D2R 2.6 Build Guide - 5 Ladder Season 3 Builds Are Not Good For Diablo 2 Resurrected

2/20/2023 6:02:05 PM

Diablo 2 Resurrected ladder season 3 is already here and it seems that everyone has an idea of what you should be starting with. But luckily for you, we’re not here to talk about any of that instead here are the 5 worst D2R 2.6 builds that you should absolutely not choose as your first character into the Realms of a new season.


D2R Worst Ladder Season 3 Builds - 5 Builds You Should Avoid In D2R 2.6

Here are 5 characters that we don't recommend you start when you season 3!


1. Barbarian

The first on this D2R 2.6 list of worst builds that you don't want to start with is the Barbarian. Unless you can correct the game's code and somehow guarantee yourself a long-run drop early on, we would absolutely advise against starting season 3 as a Barb. You see all those powerful finder D2R item builds that excel at solo farming Travincal, Pindleskin, or the Pit.



Until you get your Grief which requires you to have that Lo Rune to make it. You will only have a fraction of a build’s efficiency at Travincal and it can become frustrating. As for weapons, you also need Enigma to be efficient. When you can actually afford your Grief and Enigma, it becomes pound or pound to the best solo farming character in the entire game. But until then, you won't enjoy playing it quite as much. With that said, Barb as a D2R ladder 3 starting character is a no.


2. Amazon

Next on this list is the Physical Bowazon. This is not something that we would recommend starting your ladder with if you want to be efficient about it. Even though we got some new toys to play with in the form of Hustle runeword and some bug fixes like the attack rating on Strafe. It still doesn't change the fact that you need a lot of expensive gear pieces to make the rebuild work. So unless you are fine with the struggles of getting all of that expensive gear and want to sort of challenge yourself, stay away from starting as a Physical Bowazon.



Instead, you can choose a much cheaper and more effective alternative and roll called with your Freezing Arrow Bowazon. With it, you can start farming whereas Stony Tomb with just your playthrough gear on day one.


3. Necromancer

So the third worst D2R patch 2.6 build that made it on the list is the Bone Necromancer. The nature of its damage being magic and being only a handful of magic-immune creatures in the game makes him a great playthrough character. But that's about it! He's terrible at boss farming and below average at slaying elite, champion packs.



One thing here in excels is PVP. But for that, you also need a lot of gear and there are many builds that will get you that gear much faster.


4. Druid

A new metamorphosis runeword won't make you start a Druid as your first character. We would advise again starting with any melee character if you want to be as efficient as possible. In fact, starting with any Druid in Diablo 2 ladder 3 is also a no!



If you just want to set things on fire, there are more safer and mobile options to do so. Options like the Fireball Hydra Sorceress which also has teleport or a Wake of Fire Assassin which remembers now has its minus RS from gear also working for her traps.


5. Sorceress

Now let's go off a bit with a Frost Nova Sorceress since that is the fifth build that we don't recommend you start your season 3 Journey with. This was perhaps our most played character in season 2 while doing it is farming the Stony Tomb with all them squishy maps on player 1. Even on player 1 difficulty to be effective at farming something like Cows or Chaos Sanctuary, you had to sacrifice quite some magic find percentages in favor of clear speed. Now with a nerfed Cold Mastery that comes with 2.6 while they obviously aim to reduce the number of sorceresses it also basically kills the Frost Nova.



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