Elden Ring 1.09 Rune Farm 2023 - Best Rune Farming Glitches, Locations & Methods After Patch 1.09

3/27/2023 7:43:41 PM

Today we are going to be showing you some best rune farm glitches that you can do in Elden Ring patch 1.09, so you are going to be able to get 500K runes in 30s and level up fast in Elden Ring. 

Elden Ring 1.09 Rune Farm 2023 - Best Rune Farming Glitches, Locations & Methods After Patch 1.09

The new patch 1.09 is here, and the most important thing we should do is still farming runes, the main currency of Elden Ring. Players will lose their Runes upon death, and a "bloodstain" is generated at the place of defeat. Returning to this place and reclaiming your runes will allow you to re-acquire them. If you perish a second time before getting there, the Runes will be lost forever. So what is the easiest way to rune farm in Elden Ring 1.09 & where can I farm runes patch 1.09? In terms of early-game rune farm in Elden Ring, here are best glitches, locations & methods by Glitch Unlimited that are working after patch 1.09.

Explore these new glitches for patch 1.09 to level up fast in Elden Ring!

1.09 Boss Glitch for Rune Farm

What glitches are working first and foremost? If you have been struggling with this Mohg, the Omen boss, then let's take him out easily. Just interact with the missed door then once you have fully entered, go ahead, pause the game, leave and then join back meaning just load the game up. Then from there, turn around, do a 180 and take the lift down. From this point, you can drop down like so or you can have some patience and wait it out. Continue going forward and you should see a lost grace that you must have passed by. So then drop down from this lost grace, go forward, jump and you should land. Spread forward and then jump, so you can land safely. Go towards the left and you will notice that we cannot use our Mount yet, so jump up and then go forward a little bit and then try to use your Mount and you should be able to. Jump towards the east and take a left and go all the way up. Then look for a hole and jump directly in that hole, but there is a little twist because you should sure that you are double jumping and we are swinging our sword. The reason for the double jump is just to make sure that you clear the gap in the swinging is so that this way you're not stuck falling without the swinging animation. Continue to swing for 30 to 45 seconds and you should see some runes pop up as well as the boss fall into its death. Once you have reached a certain height below the map, everything at top will fall through because the textures are no longer there and this is what happens. You are going to be able to receive some runes and you will be able to receive Mohg's great rune and the runes depend on whether or not your new game plus.

Numen Rune Glitch for Patch 1.09

The next glitch for farming runes in patch 1.09 is deep root depths. Go over here towards the Lost Grace, exit out and then head towards the tree. Just go forward and then jump off and continuously swing, 30 to 45 seconds in again you will see the runes pop up. This time you want to swing for about a minute or two and the reason why is because as you continuously fall, all the enemies are going to end up falling as well, but it takes time for the rest of the map to unload. So just give it time and you should see everything pop up. Continuously swinging will allow you to stay alive again, so if you stop doing so, this will result into your death. 

Gate Town North Glitch 1.09

Continue the third rune farm glitch and this is going to be with the Death Rite Bird. They've changed a little bit with the boss. If you arrive over at the Gate Town North, you can then exit out of the Lost Grace after you have rested until Nightfall, exit out, head towards the South. you should see the boss pop up. if you go to the typical spot and you try to wait for the Death Rite to come towards you, you may notice that in the latest patch it's not going to do this. Waiting for the boss to get as close as possible, so that it will jump up and hit the death barrier. Instead, it tries to get as close as possible and it just backs up. If this happens to you in the latest patch, hop on top of your Mount, just to get a little bit of extra height and use a bow which is a spell. This is great for damage and you could tell right away the boss is not doing crap. It’s going to throw some attacks occasionally, but for the most part, you can dodge it and this boss will end up in the death barrier. 

Loretta Bow Boss Glitch for 1.09

Enter in this boss rune, so go past the Miss door, go up the stairs and then head to towards the corner and continuously go forward and then exit out of the game. You can then load the save back up and once you do, you will load up within the boss room except you're going to notice that the boss is in a Frozen State you can then continuously attack it, use your spells, your summons and eventually you will lower itself down enough that it will end up falling to its death. Then you have a bunch of stuff that you probably did not have before, and including a new Lost Grace that you've discovered.

Invader Glitch 1.09

You can do this with any Invader, so head over towards the church of inhibition and the Invader is going to pop up here in the middle. Lead it towards a cliff, what's great about the mechanics when it comes to these NPCs is that they tend to jump around quite a lot which can give you a lot of chances of tossing them off the map. 

Freezing Lake Glitch 1.09

Take out one of the bosses that's located at the castle sol, and this boss specifically holds on to a medallion. Jump right off the map, double jump but don't use that second jump till the very end there and you should be able to make it over the death barrier. You can then continuously swing and eventually runes in the boss will fall through and you'll be able to acquire all of the stuff that you probably have been struggling to acquire, which is the Medallion some of the runes and the boss's weapon. If you would like to survive the fall damage, remember to pause the game so you're at the map menu there and then spawn at the nearest Lost Grace from there, you should be able to receive your rune still and be able to survive the fall damage.

Castle Sol Glitch 1.09

Skip straight to the concert created snow fields, allowing us to completely skip the whole steps of finding the medallions. What you can do is exit out from that Lost Grace, head towards the West and then go towards the South and then from there, continue on. You should see a Death Rite Bird pop up, just ignore this boss, do not even try to battle him, just go straight to the spot. Once you are at the spot, you should see the airlift, head towards the airlift, jump, but do not use the double jump till the very end. 

Go ahead and use the airlift, then from there tilt your camera down once the compass hits the mountain. Turn over and then jump, you can then survive the fall damage and the death barrier because of the airlift there and once you have hit the ground, pause the game and exit out, load back in and this will fix the camera. You can then go towards the right and w then jump up and jump towards the left. Eventually, you will reach the end, double jump right off the mountain and then jump towards the right. Then land right next to a teleporter, this will take you next to an Erdtree, it's a great way to skip past everything. You can also arrive over at the Ordina and use the Rune Farm there as well.

Apostale Derilct

You did use the skip glitch, you can actually head over towards the apostate derelict. You can then rest till Nightfall because we're going to take out one of the deathrite birds. But once you have done so, you will want to head towards Ordina and you're going to utilize one of their Rune Farm spots so that you could then toss the boss off the map. So once you have past time and it is nightfall you can head towards the left towards the east, drop down below and spawn in the boss. Rest till Nightfall and then make sure that the boss has officially spawned in. So once this has happened, spawn in your Mount and then go towards the left and go straight towards Ordina, then go towards this exact spot at Ordinas and double jump right off the map. You’re going to then continue to swing, after 30 to 45 seconds you should see some runes as well as the boss falling through the map. This is great for rune farming in Elden Ring patch 1.09. 

Anix Tunnel Rune Glitch 1.09

Then head over towards the annex tunnel, take the lift up and once you have reached the top, hit the button again. Continuing on, head towards the South, go around the rock that's straight ahead and then double jump off the map. After 30 to 45 seconds, you should see the runes pop up. This is great if you need to level up quickly in patch 1.09.

Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank Glitch 

If you head over to the southern swamp bank, you can then go towards the Lost Grace, rest till Nightfall and you should see one of the deathrite birds in the distance. Then lead this deathrite bird towards one of the routes that is at the very end of the cliff, and what you can do is send the bird right off the map. You can head towards the southeast which you should see towards the left is the death right bird. If you head towards the route at the very end, you can then hop on top and then leave the deathrite bird over there. You want to go behind the deathroute so that the bird is more so on the rock. What's going to happen is that the boss is going to toss itself off the map.

New Skip Glitch for Farming Runes

They have patched a skip that would allow you to go straight to the radon boss, but instead you can no longer utilize the spot at the plagues church. Because once you have jumped off the map behind the church, you will notice that you will fall towards your death, it does not matter if you give yourself some distance like so, you just end up falling towards your death. The best way to go around this is to arrive back at the southern swamp bank, then go to the bottom portion of the map, then locate a ledge that you are going to jump off of. There are a lot of jumping off of Ledges and Maps, but this time you're going to utilize this so that you can then pop up one of the marika's symbols, so you can then spawn over there at the radon boss.

1.09 Twin Gargoyle Glitch / Cheese

If you have been struggling with the twin gargoyle bosses, then you might have seen that the glitch as mentioned before has been patched because offhand swapping no longer works. What you can do instead is cheese the boss. Go towards the boss, spawn in mimic or one of the spirits. Basically to distract the boss, after you have done so, you can then head towards the north. Then jump up and the only way to do this is to use mount. So try to use your mount and then spread forward, this should give you enough speed so that you can make it up towards the top. Continuously jump and then head towards the left more, if you land right there on the left, stay there. After that, just jump towards the left and then jump up towards the right and you should be at the very top. If you go too far towards the left you will notice the boss will begin to back away, so try to stick towards the bottom right there and the boss will stay right there, so you can shoot him down. Once you have cheese the boss, you can then continue on.

1.09 Rune Glitch At Fort Faroth

The last and final rune farming glitch in patch 1.09 Elden Ring is going to be the respawn Dragon glitch that has been around since the beginning of the game. Go towards Fort Faroth and from here, then go to the bottom and then make sure that you have memorized a spell like blood flame blade and fire’s deadly sin. Then head towards the boss, make sure that one of the blades has the blood flame blade and then you will ignite the deadly fire sin. Once you've done so, go up to the boss and you will notice that the bleed damage is going to take effect and the health will drop down quite a lot. Once the health is down low enough and you've seen the boss twitch, you can then head towards the Lost Grace which is right behind you, and it's Fort Faroth, rest there and you should see that the boss has popped up and you have the runes as well. 

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