Diablo 4 Leveling Guide For All Classes - How To Hit Level 25 Fast & Easy In D4 Open Beta?

3/20/2023 12:16:50 PM

So you're playing Diablo 4 for beta, you're having a great time, you finish the story that we're allowed to do and you're sat there at level 18, how to hit max level 25 fast in Diablo 4? Anyway, in this D4 leveling guide, we want to bring you the best way to get level 25 for all classes as fast and as easily as possible in the beta weekend and progress carries over to next weekend too where it's open to everyone. So getting in those levels now, lets you not have to fight the queue again next weekend when we get another massive flood of people. 


Diablo 4 Open Beta Leveling Guide - How To Max Out Your Level Fast In Diablo IV

There are two chief reasons why you need to level up to 25 in Diablo IV. The first is that if you reach level 20 on either of the weekends while progress doesn't carry on to the big main game. There is a way to get a reward that will do and that is by getting to level 20. If you do that to one so we actually get into proper real Diablo 4 later on, you will get yourself a bunch of neat goodies, namely a couple of titles and the beta wolf pack which will set you apart compared to everyone who didn't play the open Beta. 

Another much more exciting reason to push on past the level you can and naturally end up when you finish the current story is to be able to try your ultimate abilities. They need you to get to two almost level 25 itself to have enough skill points to actually get to and unlock them. They are the big deal for your class, they're the most powerful, the flashiest, and the most fun. So actually experimenting with them and seeing if you like them is going to be quite important for your actual choice come the full game. So that means a bit of grinding to be doing though not all of it really does need to be grinding.


Best Diablo 4 Leveling Tips & Tricks

Tip 1 - Do Quests

Go through the main story and while doing so do every side quest that you come across that's easy enough. They are worth a bundle of experience and they will help a lot. 


Tip 2 - Kill Mobs

Also, kill everything that you walk past, and don't go out of your way to grind random enemies. But do kill the ones that actually bump into you or you bump into them, kill everything in the dungeon path. When moving through the open world, kill the stuff that again you literally would otherwise have to walk through, but don't go out of your way to kill things. More Bixby is significant enough that you really don't want to be skipping stuff. But it's not big enough of a deal to deliberately go out your way and start old school hard grinding. 


Tip 3 - Do Multiplayer

If you play multiplayer, you do actually get more experience for doing. If you are in a friend group and you do just want to power level the three classes to a high level to get everything. If you do it in a group, you'll have a much quicker time. Though that said, you get this bonus XP for being near any player not necessarily one that's in your party, the bonus is just greater if they're also in your party. 5% for just generally helping out some random stranger and then an extra 10% experience if that stranger happens to not be a stranger and be in your party. So that's definitely worth keeping in mind.


Tip 4 - Skip Some Dungeons

We can largely ignore a lot of the dungeons. If any of them unlock a passive that you genuinely want for your class, feel free to do. Then any that need doing for a side quest, do them. They will contribute enough experience in that case, but they take a long time and you can get more experience faster elsewhere.


Tip 5 - Circle Events

We get into the specifics of the Silver Bullets, the secret sauce to leveling upright properly quickly. The first of which you can do as soon as you finish the story at whatever level you are and you should be doing this while exploring and while doing the story in a side quest for any you come across is joining in those lovely orange circle events that you'll walk past and spot on your map. Having to kill enemies, do a little test stand in a circle, etc. Other players can help you and they reward a good chunk of experience and some good loot too which is really nice. You can very much level very quickly by just randomly walking around bumping into them and doing each one that you come across, there is nothing wrong with that. 


Tip 6 - Strongholds

However, the single best way to level up in Diablo 4 with toot sweet speed is strongholds. These are areas of the map that are taken over by enemies and once you clear them, you will unlock that area of something different. In the case of this D4 open beta in our available areas, there are three of them. Two of them will turn into villages where you can use all their facilities once you have beaten the challenge in the zone, it's usually quite challenging. One of them will lead to something very special. 

-First two are located here over in the East with Malnock. This becomes a village you might bump into this one with side quests. The experience you get from just clearing the area of enemies is massive and then a big bonus that's almost like half a level for finishing it. 

-You'll also have one in the South West which is Nostrava. This one actually has a waypoint and also has a dungeon in it too and a good old Altar of Lilith. So once you have beaten these two areas, you'll be looking good though. 

- We would recommend holding out on doing these two and doing the one that's North First which is Kor Dragan. It requires a little bit more from you, it's probably the hardest single thing there is to do in the open beta outside the world boss and it's for a good reason. Because once you beat it, this does not turn into an area of a village, instead, this does is turn into an area with an event that will happen on a timer. This zone event is a massive rush of difficult enemies, three money bosses, then a final big boss with loads of players getting involved. It is worth an absolute truck ton of experience and it's the single best way to hit max level in Diablo 4, but it's not even close. Just move around with the crowd blowing everything up, mowing everything down. Just this one event almost did level 24 to 25 by itself. It was about 95% of the level. 



The thing is it gets even better and here's the reason why we recommend you do this one first. Because when the event's not on, there is a fire lovely located and you can interact with the fire and get a stacking buff that goes up to 15 times that makes you gain extra experience from the enemies that you slay. It lasts ages, so if you get 15 stacks of this buff and then while under the buff go clear out the other two strongholds, you're going to be absolutely flying your way to level 25. That is the way to go strongholds really are key. 

The good thing about strongholds is they do let you power your region's progress which is also very important here. As you complete the various activities around the place, you will get renowned and then you can claim bonuses such as Diablo 4 gold, skill points, potion charges, and delicious XP. The skill points are also very useful to get at those ultimate and the strongholds are worth 100 each, majorly more than anything else. So just clearing the three will get you well on your way and it all ties up lovely and nicely.



Finish the main story while doing side quests and orange events along the way. Killing enemies that you come across but don't go out of your way, and then do the strongholds in the order of the North one first get the stacking buffer from the Fire, clear the other two, and then participate in the North Stronghold event as often as possible and it really will not be long until you hit that cap and can try another character or leave it for now. That's everything you should know about our D4 fast leveling guide for open beta.

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