Diablo 4 TOP 3 Necromancer Leveling & Farming Builds - D4 Necro Leveling Builds & Skill Tree For Beta

3/22/2023 11:36:45 AM

Today we have a special guide for Diablo 4, and in this guide, we'll be looking into the Necromancer, so this guide will be broken down into two parts, the first part we'll show you a number of ways to level up the Necromancer very fast in terms of the skill choices and also the combinations, and we'll be going through three different skill builds including Summoners build, the shadow build, and also the bone build, how to level up fast with those build, on the second part of the guide we want to show you, one of the faster way of farming for The Necromancer for your legendaries and also for your gears, and we'll go into a specific build at level 25.


Shadow Necro Leveling Build

So coming over to the skill tree calculator over here what you're going to see is we want to go through with you step by step process of how to level fast with Necromancer, and the first composition of the build, we'll talk about is going to be the shadow build, we're not saying the shadow build will be the strongest, but if you want to play The Shadow build this might help.

D4 Shadow Necro Skill Tree

  • Level 2: So we can go into two points to Reap.

  • Level 3: One point in the Reap and also one point into upgrade for more attack speed.

  • Level 4: After that we can go into Sever.

  • Level 5: One point into upgrade for Sever.

  • Level 6: One point into upgrade for Sever.

  • Level 7: One point into upgrade for Sever, and we can go ahead higher level on the show until we unlock the core on the next section, this gives us a higher damage amplifier of the core spell which we'll use for the main source of damage.

  • Level 8: Over here, we try to perk into Bone Prison, Blood Mist, as many spells as we can that doesn't cause Essence.

  • Level 9: If you can also do come back and get Sever to level five.

  • Level 10: And here at this moment, you have two more points to Corruption, and you have four active spell in the moment.

  • Level 11: Enhanced Bone Prison.

  • Level 12: Ghastly Bone Prison, what we really like is we like to get into bone prison to get 100 vulnerability, and also Bone Prison can also surround enemies and control them a little bit.

  • Level 13-14: You have four active spells, and here we can go for two more active spells, Iron Maiden, Decrepify, so the goal is to get as many active spells as you can in an early game.

  • Level 15: Supernatural Sever, because currently we don't know how the Book of the Dead will work, and if it's similar to other build, it's likely this will unlock after level 15, so you might not get all the skeletons, now that we have six actives, what we want to do is we want to keep perking into the higher levels, and here we can come back at level 15 for some upgrades.

  • Level 16: Paranormal Sever, of course you can do this a little differently, but what we're trying to do is we're trying to get the maximum value out of those passives, one of the passive over here for killing enemy instantly below five percent health.

  • Level 17: We can go into one point into Iron Maiden, and this take us to level 17.

  • Level 18-22: Bone Spirit, we really want to deal some more damage with spawn spirit, because this spell by itself doesn't require Essence.

  • Level 23: Enhanced Bone Spirit.

  • Level 24: Ghastly Bone Spirit.

  • Level 25: It is an option to go with Ultimate or reset our entire skill tree into a different build and this really depends on what legendary codecs you have found along the way to get to level 25.

So this is one of the method we thought about getting into level 25 fast with the shadow casting build, and of course, we're looking at two more variations.

Bone Necro Leveling Build

We're not saying you should follow this build exactly but we give you three variations of what we think will be the fastest way to level up with Necromancer, and you can always repack your spells because the resetting is not that costly you know before level 20, you can try different variations.

D4 Bone Necro Skill Tree

  • Level 2:  Bone Splinters, the second variation we have will be the Bone spell mage of the bone Necromancer.

  • Level 3: Enhanced Bone Splinters, we're going to two more points into here to get the core spell.

  • Level 4-7 : Bone Spear, after that we'll go into the Bone Spear, and the bonus pair will be in the major source of damage, similar to before we get to level 4 and level 7 you unlock more spells.

  • Level 8: Bone Prison, and over here what I do like is again we like the Bone Prison for its abilities.

  • Level 9: Blood Mist.

  • Level 10: Enahnced Bone Prison, we're going to the Bone Prison for vulnerability and finish off with increase of skill point.

  • Level 11: Ghastly Bone Prison.

  • Level 12: Maxed out Bone Spear.

  • Level 13: Decrepify.

  • Level 14: Iron Maiden.

  • Level 15: Enhanced Bone Spear, so we can come back over here and finish off with your passives.

  • Level 16: Supernatural Bone Spear.

  • Level 17: Initiate's Bone Splinters.

  • Level 18-20: Bone Spirit.

  • Level 21: Enahnced Bone Spirit.

  • Level 22: Ghastly Bone Spirit.

  • Level 23-24: Bone Spirit, and Bone spirit will give us the highest damage without dependency or the essence, so we go up to that bone Spirit.

Similar before we have too many active spells once you have the bone spirit, so what you want to do is you can reset one of the Spells, we can take away the and then some of the points will come over here so same as before we had a point about you know level 15 or 17 you can start to reset and once you reset you have more skill points to allocate and here we're going to level spirit and finish off over here, and of course if you want the ultimate, you can take away the Iron Maiden and come over to the Bone sphere, and we think you don't really need the whole damage reduction and also the increased crit by three percent from the bone sphere, so around this time you should be okay with the bone build.

So this is the parting we try to not go into everything into details, but slow enough for you guys to follow, the idea is always to get as many active spells as you can and then while making the most out of it with your core damaging spell and boosting its damage with his passives, and while having the passives we always adjust for the upgrades of the spell in the future, and upgrade spell for us for the highest damage would be the bone spirit with high level.

Summoners Necro Leveling Build

So this is the our final leveling method, we won’t go with the blood Mage at the start of the game simply because we don't need that much blood orbs, and also this is more sustained and also more kind of Hardcore defensive, and also more Reviving, so our third leveling method will be the summoning build.

D4 Summoners Necro Skill Tree

  • Level 2: 1 point to Decompose.

  • Level 3: Enhanced Decompose for more Essence.

  • Level 4: We'll put one point into Blight.

  • Level 5: Enhanced Blight, and also one point into black slow enemies.

  • Level 6: Supernatural Blight.

  • Level 7: Acolyte's Decompose.

  • Level 8-12: Corpse Explosion, by level seven, you unlock the corpse explosion and under the cap section, we can pronounce, so get as many rank as you can on the corpse explosion.

  • Level 13: Iron Maiden, and then followed by some of the other active spells.

  • Level 14: Enhanced Corpse Explosion.

  • Level 15: Plagued Corpse Explosion.

  • Level 16: Enhanced Iron Maiden.

  • Level 17: Horrid Iron Maiden.

  • Level 18-22: Bone Spirit, so by level 17 we can go back to the Bone spirit.

  • Level 23: Enhanced Bone Spirit.

  • Level 24: Ghastly Bone Spirit.

  • Level 25: Army of the Dead, and the level 25, you can go with your final combination of the build with army of the dead.

  • Level 26: Prime Army of the Dead.

  • Level 27: Supreme Army of the Dead.

This we do think will be a fastest way to level up the equipment, because naturally, we'll go with a skeleton minions we go with the minions and you know they will help us a lot, especially when we buff them up, now for this particular leveling up process we do want to add a variation over here, so you do not have to go with we mating, so it's going to take the Iron Man away, and coming back over here while we're leveling up the cops explosion to level five even before the passives, what you can do is you can go into 3.2 points into the skeleton Warriors which will take us further, and then followed by that we can go back to the passives over here, and take us to level 17, notice this time we're not going for the Iron Maiden, and we can level up my phone Spirit at the same time, if you're also using a skeleton Mage, and you run the deal damage with a skeleton Mage, you can level this passive as well, and this just means that you have less points to allocate over here for the bone spirit, and this still take us to the level 25 for the ultimate for the Summoners build.

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