WOW Dragonflight Best 10.0.7 M+ & Raid Healers - Dragonflight 10.0.7 Healer Tier List & Ranking

3/22/2023 12:21:51 PM

Healers are crucial in WOW Dragonflight because they are responsible for keeping the group members alive and healthy during battles. In Mythic+ dungeons, where the difficulty level is high, and the enemies deal significant damage, healers are especially important. What are the best WoW Dragonflight healers after the patch 10.0.7 update? In this Dragonflight 10.0.7 healer ranking, we tell you the best Mythic+ and raid healers.


Dragonflight 10.0.7 Healer Tier List - Best M+ & Raid Healers In WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7

Before we get started our Dragonflight 10.0.7 healer tier list. We're starting off with the meta 10.0.5 healer tier list that is based on 31960 runs ranging in difficulty from +18 to +28. At the start of Dragonflight. you probably are fully aware that Preservation Druid and Restoration Druid were by far ahead in terms of most content out there specifically M+. If you didn't play those healers early on, you're probably missing out in terms of damage in terms of the pure trooper. A lot of these classes have received nerfs because Blizzard was trying to bridge the gap and they kind of achieved it to some extent. Most people are still playing Restoration Druid and Preservation in Dragonflight patch 10.0.7.


WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 M+ Healer Tier List 

S Tier

Preservation Evoker

In 10.07, Preservation Evoker is going to be an S tier healer in Mythic plus. We will not have to re-roll from Preservation of Evoker if you're playing right now. The nerfs start happening to Preservation Evoker, you're going to be doing less healing. But at the end of the day, you have alternating talents that can be quite interesting. The damage, the healing Preservation Evoker the fact that they provide blood loss is a huge bonus to the class.

Restoration Druid

Restoration Druid might be a better option or again it is going to be an S tier healer on this Dragonflight M+ healer tier list 10.07. A lot of people are still going to be picking the Restoration Druid. They're not getting buffs or nerfs right now in 10.0.7. They are getting things like a protective pack, it's going to be a little bit better they are getting things like draft, new talents that you might check out. Restoration Druid has decent damage, you have to really work for damage. But Preservation Evoker’s damage is a lot better than Restoration Druid's. Also, Restoration Druid can do really good damage especially if you have DPS trinkets. Because you can have DPS trinkets, you can use the flame and helm. There are a lot of ways to boost your dps's Restoration Druid. but you have to work for it and your healing is pretty good. The fact that you provide again Mark of the Wild Druid buff is absolutely insane in M plus environments and you kind of have to have it the fact that they provide battle rest is also a good thing.


A Tier

A Restoration Shaman

Restoration Shaman is going to be a high A tier in this Dragonflight Mythic+ healer tier list, possibly battling with Preservation of Evoker. Restoration Shaman and Preservation Evoker provide blood loss, a lot of the groups that need that blood loss in their group composition, they'll be looking at these two best M+ healers. Restoration Shaman damage is going to be still very strong, their healing is getting boosted. Again don't forget the 8% overall healing increase, that's pretty significant. On top of that, you provide a lot of utility. Shaman is going to climb, it's going to be high A tier.


Mistweaver Monk

A lot of people don't play Mistweaver Monk, it's one of the least-played classes out there. You can have a really good time with Mistweaver Monk because they provide the amount of damage. A lot of people overlook this, but the DPS of Monk is actually really really strong. The healing that you can do if you know how to play your monk can also be strong and it can be a really good group-wide healing.


Holy Paladin

Holy Paladin is going to be in A tier. Holy Paladin changes are more to do with Retribution rework than anything else. But Holy Paladin can be a really good healer in terms of M plus and Raids. A flat 5% healing increase and damage increase could also have really big potential in terms of trying to balance them out.


Discipline Priest

Discipline Priest has got no changes coming into 10.0.7. The rework that happened to Discipline Priest made them a lot more viable. Because the damage is strong, they're feeling strong at the bubbles and absorbing them. This increases in a decent position.


B Tier

Holy Priest

Holy Priest is probably going to be the last and worst healer on this Dragonflight M+ tier list. Because purely the damage is just not there. When you compare this to Holy Priest, Discipline Priest is head and shoulders ahead of Holy Priests. The only reason to play Holy Priest in Mythic+ right now is that it is a very simplistic healer. Simple healers can still take time to master. But most of the time if you're doing a high Mythic+, you'll be asked to swap the distance increase at least in Mythic+ environment.


Dragonflight 10.0.7 Raid Healer Tier List

When it comes to raids, in patch 10.0.5, Preservation Evoker is head and shoulder ahead of everyone else. In 10.0.7, Preservation Evoker HPS is going to be a lot lower, hanging in there with Restoration and Mistwaver. They're all going to be very close to each other. Preservation Evoker is still going to be a very very strong healer especially if you're doing Mythic+. It is still a top-tier healer but the gap is going to be severely bridged. There is the possibility that some of these healers might overtake or become the new HPS Kings. Now, let’s check the Dragonflight 10.0.7 Raid Healer Ranking.

Top 1 - Preservation Evoker

Top 2 - Restoration Druid

Top 3 - Mistweaver Monk

Top 4 - Restoration Shaman

Top 5 - Holy Priest

Top 6 - Holy Paladin

Top 7 - Discipline Priest

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