Elden Ring Tips & Tricks - Malenia Reveal & New Incantation In Elden Ring

3/28/2023 4:29:02 PM

Welcome back to new Elden ring things, that happened over this week from the Elden ring battle scars infographic with this post to Milano.

Elden ring

Elden Ring Tips & Tricks - Malenia Reveal & New Incantation In Elden Ring 

Elden Ring - Top five boss attempts 

First up, the top five boss attempts, in the year since launch, just shy of 6 billion attempts at a boss, maybe not a success, but some players or some players have entered the boss room, just under 6 billion dimes 5.9 to be exact, now the top five here.

Number one being Millennia is just obvious, she's the hardest boss in the game by most people's opinion and one of the funnest experiences in all of the Souls series that played, but number two and number three are quite interesting.

Firstly, Margate the fellowman it's the first sort of main boss in the wall, the gatekeeper literally as it were, so expected to see him and number two it makes sense, but what makes me laugh is Lim grave the tree Sentinel him the one that you step out the first step from and immediately fight, he is number three just after Margaret like 277 million attempts, just under the 281 of Margate that's surprisingly close.

In a network test, just fighting him, just because beat him with whatever gear, play the same they're gonna bash their head against a really hard challenge. Next, causes of death which are over at 9 billion, this is really funny, so 69 nice enemies in NPCs are the cause of most deaths your AI you encounter in the open world and bosses, of course at 14, just falling to death and to be fair in this game, there's so much of that because it's an open world for the first time, there's a lot of places, you can just leap to death only two percent die to another player though, so the grand majority is entirely PVE 98 of the deaths that's crazy.

Elden Ring -  Summons (Co-op VS Invasion)

Next summons, online play in action 88 of people who do online summoning is Co-op, it's Co-op play only 12 do invasions, how that stat relates to the arena and how that's changed things, but it's normal invasions and summons PVP, like Jewels before the Arenas were actually added 12 percent, though the number feels about right.

Elden Ring - Top five spells cast 

Next, the top five spells cast, number one being Rock sling is a reasonable one, recently in the tier list, it's a top tier pick, it's a physical magical spell, and it can stagger anyways, what is a shock is that Crystal torrent is number two.

Josh was explaining this one, apparently, it's basically the baby version of comet Azur doing much the same thing, just like five or ten percent weaker, maybe it's quite a meta build and especially because you can get it quite early in a playthrough, maybe that's why it's cast so much because it was literally broken and overpowered for a very long period of Elden ring great blade phthalux that's an interesting one, you do see a lot of those in PvP, maybe the ash of war or the like eight sword sorcery one, this one being the most popular one is probably, because it's maybe easier to get, and then rotten ref which was the top tier breath attack for all content, generally PVE or PVP that being in the top five. With Godwin here in the background being kind of fused with that old energy, it's quote Primal vital energies could be what's turning him into that strange chimeric form.

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