Diablo 4 Rogue Leveling Build - Best Rogue Build in D4 Open Beta with Skill Tree

3/24/2023 3:00:49 PM

Hey Everyone! We thought why not theory craft a full build and see where it goes. Since we don't have access to runes or paragon levels in the beta we know this isn't 100% complete but it is solid for leveling. The Build plays as explained below. This should be Full build out at 32 and Flushed out at 50 with just putting points in passives and capping off your core abilities. Focusing on damage reductions.


Diablo IV Rogue Leveling Build

Tier 1 - We went with Forceful Arrow and drop 1 more point into the tree. This allows us to apply vulnerability to mobs. Later on we drop a 3rd point into the tree to increase our chances of applying vulnerabilities to set up or combo.


Tier 2 -This is our bread and Butter. Flurry is our go to damage dealer. The synchronization of Flurry with our vulnerability is top notch. As we level we want to 1 point Flurry then 1 point in each branch of this tree, eventually maxing Flurry out mid game.


Tier 2 - To move on to tier 3 you can either drop 2 points into Flurry or 1 point into the Sturdy for the 4% damage reduction if your having a hard time staying alive.


Tier 3 - Our next grab is mobility. Shadowstep. Just to strong not to. Others might say dash and we will have to experiment more with it but jumping a unit. Gives you Unstoppable and a burst of movement. We also get a stun for those pesky elites with terrible affixes allowing us a nice burst window with Flurry after we have our vulnerable debuff applied.


Tier 3 - We now have 2 extra points. We can either opt for damage reduction with Rugged to help with DoTs, which there are a lot of OR we can dump 2 more into flurry or another split of Sturdy. This is all gear dependent (situational).


Tier 4 - SMOKE GRENADE. Throw 3 points into this tree. 1 for the ability and 1 for Enhanced Smoked Grenade, and Countering Smoke Grenade. A 4 second Daze last a long time in D4 with the combat pace being much slower than D3. What we really want is 15% increased damage from the Enhanced Smoke Grenade. The final Choice is Countering Smoke Grenade because cooldown reduction on 15% damage debuff? YES PLEASE.


Tier 4 - Now we have 2 more points to throw in to move to Tier 5. you can either max out flurry if you have been putting extra points in that or drop them into Exploit for he extra 6% damage per point for healthy enemies. We will eventually max this out for burst potential. (Note: I believe this only counts if they are at full health or no DoTs (correct me if I'm wrong here.)


Tier 5 - Our second crucial ability to this build. We all know it! We all Love it! Shado000ww Imbuuueement! Pop this bad boy after applying vulnerable to a single enemy. This is all it takes. Shadowstep, Flurry then good bye pack of mobs. This build similar to the archon wizard build from D3. Target the weak mobs with vulnerability then hit them with a Flurry making everything else in the pack vulnerable. Once the main target explodes, due to our Blended Shadow Imbuement it causes a cascading effect from there popping the group of mobs.


Tier 6 - Our Ultimate. We went with Shadow Clone because this seems like the only solid choice for this build. A clone that does your same exact movement and abilities for 60% of your damage, makes you unstoppable (Squishy rogues go POP!) Then the final branch in the tree makes it a 80% damage clone instead of 60%. All good things!


Tier 6 - This build is heavy energy consumption , this being the case we went ahead and put points into Adrenaline Rush because we will be moving around a lot while kiting. That combined with the 3 points into the Impetus guarantees 21% more damage after 15ft with our next attack. The points used for the Impetus can probably be changed out for better 1 in aftermath or innervation but with this still being a leveling build, the extra burst for either shadowstep or a quick turn around with Flurry will help, especially in single target situations.


Tier 7 - Our final Tier. The Stat Stick. We went with Victimize. Everything else besides Victimize or Momentum seems Lackluster for our setup. Close Quarters adds attack speed and a % damage to CC'd enemies which all we have is Daze on a decent cooldown. Once this Goes off most of our abilities will be on CD (more testing required). Precision is ranged only--No go here-- . Exposure is traps, welp that eliminates us.

Guess you ask