Diablo 4 Trading System & Items - Will Diablo IV Have Trading and Auction House

3/14/2023 11:12:50 AM

Can you trade in Diablo IV and what items can be traded in the game? Before the game officially launches, we are going to go over the trade system in Diablo 4, covering how trading works in D4 and trading items. 

Diablo 4 Trading System & Items

Diablo 4 Trading System & Items

Based on the current information and announcements by Blizzard, we are going to talk about some questions about the trading system and items in Diablo 4. 

Will Diablo 4 have trading? 

Yes, there will be trading in Diablo IV, but with a restricted trading system, you can only trade some types of items. 

Will Diablo 4 have an auction house? 

The development team has confirmed that they have no plans for an auction house, so there will be no real-money auction house in Diablo IV. 

What D4 items can you trade? 

You are going to be able to trade any gear piece under legendary, so normal, magic, and rare D4 items, as well as the gold, gems, and elixirs, are all tradable, but the legendary items, unique items, enchanted items, and quest items can’t be traded in the game. You may be able to trade some other currencies in the game, but not sure how much of currencies you're going to be able to trade or which specific ones, this is kind of a middle ground between free trade and having absolutely no trade. You also can’t trade most resources like crafting materials.

Speaking of some tradable items, Diablo 4 gold is extremely valuable at least early on and gold is for respecing and repairs, the cost of respecing is going to be potentially astronomical as you get to the end game. So you are going to have to kind of fixate on the build that you want to use, otherwise pay a huge price and there are gold costs and other things.

Rare items are important in Diablo 4, they are going to be some of the best in slot rolled items, because of how the legendary system works, you're able to take the legendary power off of a legendary item and put it in a rare item to turn it into a legendary item. So you can trade rares with great stats and imprint a legendary aspect on the items. You'd be able to have a legendary with more total affixes, the trading of rare items is still going to give you quite a lot of wiggle room to be able to trade high-value items.

A lot of people that like free and open trade are still not going to like this system and are still going to want to be able to trade absolutely everything and that's where another system that's being implemented into another APRG comes into play and this other game is called Last Epoch. The trading system of Last Epoch is perfect for Diablo 4, as it allows you to choose between playing with full open trade or no trading, also getting increased item drops. 

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