is so freaking deadly, especially if you get good at this fast pace type of fighting style, the running light attack loves to catch people while they spam rolling and doing this with bloodflame makes it even more effective. The biggest downfall with this build is its very short reach, so we use Beast's Roar to give some ranged attacks. This really is one of the most fun builds on this list, so definitely try it out moving forward.

Top 7  - Ninja Turtle Builds

  • Weapon (Ash of War): Nagakiba with Spinning Slash or Keen Godskin Peeler with Seppuku, Turtle Shield

  • Armor: Omensmirk Mask, Scaled Armor, Night's Cavalry Gauntlets, Night's Gavalry Greaves

  • Talisman: Bull-Goat's Talisman, Millicent's Prosthesis, Lord of Blood's Exultation, Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

  • Consumable: Exalted Flesh

  • Status (150 Level): 60/80 Dexterity

Spinning Slash seems to connect against enemy PVP players exceptionally well, catching them slipping keen infused Naga Kiba with a very high dexterity for max attack power, this will allow us to use Blood Flame. The hard cap for dexterity is 80 so we still have some points left over that I could throw into Vigor or endurance but a big part of this build is using the turtle Shield this is what transforms you into a Ninja Turtle, you can just put it on your back or while main handing the Nagakiba and it gives you the extre stamina boost that the Turtle Shield will always give you. Keen God skin peeler with seppuku then eat this beautifully cooked exalted flesh brings me up to over 900 attack power that's insane for a twin blade considering with more Buffs you could get it way higher.

Top 6 - Full Strength Builds

  • Weapon: Heavy Greatsword with Lion's Claw, Heavy Zweihander with Giant Hunt, Knight Rider Glaive with Sword Dance or Flaming Strike

  • Status: High Strength with a bit of Vigor

  • Armor: Black Feather Armor (Lightweight and Buffs Jump Attacks)

You have so many options when it comes to strength weapons, of course, you get your heavy greatsword with Lion's Claw, and Fire Grease for even more attack power, another weapon the Heavy Zweihander is good to use with the Giant Hunt Ash of War because of its long reach you send these dumplings flying in the air. You can use other Ashes of War too like Waves of Darkness for a bit of crowd control and ranged attack, also so you can dual wield for insanely powerful jump attacks. You'll need a huge weight load to dual-wield heavy weapons, so be sure to wear the black feather armor not only does it weigh very little but it will buff up those jump attacks for you. One last option for a strength build is the Knight Rider Glaive, it has an S tier scaling for strength, enhance it with fire for extra damage then use a weapon art to whip this thing around chopping dudes up. Ashes of War like Sword Dance or Flaming Strike will allow you to increase the speed of attack on heavier Elden Ring weapons that typically have very slow swing speeds increasing your damage output.

Top 5 - Lord of Blood Builds

  • Weapon: Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear with 

  • Incantations & Spells: Blood Loss incantations like Bloodflame Talon, Flame, Grant Me Strength

  • Status: High Arcane with a bit of Strength

The bloody spear is perfect for the Colosseum and all long-range thrusting swords are great for poking people's butt cheeks of course but then with its unique weapon Arc you can pull up in a group of people and just let loose. This is your money maker right here. This weapon art - is what melts health bars having high pores will help you here so you won't get knocked out of your attack so easily in your left hand, you can use Blood Loss incantations like Swarm of Flies, Bloodboon, and Bloodflame Talon for close-up fighting. You're going to capitalize on the Bloodflame Talon spells because people tend to press you once they see this build and this spell can stop them in their tracks. You should use Flame, Grant Me Strength as buff as well because a good portion of your attacks will be part fire-type damage with this build.

Top 4 - Dual Blood Spear Builds

  • Weapon Options: Bloody Spears with Beast's Roar

  • Status: High Arc or High Dex

  • Incantation & Spells: Blood/Occult Infuse for Arc Build, Keen Infuse / Bloodflame for Dex Build

Dual Spears has always been very good in all PVP modes, long-range thrusting swords are obviously great for poking the butt cheeks on dudes who span rolling. You can use bleed infusion in a high Arcane level for stronger blood loss buildup, or you can go keen and fuse and use other buffs like Blood Flame or even Cragblade to try to get maximum attack power. We are not sure exactly which is best but we know that done right this build is top tier and very deadly. Beast's Roar is a great weapon skill to pair up with this double spear build as well, it's an extra sprinkle of spicy cheesiness added on top of this already pretty cheesy build.

Top 3 - Dexterity Mage Builds (Magic Samurai)

  • Weapon Options: Nagakiba with Spinning Slash, 

  • Status: 80 Int, 20-30 Dex

  • Incantation & Spells: Sorcery damage as high as possible

Obviously, this build is going to be on this list, there are so many viable options you can use but we do know that this giant magic bomb spell here we've seen be devastating in the arena is so freaking annoying to fight against dude. Also, the frost sword spell seems to have a huge hitbox, it connects very easily so it's great to attack enemies who are spam rolling away from you, or combine it together with other spells. Simply setting up the order of your spells and what you combo together is very important and can make or break your build. With this build, you're going to save some levels for dexterity. So for your melee weapon if you want to be a Chad use the Dark Moon blade, if you want to be a cheese Supreme use the Moonveil, if you want to be a bit unique use the Wing of Astel, all are viable weapons with this build. truth is you don't need one of these weapons though you can do magic confused and a different weapon. If you want using something like a magic-infused Nagakiba with Spinning Slash can work well, especially since people will usually charge straight at you once they see your magic build, so an Ash of War like Spinning Slash is a sure way to cut them down quickly.

Top 2 - Ancient Dragon Lightning Builds

  • Weapon Options: Ancient Dragons' Lightning Spear, Nagakiba

  • Status: 60/80 Faith

  • Incantation & Spells: Dragon Cult, Vyke's Dragonbolt

The main star of the show here is your lightning spells, increasing your lightning incantation damage as much as you possibly can, using a high Faith level and other lightning-type Buffs. These lightning attacks are amazing crowd control and very high damage they are perfect for the Colosseum. Using a Dragon spear is a great choice for a melee weapon for obvious reasons, but you don't need to use this spear for this build. For your melee weapon, you can mix it up, the Nagakiba works well with this build, keen infused Nagakiba then use Vyke's Dragonbolt to buff yourself even more, double slash or spinning slash weapon skills to dish out maximum lightning damage.  

Top 1 - Flames Strength/Faith Builds

  • Weapon Options: Heavy Nightrider Glaive with Flaming Strike or Other F ire type Strength Faith Weapons

  • Status: 80 Faith, +20 Str

  • Incantation & Spells: All Fire Attacks

The full faith builds, with this you just use the highest Faith level you can and try to make your fire-type attacks as strong as possible. Now you can't just spam these fire-type attacks like you can with the ancient red lightning spells, you have to get some skill with these but if you do get your skill up they are freaking deadly. The quick flame attack, the Giantsflame fireball get good at landing these and you'll be a monster in the Colosseum. For melee weapons, you got the Magma Blade and Blasphemous Blade, you can use a greatsword with Flaming Strike, and lots of options to use as a fire-type strength slash Faith weapon. Here our recommendation is the Heavy Nightrider Glaive with Flaming Strike, this weapon just gets your balls tingling bro for real. Because of its Long Reach, Flame Strike is exceptionally effective on this weapon. Also, it has an s scaling for strength it is so freaking strong, slap the cheese out of these scrubs with this weapon.  Heavy Nightrider Glaive with flaming strike is definitely one of the best melee weapons on this list. Fo for your spells, you got Giantsflame attacks and even frenzy spells are your main erdtree, basically, any and all fire-type spells are good. So you're going to have crowd control with large area spells, and strong melee weapons with Flaming Strike,  this build is basically perfect for Colosseum combat.