D2R Ladder Season 3 Speedrun Guide - Best Solo & Team Speedrunning In Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.6

2/18/2023 3:38:54 PM

In this Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder 3 speedrun guide, we want to give you some helpful tips for speedrunning. We will show special mechanics for teams as well as for solo runners. Especially at the beginning of Diablo 2 Ladder 3 starts, it's important to get some gold quickly, so it's good to know what's worth taking. In the Den of Evil, you should pay attention to daggers, throwing knives, throwing spears, staffs, wands, and throwing elixirs.


D2R 2.6 Solo & Team Speedrun Guide 2023 - Best Speedrun Routines In Diablo Resurrected Ladder 3

Simply put, speedrunning is playing Diablo 2 Resurrected with the intention of achieving a high-time score in a given segment of the game or the entire game. Many hours of preparation, practice, and memorizing of maps are required. There are occasions when players take advantage of game faults and glitches to get a competitive edge. If everything works well, you'll be able to say that you set a new world record in a certain game. Next, we break down the best tips to solo and team speedrun in D2R Ladder season 3.

D2R Ladder 3 Start Speedrun Tips

-For trading, speedrunners usually use classic graphics because so they are a bit faster.

-To save waste, town portals can be used. The solo player makes a TP at the Den of Evil entrance and runs to the waypoint called planes into the City and then through its own portal into the Den of Evil. 

-In team play, you can also split up. Sensible team constellations always include a sorceress because she can teleport at the end of Act 2. This obviously makes many things faster and easier.

-For a D2R 2.6 Ladder speedrun, it is important to know the map structures well. With most randomly generated maps, you can already recognize at the entrance what the exit and other patterns have to look like. You will quickly find the way even on difficult maps.

-For a speedrun, it makes sense to have a game routine to stick to.  


D2R Best Skill Trees For Speedrun

There are certain skilled rebuilds for all classes. A certain skill that distinguishes the build is brought to maximum damage. For this, you have to know if it's more useful to bring up the skill itself or the synergies first. In addition, important 1 point skills are unlocked, you have to know which ones you need for the speedrun and which ones you don't. With some builds, it can also be useful to reskill at a certain time in between. This usually changes the main skill.

-Some skill that deals good damage, and can also lay down groups of monsters fast will be raised to maximum damage.

-Pay attention to skill development, synergies, and aura effects in the case of a Paladin.

-Enable necessary 1 point skills.

-Some builds get reskilled in between, for changing the main skill.


A concrete example of a build where everything mentioned occurs. A possible Druid routine is to put all points into poison creeper. In the beginning, it has no synergies so it's easy shortly before Ontario you change to fire. You increase the fissure as high as possible and put the remaining points into the firestorm in addition Oak Sage is unlocked. It not only donates life but can also distrAct monsters and tank them. It does not have much life but you can recast it again and again. If you run to Hell, you can reskill to a tornado hurricane towards the end of Nightmare.


D2R Ladder 3 Solo Speedrun Routine

Act 1

In the solo routine, it can depend on the map where you gain levels. But basically, you first get the first waypoint and then clear the Den of Evil, then you run from the Waypoint to the Stony Field. Only elite groups and larger monster masses are killed. Don't stop for small stuff. Before you run through to Andariel and kill her. You have to gain some levels. For this, there can be different opportunities. In offline mode, you can take advantage of the fact that the maps are preserved as long as you don't change the difficulty. If the monoliths in the Stony Field can be found near the waypoint, you can open new games and only kill reckon nichu and its minions each time. Like that, you will get fast level-ups. 

In offline mode, you can also modulate the number of players. A similar opportunity can be found at the universe tree or at the tower in the Black Marsh. For some classes like the Sorceress, it's worthwhile to run the tower at least once or even two to three times. If the Countess drops talent 8, it helps immensely. The runeword Stealth increases running speed and cast rate, but you don't have to waste too much time. After all, this is a speedrun and on the way to Andarial. You also get XP so you have to find the right dose. If you get to the monastery with levels 8 to 10 and about 10 to 12 at the Cathedral, you are quite fine.


Act 2 & Act 3

At about level 12 to 14 you will kill Andarial with many builds, you could manage to defeat her sooner for example at level 10. But then the fight against her usually takes longer and you have to level up even more in Act 2. But you don't get good XP there because of the Andarial start at level 15. It's fine if the areas are 2-3 levels above you, but at 5 level difference, there are already deductions. That's why level 12 to 14 for the Andy kill is a pretty good guideline.


In Act 2 and 3 only the quests that are necessary to progress are solved just like in a rush. You can use TPS, waypoints, and restarts again. You should get enough XP while running. In case of doubt, you can take a few false tombs at the end of Act 2 before you finish off to Andarial. Here you should be level 20 plus yet.


Act 4 & Act 5

In Act 4, you can kill Izual. But if you only run through normal, it is not necessary. It's the same with Anya and the Barbarians in Act 5. After Diablo's death, you fight your way directly to the Ancients and then to Baal. Here you should already have reached level 25. If XP is missing, you can always open up a new game to spawn new elite mobs in certain areas. As mentioned at the beginning you just fight elite groups and larger monster hearts all game long.


As a rule, the first two Acts take most of the time. You can plan about 20 to 30 minutes each depending on the mode. The last three Acts together will take the same amount of time if you don't get into serious problems. If you are going to run through to Hell, you can take long quests like Izual and Anya and level up a bit in Cows and Baal runs before continuing in Nightmare.


D2R Ladder 3 Team Speedrun Routine

Act 1

In a Diablo 2 Ladder Season 3 team speedrun, there is always a sorceress and the team has to support her.  D2R items with the faster cast, life, mana, resistances, and pots whenever she needs them. In the team, it is very practical that you can split up. So one can already run as far as possible while the others clean the Den of Evil. Only for the last monsters, the runner comes down. As a runner, you can use a Druid or Paladin with poison creeper or holy fire, you can kill everything in passing. Until reaching the Black March, you can run together.


The group can scatter a bit to find the way quickly. The runner can continue alone. In the multiplayer game, he gets enough experience, especially from the elite packs. Depending on how many players are running, teams can be formed. So one can run the tower, another one's a pit or the hole. Here you also concentrate on elite groups. If you have done the Cain quest on the way, you could also do Tristram. All this can be coordinated while the runner makes sure that the team can come together quickly in the catacombs at the end.


Whenever the people in the tower have finished, they can start a new game and the runner joins as soon as he reaches the next waypoint. From there, he runs on in the next game. In the catacombs, all come together. The way here is random and if you search together, you will find Andarie faster.


Act 2

After her death, continuing Act 2. One team can run the sewers and scroll the books of Radament all into the city at the end. Before they read the last copies themselves, the other group runs through the desert and into the Halls of the Dead to get the cube. The runner runs through to the Valley of Snakes. If he finds the mega player or the Far Oasis waypoint, he makes a tp for the others. He himself goes to get the amulet. The runner can also be accompanied. In a full game, you could split up into four teams. 

Two people each go to Radament, the cube, the staff, and the amulet. But you could also leave the mega player to the end. If the Sorceress gets good XP, she will be at level 18 soon and can port to the staff while the others are looking for the tomb. Before you will have to pass the Arcane Sanctuary, here it is practical if the teams explore each direction simultaneously. Too real and all the other bosses should always fall down quickly in a team run. It is important that the Sorceress use a Static Field.


Act 3

In Act 3, the Sorceress teleports and rides through and leaves TPS for the others at the Spider Cavern, the Flayer Dungeon, and in Travincal. Before she goes into the Sewers to find the heart. In Travincal, the team fights together. Then the Sorceress parts through the Durance of Hate and Mephisto the group is united again.


Act 4

In Act 4, the Sorceress also teleports and leaves the TP at Izual. While the other skill is in Izua, she goes on to Diablo. She will get the quest reward anyway.


Act 5

After Diablo has been defeated together, Act 5 begins. In a normal run, you can directly go to the Ancients and then to Baal, so Act 4 and 5 can be done extremely fast. If you run to Hell, it makes sense to save Anya and the Barbarians. The routines can look different depending on team size and constellation.

It is important that we have a strategy and coordinate a run communication is also important during the D2R patch 2.6 speedrun. So that the rising problems can be solved quickly.



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