Elden Ring DLC: Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree Predictions

4/3/2023 5:14:08 PM

Elden Ring's DLC officially got announced recently, today predict three things maybe happen, but players still have no upcoming expansion Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree release date or trailer, or information. Here introduce the three main concepts most players want to see in the Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree. 

Elden ring DLC

Three Main Core Concepts In Elden Ring's Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

Elden Ring DLC Boss - A Boss Rush mode

In this Elden Ring DLC are the hardest bosses, they've never done any pressure or anything, and it's no secret that they always step up their game in the DLCs, throwing Bloodborne in there too honestly.

Elden Rings DLC, a boss rush mode, was introduced in Securo, a lot of speculation saying, it might be coming to Elden ring, and how this would work if they remade it exactly how they did in Sekiro.

The biggest question is actually which bosses to include, because, honestly, if they could add every single boss that they've had in the entire game, that would be incredible because there are tons of mini-bosses and random dungeon bosses.

If they had extra stuff to unlock or different challenges, like the runs Securo, it would be super hard to do stuff like this, because honestly hopefully they'd have things to unlock, like Elden ring items or achievements for completing these, which would be more of an incentive to beat these rusthesen the beginning, when Sekiro first introduced it, you could unlock new skills and outfits for completing these, which ended up being a pleasant surprise. 

If they did variations to some bosses that'd be kind of nuts, and going along with this, like some game modes for PVP, if they had a no Ash of war game mode or specific weapons only, war is in this game, and a lot of people would appreciate modes that switched it up to add some more variation.

Elden Ring DLC - Upgrades For Tauren

From the beginning, they were gonna add it and were surprised that it never showed up during the game, but upgrades for Tauren are the one. There's no way to just increase the health overall, but it'd be cool to have armor sets for torrent as well, you could have different stats for them.

There'd be some way, you could Forge armor for torrent out of your own armor sets, they wouldn't have to come up with completely original designs, or there be a ton of armor stuff. If you gave it to Taure, they would do but would be cool as a way to increase its speed, or maybe just like an item that gives it a temporary boost, but being able to give torrent speed would be insane.The player's new armor as well would be cool and assuming this is gonna happen, but a couple of other little things, like extra uses for the flasks of wondrous physic.

Why have you only had one use? 

This was kind of underutilized, they could add a lot more features to this like giving a ton of different buff options, there are plenty out there, but they could add some more unique ones to play around with different builds, and things like mortals in slots as well, this would be super cool.

As soon as you max out a weapon, like as soon as you upgrade it all the way, you don't really want to try out any other weapons, because you already used everything, and you don't want to go back and gather all the materials again, it'd be really cool, if you could maybe transfer that level over to a different weapon, even just to try it out, and see if this would kind of break how the game works.

Elden Ring DLC - New Map

A new map, not like an entirely different map, but some unique biomes taking some risks with the atmosphere. The game started to go in a futuristic Spacey theme toward the mid-to late game.

Whatever they end up doing is going to be incredible either way. This is to return, really curious to see what they could end up doing with it, and then there's the obvious stuff, like expanding on the story of Mikola finishing up. But what do they do was going to mention patches or nerfs since they hadn't had an update in a while, but they just released Elden Ring 1.09 the other day.

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