D4 Guide To Getting BIS Legendary Gears & Builds - How To Farm Legendaries in Diablo 4

3/27/2023 2:55:08 PM

As Requested! Here Are the Methods Of Getting So Many Good Items For So Many Builds In Beta! Best Of Luck with Farming, Gambling & Codexs Guys!


1. Farming For Legendary Codex & Aspects

  • Codex drops from dungeons (min roll affix only).

  • Aspects gained from extracting an legendary item currently owned.

  • Best way to legendary items = dungeon grind + world boss + gambling.


2. Keep Rare Gears for Crafting (At Level 25/50, Beta & End Game)

  • Collect Lvl 25 Loots & Lvl 35 Special Loots.

  • Always enchant our rare items (reroll affix) before crafting into legendary.

  • 2H weapon can have up to 2 sockets.


3. Know The Difference of Each Codex Categories (What Can Be Crafted On What)

  • Offense: Can go on weapons, gloves, rings &amulets.

  • Defense & Utility: Armor & Amulets.

  • Resources: Rings & Amulets.

  • Mobility: Boots & Amulets.


4. Look At Bonus To Codex Affix On 2H Weapon & Amulets

  • 100% more affix effect on 2h weapon.

  • 50% more on amulets.

  • Those slots reserved for our BIS offense codex effects, 2H weapon > Amulets > Rings & Gloves.

5. Legendary Affix Effect Dies Not Stack

  • Codex from dungeons is always the last resort.

  • Double check codex type before extracting/crafting.

  • We can’t extra again from crafted legendary of its aspect.


6. Top Tier Legendary For Extra Affix Crafting

Legendary comes with 4 affix and is ideal for better crafting over rare. Downside is that we can re-roll freely like rares, higher enchantment costs.


Step By Step Guide

1. Get your codex (gambling/legendary drops or from dungeons).

2. Get good rares (or legendaries but it's less likely).

3. Reroll rares before we imprint aspects.

4. Plan ahead with number of gear allocation for different category of codex types.

5. Craft, then upgrade at blacksmith & jewelry for extra stats (Sockets too).