WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Healer Tier List (M+ & Raids) - Best Healer Specs Ranking in Dragonflight Season 2

4/17/2023 11:21:04 AM

Which healers to play in WoW Dragonflight Season 2? Which healers are you thinking about rolling or re-rolling or continuing to play in Season 2 and how are they looking right now before the release of the next patch 10.1? Here we've sorted out the new Dragonflight 10.1 Healer Tier List by breaking down the bonus that tier sets bring to each healing specs!

WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Healer Tier List & Ranking for Mythic+ & Raids (Season 2)

Because the next season comes and we get the board power of tier sets and then we get the possible balance tuning of Blizzard, those are the two things that might change the situation for healers that's what we have to look towards for trying to gauge what is going to be the good choice for season 2 as a Healer.  When it comes to balance tuning, there aren't going to be really any significant balance tuning changes planned right now for healers in 10.1 which means that what we have to pay attention to is the tier sets together with the current situation - the current power of the healers, and the current power as mentioned because they have different power levels in the raid or Amity plus is a bit more tricky. Now let's dive into the tier list by breaking down how the tier sets affect each healer specs.

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1 - Discipline Priest (S Tier)

Discipline Priest has the current strongest tier set for healers in the game, that is the reworked one. Because before this one discipline priest would have landed at the bottom of this list of tier sets, instead now it's the strongest, not only do you get a decent welcome damage increase to your Dots and a healing increase to your Radiance (because your Radiance doesn't heal for much). The really powerful one is the four-piece set bonus having 3 seconds longer atonements with Radiance which is the main way for you to apply the atonement in large numbers at once, that is very powerful already. Plus your spells have a chance to cause your next Radiance to be instant cast and cost no mana, and the fact that you can stack it up twice is going to significantly speed up the time with which you take to ramp as a Discipline Priest, significantly reduce the amount of Mana you spend in a raid. So those two things combined were two of the biggest annoyances of a discipline placed in a raid, the time for you to set up and the time for you to be immobile adding to hard cast many spells for your ramp, and then the Mana you were spending doing that, so this set bonus is fixing, is helping you fix many of these issues as a discipline priest.

Now when it comes to early season pushing because the damage reduction that Discipline Priests can bring to a raid is super important early on in a tier when you are under geared so when you do take way more damage and you are way more at risk of dying, that's why very often many of the top guilds even run world first kills with discipline priests in the raid because that is their power. So it is definitely a misleading type of ranking for the power of discipline in the raid. The tier set still does something in Mythic Plus, it gives you more damage, and quicker ramping to party heal definitely, but the main power of the tier set is in the raid. All in all, thanks to also the help of being able to be a priest and also being able to choose holy, if you were thinking about playing discipline, you still have to look at this from the perspective of being a raider, we don't think you will find too much happiness; if you were a convinced M+ player and you wanted to try out discipline that is still likely not going to have much popularity in with the plus.

2 - Restoration Shaman (S Tier)

Resto Shaman is currently the best and the highest HPS in the raid and also currently much more valuable rising steadily in Mythic+ as well. They have tons of damage now in AOE thanks to the buffed acid rain of their Healing Rain, they have the time of HPS now, so it makes them much more valuable. However, their tier set is poor. The tier set offers to shamans gives them an instant heal when they cast a Healing Rain on the targets with your Riptide on them, this is a problem because you don't have that many targets with Riptide on them. In the very best case scenario, you're gonna be having three or four targets with Riptide on, it's good enough we guess heal in Mythic plus and also the Buffs you gain from the four-piece set bonus are too small because you only have 3 to 4 targets affected by Riptide - so it would be a 3-4% healing done increase for 6 seconds or 3-4% increase to the healing of your next chain heal, these are quite weak overall. Restoration Shaman was already strong right now, the tier set is not particularly great but they will continue to be strong because they are strong already, so if you were thinking if you were healing the Whispers in the corridors about Resto Shaman being a meta flavor of the month spec for this end of the season, then you should be more or less quite safe to continue focusing on Resto Shaman for the beginning of season 2.

3 - Restoration Druid (A Tier)

Resto Druid is already one of the strongest picks in Mythic+ right now and also a solid pick in the raid.  This two-piece set bonus is going to be very strong in both activities, it's going to be massive for revealing and rate cooldowns, and the four pieces at a bonus for continued rot damage over time damage in fights is insane for how much more your Hots will tick in those fights. It has been nerfed by a bit, because before it was even more absurd but even now with the Nerf, it is still very powerful. 60 extra seconds of a slightly weaker flourish after your original flourish is still a very powerful basically extra cooldown for your Restoration Druid. So Restoration Druid was already meta and already did not have that many problems with doing more damage, so not having extra damage in this tier set doesn't really hurt them, and then they get even more powerful, even more throughput, even more, HPS thanks to this set bonus. So generally smooth sailing for Restoration Druid going into season 2, if anything they will just get stronger.

4 - Holy Paladin (A Tier)

The other of the more disappointing tier sets goes to Holy Paladin, it does not really synergize with anything in your toolkit, it's going to be buffing either your Light's Hummer or Holy Prism and those two abilities are weak, that's basically all there is to say about this tier set. Also, the two-piece set bonus giving you more healing to your holy shock is also quite terrible because your Holy Shock heals for quite little - it's not to anymore one of your main sources of healing so it's not really that powerful of a buff. Even the cooldown reduction even the CDR you get from the two-piece set bonus is not even strong enough to buff Light's Hummer and Holy Prism enough. So that's the issue with Holy Paladin's tier set. They are doing fine right now, the small change to Avenging Crusader is going to make it much more viable in Mythic Plus because now it hits 5 targets instead of 3, so it's going to be much more smooth healing in Mythic Plus, and also much better healing, much less overhealing in the raid as well. Hitting five targets is a slight improvement but the tier set itself is not really helping Holy Paladin in the next season. So it still has its niche, having it for devotionora and Aura masteries cooldown is still very valued in the raid, you're likely still going to get your comfy rage spot as a Holy Paladin. In Mythic Plus, it's going to be harder to imagine them making way, that their biggest issue right now continues to be their lack of damage in Mythic+. They have definitely very low AOE damage at the moment in M+ which sets them quite far behind Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, and Preservation Evoker at the moment. Holy Paladin is definitely a more solid pick for the raid not as much in Mythic+, but also not nearly as bad as something like a Holy Priest or Mistweaver Monk.

5 - Preservation Evoker (B Tier)

Preservation Evoker dominated the first couple of months or so of the Season by being the top healer in Mythic+ and the top healer in the raid, then they suffered something like 4 to 5 nerves in a row and now they are not nearly as powerful as before, so can the tier set sort of help them a little bit more get back on their feet in season 2? The answer is likely possibly YES because their tier set is actually very good. The two-piece set bonus is very strong in Mythic+, and it has some windows, some Echo plays; or even just flat out using it normally, in the raid can also heal for a lot because of the extra heal over time that is applied by Spirit Bloom. As well as the freebie has 15% more healing than Dream Breath - the highest healing ability in many cases, so getting it increased by 15% can be quite good. The four-piece will give you 2 free Essence bursts roughly every 30 seconds, this is particularly powerful because the build of Evoker likely to happen in season 2, this is also going to match you some 8-10% more healing, together with the two-piece set bonus is going to be quite the significant healing increase in the raid. The two-piece set bonus is also still very powerful in terms of healing for your Mythic+ runs. Overall evoker was slightly lower after the nerves now though, it has been buffed a couple of times in the flower build which was still not played, and then in season 2 with this tier set more tuned around this Emerald Blossom build, it looks like it will go back to having very consistent very solid HPS in the raid. If you were the one worried about the nerves to preservation evoker and whether or not, it was going to be going in the dumpster after the nerves no not really, it will still be quite the powerful spec in the raid still with very powerful red cooldowns to use in the raid.

6 - Mistweaver Monk (C Tier)

The tier set of Mistweaver Monk is actually very similar to Holy Priest in the sense that it is more powerful in the raid and a disaster more or less in Mythic Plus, because the two-piece set bonus is focused on giving you back Mana. Now giving you back Mana is quite valuable in the raid, Mistweaver Monk is quite the Mana hungry in the rage, so it's definitely better for them in the raid. However, you can stop and drink in Mythic+ out of combat which makes the 2B set bonus much less valuable. The other problem of this tier set in M+ for Mistweaver Monk is that M+ has ethic damage in with the glass and this tier set does nothing for giving you extra damage in Mythic+. Also, there is no balance tuning coming your way to make you any more powerful in M+, so there is no real reason to see a Mistweaver Monk increasing in value on the horizon when it comes to Mythic Plus. When it comes to the raid, it's going to be stronger, it's going to be slightly better to manage your Mana. However, at the moment Mistweaver Monk continued stable HPS with very poor raid cooldowns that their style very similar to Holy Priest is still losing out to the Resto Shaman, Preservation Evoker, and Resto Druid who not only can have continuous stable HPS but also have much stronger cooldowns in the raid. 

7 - Holy Priest (C Tier)

Holy Priest is not a good one because it is already quite weak and not really that wanted in general in Mythic+. Holy Priest is decent for the raid because you can get more bonuses and more benefits from Prayer of Mending jumping to multiple targets and multiple times, and that can happen more often in the raid with 20 targets. So the two-piece set bonus has more value and then the four-piece set bonus you can use more on abilities like sanctify in the raid which is going to be very good, so it's not terrible in the raid. However, in Mythic+, it loses a lot of value and the holy priest is already very weak in Mythic+. It's unlikely many players will pick Holy Priest because you're not going to really do much intimated plus therefore it's unlikely. If you wanted to focus on this spec for the next season, the only good thing for Holy Priest is that it is played in the same class as discipline, so you always have a 50:50 option to go to the other spec of your class, unlike any other healer at the moment. You do have that option as a holy priest. 

When it comes to healers so far was much spicier compared to tanks, because of the different power levels the healers have in the Raid and in Mythic Plus, there are going to be some interesting things to keep track of like how many more powerful could Discipline get after this powerful tier set or if the healing increase of evoker after their many nerves is going to be enough to bring them back to be very powerful.  So with this said and done about heaters, all there's left to do is just wait and see how things turn out and also to see if Blizzard will actually hit us with some surprise balance tuning in these last three weeks before the release of season 2.