Diablo 4 Barbarian Build Guide for Beta - Best D4 Barbarian Leveling Build & Skill Tree

3/18/2023 3:50:12 PM

Early Access to the Diablo 4 Open Beta officially starts on March 17 and tons of players are going to participate in that. To play the Open Beta well, here we’ll take you through a Diablo 4 Barbarian build guide for beta, which is focusing on D4 leveling with the best skills. 

Diablo 4 Barbarian Build Guide

Diablo 4 Barbarian Build Guide for Beta - Best D4 Barbarian Leveling Build 

This is a pretty simple and straightforward Diablo IV Beta Barbarian build by Dalkora, it comes with great DPS, huge mobility and is really fun to use, you can try to use this Whirlwind Barb to get to level 20 during the beta and get some rewards in the game. Experiment with this easy 1-25 leveling guide for D4 Barbarian to not miss out the level 20 rewards including titles and a unique cosmetic. 

Best Diablo 4 Barbarian Skills

For the D4 beta Barbarian builds, what are the best skills to use? Below are some recommendations. 

- Flay

- Whirlwind

- Rallying Cry

- Leap

- Deathblow

- Booming Voice

- Call of the Ancients

Diablo 4 Barbarian Skill Tree (Level 25 Talents and Passives)

Where you should invest your skill points for a Whirlwind Barbarian build in Diablo IV? Take a look at the skill tree, which helps you easily 

- Level 2: Flay. Put the first two talent points into Flay, which is going to be our primary like resource generator, it applies to a bleed to enemies and inflicts a small amount of damage as well. 

- Level 3: Enhanced Flay. A level 3 will put a point into Enhanced Flay, this gives that ability the chance to apply vulnerable which is a sort of increased damage taken by the enemies that that's applied to.

- Level 4: Whirlwind. At level 4, take whirlwind and this rapidly attack nearby enemies for physical damage per tick. 

- Level 5: Enhanced Whirlwind (WW). For level 5, take Enhanced Whirlwind that allows you to generate Fury for enemies that you hit and even more for hitting elite, helping maintain that up time.

- Level 6: Violent Whirlwind. It increases the damage after we've channeled it for two seconds.

at level four we're gonna take Whirlwind yeah already we have like our primary uh talents which is sick I love having these things this early on 

- Level 7: Battle Flay. Take the last specialization talent on Battle Flay, direct damage from Flay also causes increased bleeding damage. 

- Level 8: Rallying Cry

- Level 9: Enhanced Rallying Cry

- Level 10: Tactical Rallying Cry. What this is going to give us is a massive boost to movement speed and resource regeneration, for the time that it's active, we're also going to be able to clear movement impairing effects and become immune to them for the duration. 

- Level 11-12: Whirlwind. Put some extra points into Whirlwind.

- Level 13: Leap. Put the first point into Leap, which is the major mobility tool for this build, and it's going to allow us to reverse the map very quickly.

- Level 14: Warcry. Put one point into Warcry as well. 

- Level 15: Enhanced Leap. It allows us to first of all reduce the cooldown on leap, if we don't hit any enemies, which is fantastic for traversing the map.

- Level 16: Power Leap. This allows us to regenerate some fury when we actually jump into enemies, giving us a huge boost and allow us to sort of start the fight with a ton of Fury after that.

- Level 17: Whirlwind. Put one more point into whirlwind.

- Level 18: Deathblow. Put a point into Deathblow, which is a really cool ability, it does a ton of damage and if you kill something with it, the cooldown is reset, so otherwise it would usually have like a 15 second cooldown, but if you kill something you can just keep spamming it over and over again it's going to be super fun to use.

- Level 19: Enhanced Deathblow.

- Level 20: Fighter’s Deathblow. Go for Enhanced and then Fighter’s Deathblow, what this does is increase the damage against bosses significantly and also refunds 20 fury on kill, so this is going to be just chaining when used correctly.

- Level 21: Whirlwind. 

- Level 22-24: Booming Voice. For levels 22 to 24, max out Booming Voice, it is going to increase the duration of all of your shout skill effect.  

- Level 25: Call of the Ancients. Lastly, taking the Ultimate skill: Call of the Ancients, this works very similarly to how it did in Diablo 3, it's going to carry us through a lot of the tougher fights in this open beta.

We'll keep updating more guides for Diablo IV classes and gameplay, also providing cheap D4 items and gold here. 

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