Diablo 4 Class Tier List: Best Class To Play In D4 Open Beta

3/14/2023 7:10:37 PM

In the Diablo 4 Tier List, we rank the playable classes: Barbarian, Sorceress, Rogue, Druid, and Necromancer by breaking down the skills, class mechanics, and playstyle of each class!

Diablo 4 Best Classes

Diablo 4 Class Tier List - Best D4 Class To Play In Open Beta

Overall the game of the release will have five classes the Barbarian, Sorceress, Rogue, Druid, and Necromancer. So if you want to know what is the best class and what each class's strengths and weaknesses are, then let's go try it.

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No.1 -  Barbarian (S Tier)

The barbarian class is your typical melee browser that is meant for players who wish to deal massive damage but mainly close range while being able to switch from one weapon type to the next one. The Barbarian is a much more physically damage-oriented class and is straightforward when it comes to offensive and defensive attacks. 

Barbarian Class Mechanic 

Due to his own class mechanic which is known as the Arsenal system, the Barbarian can equip and swap about 4 weapons at a time which means that you will have very unique playstyle customization, these weapons of course include the main hand, they have hand bludgeoning and slashing, doing this will allow you to freely assign specific equipment to certain skills based on your build. So for example, the Bosch Volatiostan targets and therefore is well suited for a bludgeoning weapon, but if you wish to increase this ability stunt duration even more then you should opt in to switch to a two-handed weapon. It's also worth noting that upon the activation of the skill, you will instantly equip the best weapon in your loadout. Furthermore, every weapon that the Barbarian uses has corresponding expertise that you will level up with each rank, so for example, if you want to boost your Critical Strike chance then you will want to wield a one-handed axe. Because of this system, we highly recommend for all players collect a bunch of weapons in order to take the advantage of this class build diversity and item progression. Then in terms of stats you mainly want to invest in the Strength, Health regeneration and Dexterity to increase the chance of landing a critical hit. 

Rogue Playstyle

Overall if you're looking for a powerful melee class that can use multiple weapons and will be very strong in early and end game content, then there's the class for you.

No. 2 - Rogue (S Tier)

The Rogue is your stealthy assassin class that has the highest single Target damage in the game and has a very fast moment speed as well. But this class is also known to be more of a glass Cannon, unlike the Barbarian the Rogue can quickly switch between melee and ranged weapons such as Daggers, Swords, and Bows.  Although at the start, the boss will not do that much damage but they will allow you to stay at a safer distance when fighting against harder enemies. We would say that you can think of the Rogue as a combination of the Diablo 2 and Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter class.  So then your primary stats for this class are dexterity to amplify your skill damage and improve Dodge, then strength to enhance your damage, and Health to increase your survivability. 

Rogue Class Mechanic 

The Rogue's unique mechanic is known as the talent specializations which are divided into combo points in our site and preparation, and all of them have their unique quest line, if you can activate all three specializations simultaneously, or if they can only be used one at a time. Additionally, the third specialization hasn't been tested by anyone because it only becomes available around reaching level 30 and the max level for the beta and most Early Access playthroughs was only level 20 or 25. Then as far as the second Talent goes the combo points are accumulated by activating basic rogue skills which then you will be able to consume with core skills to trigger additional effects. Meanwhile, inner site will allow you to fill up a Gorge by attacking marked enemies, doing this will allow you to utilize the unlimited energy for a brief period, and this will become very powerful, especially against bosses. The rogue's versatility doesn't end here because he can buff up other attacks with specific effects such as Poison Shadow and etc, and these are usually applied to core skills and abilities that deal damage against multiple enemies and much more.

Rogue Playstyle

Overall if you want to beat that Assassin Temple player with the highest single Target damage and play style where you can switch between melee and range combat, then this is the class for you.

No. 3 - Necromancer (S Tier)

Necromancer in the end game has shown crowd control abilities as well as summons that let him do a bunch of damage or become a support player. This class is basically really good at almost all roles the same as with Barbarian and Rogue, he will be able to use a bunch of weapons such as Swords, Daggers, and Wands and more importantly sides which only they can use most of you will be very familiar with this class if you played the Diablo Immortal Necromancer. Then another useful resource is the corpse which is created from the remains of fallen enemies or other spell effects, so when you kill a monster, it will drop a corpse which then you can use to activate or buff up your skill damage.

Necromancer Skills

Overall The Necromancer has 4 distinct skills called Bone Prison, Darkness, Blood Search, and Army:

  • Bone Prison primarily focuses on dealing physical damage while consuming the essence resource, this skill can hit multiple enemies and is usually used together with other offense of skills 

  • Darkness skill  makes use of dealing damage over time making this their ideal choice for those who intend to curse their enemies by dealing damage over time

  • Blood skill allows Necromancer to become a vampire that will restore his life for every single hit that he lands on the enemy, then another fan spell is the Blood Surge which not only absorbs the health of the enemy but also can gain huge strength.

  • Army lets you summon skeletons back to life to fight by your side as far as.

Necromancer Class Mechanic

As far as the necromancer's unique class mechanic goes, it is called The Book of Dead, this will let you further customize your Undead Army skill, so you will be able to choose between the Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Mages, and even the Golems. So for example you can select and customize your own minion,  the Skeleton Warriors can become bruisers who deal great damage but at the expense of having lower HP, but then we have a Golem that is a great defender but are way tankier than the skeletons. What's more, is that you can choose to sacrifice a specific minion to gain a permanent puff to further improve your build and much more.

Necromancer Playstyle

So if you're looking for a powerful class that is basically the Jack of all trades and in other Diablo games the best PVE class, then there's the one for you.

No. 3 - Sorcerer (A Tier)

Sorcerer is your typical mage class that has a high-risk and high-reward type of playstyle and although they're very fragile they can deal massive amounts of damage by casting fire, ice, and even lightning spells. 

Sorcerer Skills

  • Fire spell synergizes very well with the burning status effect to inflict damage over time, but beyond this, they won't provide you with much utility besides the raw damage. 

  • But on the other hand, the ice spells will do less damage but give you more utilities such as freezing or slower movement speed, so the sorcerer has a variety of skills that will either way burn or completely freeze your enemies making this class very useful in group content and against bosses, then not only you will slow them down but you can potentially freeze them in one place if you apply enough stacks. 

  • Then lastly we have the lightning spells that are well balanced in terms of dealing a decent amount of damage and controlling encounters to your advantage, so for example we have one ability that will attack the Enemy by using the crackling energy which will leave behind itself a ball of energy, that either way will inflict damage against enemies or replenish your own Mana. 

Sorcerer Stats

Then when it comes to stats, you will want to allocate points into Intelligence to boost the damage of your spells, then into dexterity to improve the speed of your Mana recovery, and then lastly The Willpower to improve your critical chance and much more. 

Sorcerer Class Mechanic 

This sorcerer's special class mechanic is called the Enchantment system that will change how a skill works, so in total there are several active abilities with dedicated enhancement slots, and if you decide to place a skill in the enhancement slot, then it can no longer be activated but instead it will transform into a secondary passive bonus. So for example, if you use the meteor skill to blast multiple targets with heavy fire, then at the same time because of the bonus we will be able to set the ground on fire and much more. 

Sorcerer Playstyle

So if you are looking for a typical Mage class that has very high AoE damage but is very squishy and only place from range then there's the class for you.

No. 5 - Druid (A Tier)

Druid is one of the more unique classes that hasn't been seen since Diablo 2 and in many other games we do its main ability is to change his physical form from a human to a bear or even a werewolf. But don't forget that your new form will only last for a sure duration until you use a different type of skill. 

Druid Skills & Mechanics

Moreover, this class will also use magic except that unlike the sorcerer, it will specialize in Casting Earth and Storm spells, so for example, if you are the Droid then you can use a crashing blow skill that will damage a target by a certain percentage of his entire Health. Unlike Diablo 2, the Diablo 4 joints have a companion that does not need to be summoned but will automatically appear when you're in combat, however, you will be able to use unique companion skills to deal more pet damage in terms of the druid's performance. Compared to other classes the Druid is another jack-of-all-trades type of character, which this time will focus more on supporting skills but can as well do pretty good damage but only have longer cooldowns. It hasn't been revealed how many Spirit types are available, but each one of them will grant up to 6 offensive and defensive passive effects and much more. 

Druid Playstyle

So if you're looking to play not the most powerful class but that has one of the most unique playstyles that hasn't been seen in many games, but if you're a good player then you can still compete against the rest of the classes or just use it for the group content, then there's the one for you.

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