WOW Dragonflight 10.1 Tanks Tier List - Ranking Best Raid & M+ Tanks In Dragonflight Season 2

4/15/2023 5:26:56 PM

What is the situation for tanks in World of Warcraft season 2? At the moment, there is nothing for tanks in terms of tuning for the next season. This means what is left to see if something can change when it comes to choosing your best Dragonflight 10.1 tank for the next season is the tier sets together with how they are performing and how they are looking. Without further ado, let’s talk about the best WoW Dragonflight season 2 M+ and raid tanks for patch 10.1.


WOW Dragonflight Season 2 Tanks Tier List - Best M+ & Raid Tank Specs Ranked In Dragonflight 10.1

Now there are two important things to pay attention to for the release of season 2 and that is borrowed power and changes coming from Blizzard. Because those are the two main ways in which the power of your character is going to change if at this moment one spec is S tier and the other one is C tier. The only way they are going to become better or worse in the next season is either if they have a very powerful tier set that makes them much stronger or if Blizzard is planning to change them with some balance tuning for patch 10.1. Before we look at the Dragonflight 10.1 tanks ranking, let's start by looking at the tanks and what is planned for them in terms of buffs or nerfs with balance tuning for patch 10.1. 


Dragonflight Season 2 Best Tanks For Raid & M+

Top 1 - Protection Warrior

Paladin is going to continue to be the flavor of the month when season 2 launches. Because Protection Paladin will continue to be the strongest tank for the Dragonflight season 2. The planned tier set for Protection Paladin isn't even that great that is sort of the benefit you can have if you are already an S tier spec. You don't need to have a super powerful tier set because you are strong already. The tier set of Paladin to be fair is very good. The thing you are currently the weakest at is single-target damage. So the two-piece set bonus in particular with the extra damage over time. Not only is still very good in AOE, but if you already have good AOE damage it's going to be better for your single target which you lack a lot of. What is much worse and what makes the tier set quite mediocre is the current tuning of the four pieces. Right now Protection Paladin remains the standard default best Dragonflight 10.1 tank in the next season.


Top 2 - Protection Warrior

Protection Warrior is the previous top-tier tank for the first couple of months of the expansion. Protection Warrior has been nerfed two or three times over time, and has been overtaken by Protection Paladin, and now what's their situation? The situation isn't exactly too bright in the sense that your tier set bonus is not particularly powerful. It is similar to Protection Paladin, a decent single target increase of roughly at best 5% more single target damage as a Protection Warrior. Your tankiness bonus of the two piece is very small, it's at best a 15-second coolant reduction to your last stand. The four piece as well continues to add even more offensive power to your last stand by giving you some AOE after the last stand has ended. So overall the tier set itself is not a massive increase in your power. You still have a lot of AOE damage as a tank, a lot of defensiveness, and a lot of ways to cheese mechanics thanks to your multiple ways to stop magical damage and you might still be decent in the raid. The choice of a Protection Warrior is still going to be a default one for your raid spots and you continue to be quite viable and quite strong in Mythic plus.


Top 3 - Blood Death Knight

Blood Death Knight was behind them when it came to popularity. Blood was the one that was the most popular tank in the raid. It still is actually above Protection Paladin and also the second most popular tank in Mythic+. Now not anymore after Prot Paladin was buffed. What's good about Blood DK is that actually while not really getting changed in terms of tuning in 10.1, they are getting an actually pretty good tier set for the next season. Doing default 20% more damage on your heart strike and on your blood boil is going to be even more AOE damage which is fantastic for a Blood DK because they were absolute trash in doing AOE damage. It was one of their main weaknesses in Mythic plus the fact that they could not keep up with other tanks and their AOE damage. Now they are definitely going to be doing better in season 2, they also get a quite powerful proc in terms of defensiveness with the 5 seconds of vampiric blood when their two-piece procs are going to also work very well in Mythic plus.


Top 4 - Brewmaster Monk

Brewmaster Monk is not meta in Mythic plus because they don't have damage. As a matter of fact, Brewmaster Monk has the highest damage out of all tanks. So it's not that the tier set is going to change in terms of giving you something different, you get more damage with blackout kick as your two-piece right and even more damage with your four-piece set bonus. What the set bonus is going to do is more defensiveness. Having a chance to not reset your elusive brawler on your two pieces is going to give you way more overall dodge as a Monk and then your four pieces even give you a stack of an elusive brawler with the rising sun kick. This is great because it finally gives you a reason as Brewmaster Monk to press rising sun kick. Previously it was just a damaged button. In season 2, this tier set gives you more tankiness and more damage than before, so it's a positive outlook in season 2. For the Brewmaster, it's looking better than before. But is not enough at the moment to get close to the top of this Dragonflight 10.1 tank ranking.


Top 5 - Vengeance Demon Hunter

At the bottom of this Dragonflight 10.1 tank tier list is the Vengeance. The good of this set bonus for Vengeance, it's going to give you some 10% damage in a single target and roughly 10% a bit more in AOE. The two-piece and the four-piece set bonus turn your shear or your fracture into fire damage, so they don't get diminished in damage by the armor of the enemy. What is also quite strong is the roughly 5% more self-healing given by the set bonus as well as the extra fiery brand, you will be able to get off for free every 30-ish seconds on one target. So the bonuses are mostly in terms of damage, and the weaknesses are mostly in terms of lack of tankiness in AOE situations. With this tier set getting too much heal of your soul fragments in the two piece in terms of big poles animated class, it's mostly centered around more single targets. Also, the current Weakness of Vengeance is the fact that their firebrand spreading or their souls collecting, or their frailty stacking takes some time to ramp up and take some time to go in full throttle, also they are quite weak at the start of a pool. It's not likely that we will see Vengeance Demon Hunter anytime soon becoming quite popular in the next season.


Top 6 - Guardian Druid

Guardian Druids arguably have the strongest of the tier sets and they are also arguably the weakest currently of the tanks. So it's going to be quite interesting to see what can the weakest tank do in season 2 with the strongest tier set. Their tier set is very strong because besides giving you some extra damage, it also gives you an insane amount of self-healing and extra defensiveness. The two-piece set bonus gives you 6% of damage taken over 8 seconds at all times when you're in combat. Because it's activated by taking damage, it's always going to be active. That is a lot of self-healing increased even more. So when you have forensic region active and you heal yourself even more. Then the four pieces bonus gives you 15% more max HP, which is easily the strongest of the buffs to give to any tank. Now Guardian having a lot of HP is a big thing for them, so they have even more with this tier set. If you are a cop human joyer, you should risk thinking about playing a guardian Druid in season 2.



Easier picks are going to be the Protection Warrior and the Protection Paladin with the Blood DK right behind them. What is going to matter more since we don't really have any balance tuning right now for season 2 is the current state of Tanks plus whatever they will get from the tier sets. So the three tanks right now doing the best, roughly probably continue to to be doing quite well in season 2 and the tanks currently at the bottom are unlikely to grow that much more.

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