Dragonflight TOP 5 Goldfarms To Do Solo - Best 5 Solo GoldFarms Locations

4/17/2023 3:50:44 PM

So in today's guide, we're going to be talking about the absolute top five WoW gold Farms that everyone that wants to start making golden transmog should do, we'll go through all the farms and what they can potentially drop like basically why you should do them and more.


Open World Mog Farms - Nazjatar

This location in Nazjatar is filled with Elite Naga mobs that will instantly respawn! Now that we’re lvl 70, they can easily be farmed! Allgreen items of Nazjatar have unique appearance, so they sell fast compared to a lot of other transmogs. Make sure to look out for the specific items like: Reefwalker, Slithershell, Deeptide& Wavecrash.


The reason why you probably won't guess these Farms is because most people when they think about farming transmog, they think about running dungeons,  but even solo open world Farms are way more powerful in order to fill up the auction house, so starting off with the first Farm is one that has made us literally millions of gold throughout the years, and it is this one right here, taking from the book, it is a nazjatar gold farm, and in this area right here in nasitar, it's filled with Elite mobs, but we're level 70 now, so you can easily kill him and they hyper spawn like crazy this, the reason why this Farm is so good is because nazjatar is similar to shadowlands Sarah of mortis where all the set items the greens dropping from the mobs have a unique appearance so that means that the people that didn't play when nazjatar was current content, they don't have these transmogs, and the only way to get them those transmogs is to buy your auctions that you've been farming in this nazjatar, and we're talking about sets like The Reefwalker set, Slithershell, deeptied & wavecrash, and there's also a bunch of different weapons that can run up from these guys that also sells pretty well, and of course, it's a BFA farm so you also have a chance of getting a buoy epic items that sells as transmog like the Tibu, so absolute Great Farm and bring a tune that is efficient and kill mobs fast, but also has good Mobility, it's a relatively small area so we're playing something like a druid that can Sunfire the mob and kill him off with Starfall is absolutely insane even solo if done on the level 70.


Open World Mog Farms - Sludge Fen

This location in the Northern Barrens, the Sludge Fen is farmed by running in circle around the lake and kill everything you come across. The loot table is similar to the dungeon Wailing Caverns, but this is way better! You kill more mobs per/Hr on this location, then you can inside WC.


It has the exact same loot table as whaling Caverns, so whenever you have a farm that's has the same loot table of a dungeon, the only thing that matters is how many mobs can you kill per hour, and around this very tiny Lake you have a bunch of mobs that hyper respawn, and you will kill like 10 times the amount of mobs even so low running around this Lake constantly killing rather than running through the dungeon wailing Cavern, so these the transport items, that's dropping from this place is like ceremonial barbaric Grizzly Pagan, there's a bunch of really good sets the cool thing is now we can transmog white and gray items as well, and this Farm the majority of the items you will get and the sets are green items, but a lot of these sets have white items in some of the slots for instance boots and build there's no green versions of them, so but there's a like a common like white items to complete this set and they can sell right now and we've been selling white items out of this farm for as high as targeted towels in Gold, so it's a great Farm to fill up the Ocean House, and also they have some of the highest seller rates in terms of classic transmog in the entire expansion, so they sell faster than your average transmog.


Open World Mog Frams - Silithus

Silithus Transmog farming is an very popular goldfarm, and has been for a while now, very few people realize that it’s super good, even solo, if you compare it to running Zul’Farrak (same loot table), it’s way better to run Silithus due to mob kills per/Hr, silithus drops popular sets like Jade, Vanguard, Bloodlust & Glorious. As well as epic items such as Blade of Hanna, Skullflame shield, Teebu & Much more.



Open World Mog Farms - Isle of Thunder

Isle of Thunder is a great location for unique transmog, the marked location is filled with Zandalari Trolls, dropping unique items to the mob type! Simply roam around the marked area and kill/loot everything in sight!


Open World Mog Farms - Stonetalon

Stonetalon drops a lot of transmog items that’s hard/impossible to obtain efficiently from dungeons. The red area is for hordes & alliance, while the blue marked cave is for alliance only.


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