WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Zaralek Glowspore Farming Guide: Top 5 Gathering Methods

4/24/2023 5:29:04 PM

In this guide, we are going to be covering one of the brand-new crafting reagents coming in patch 10.1 that will be a major addition - these are the Zaralek Glowspores. We will go over what they are and exactly how to farm them in Season 2! So without further ado, let's dive into now!

Dragonflight 10.1 Zaralek Glowspores Farm Guide

What are Zaralek Glowspores Used For in Dragonflight 10.1?

Zaralek Glowspores is one of the new crafting reagents coming in the new 10.1 patch and they are used for a variety of the new recipes as follows:

  • Transmute: Dracothyst - This is the popular one for the new gem at Titan Training Matrix V and that requires 300 Glowspores just on its own.

  • Lambent Armor Kit - This is the new leather armor kit which requires 150 Glowspores

  • Contract: Loamm Niffen  - This is the new Niffen contract for the new Renown and cost 20 Glowspores each

  • Cauldron of Extracted Putrescence - This acts as a portable altar of Decay and that requires 200 Glowspores plus one of the new gems, so if you are somebody who was creating your own gem that is 300 plus 200 for a total of 500 glowspores just for that one item.

  • Illusory Adornment: Spores

  • Medical Wrap Kit

  • Reserve Parachute

  • Stinky Bright Potion

Top 5 Ways To Gather Zaralek Glowspores Fast in Dragonflight 10.1 Season 2?

So just from those four items you can see that people will be needing a lot of Glowspores (many recipes require multiple hundreds), so let's actually dive into how to actually gather these. The primary way to get this reagent is through Mining and Herbalist, for gatherers this is a guide for you and technically we are going to be breaking down the five different ways of getting these Zaralek Glowspores but if you want the quick and easy answer basically you just need to go out and gather in the new zone, so all of these deal with Gathering. Now let's actually break down the specifics:

Method 1 - Lambent Herb Nodes

This is the new herb modifier coming in patch 10.1. Herb modifier is the special version of each herb, you know there's Titan-Touched Saxifrage and Lush Writhebark, and now we are getting a brand new one called Lambent. Now to keep it simple, this applies to all four herbs so you have Hochenblume, Writhebark, Bbubble Poppy, and Saxifrage,  so you don't have to hunt out a specific one. And if you're trying to find it visually as you are just flying around, it has a greenish tint to all of them, but generally, we would say look on the map since it's a bit hard to tell. And this source is very simple, all you have to do is just loot the node and you will gain a small amount of glowspores along with the herb that you were expecting. Now you're also going to get a temporary buff that lasts for two minutes called Zaralek Glowbur. 

Method 2 - Metamorphic Ore Nodes

Next we have the mining equivalent, so now we have the Metamorphic Ore Nodes which is basically just the mining version of what we just talked about. So this is the new or modifier coming in patch 10.1 and this applies to Servite as well as Draconium. This one we think is a little bit easier to spot if you're not looking at your mini-map for names because it has a bluish-purple tint which is really easy to spot compared to just the basic brown or grayish tone of the normal node. Similar to before, all you have to do is elute the node you'll get a handful of glowspores and of course the ore that you're expecting and you're good to go. Also, you will once again receive a temporary buff for two minutes however this is called a Zeralek Glowdust

Method 3 - Propagated Spores

This method is a perfect reason why we always recommend pairing Mining and Herbalism together on the same character. Of course, the obvious reason right is that as you are flying around looking for mining nodes, you can also find herbalism nodes, so you just make more gold per hour. But in this case, you have to have Mining and Herbalism on the same character to actually get these Propagated Spores. Going back to those Buffs (Zaralek Glowbur, Zaralek Glowdust) you receive, basically, all you have to do is get both buses at the same time. So all you have to do is mine a Lampeter and a metamorphic ore node within two minutes of each other. As soon as you gain both Buffs, they will disappear and you will receive a Propagated Spore within your inventory. Then all you have to do is right-click it and you will gain a large amount of Zaralek Glowspores. On the low-level minor, these propagated spores gave us anywhere between three to five times the normal amount that would get from just gathering, so this will increase your gold per hour a ton, so yet again please be a dual gatherer.

Method 4 - Overloading Lambent Herbs

Now moving on to the final two methods, they basically are the same thing but yet again one is for herbing and the other one is for Mining, and this is overloading those specific nodes. Now Overloading is an ability you get as a minor herbalist where you have a cooldown, but whenever that cooldown is up you can actually overload a node and have something special happen, and this is where a lot of glow spores come from as well. And going back to herbalism, every time you overload one of their special lament herbs you are going to spawn a little Spore creature who will quickly run away from you, he will spawn these little spores around him and all you have to do is run through them and you will collect them. We highly recommend making sure you stay mounted or you remount if you accidentally dismount because they do disappear and you will not get all of them if you are just walking. But this is a way that you will get a ton of different spores, in afterward you can loot the herb just like normal.

Method 5 - Overloading Metamorphic Ores

Then lastly we, of course, have the overloading metamorphic, and whenever that happens other metamorphic rocks will just spawn around you, all you have to do is mine them and they will reward you with a ton of glowspores. So instead of having to run around and chase a creature, all you have to do is just mine a few more things, then of course just like the herbalism one you can mine the first node just like normal, get that buff and start the process all over again. 

To recap the five methods are of course just harvesting at the new nodes like normal, the second one is harvesting them within two minutes of each other and getting yourself a Propagated Spore, then lastly overloading those nodes gain even more glowspores, and then you can bind it like normal once you're done. Hopefully this helps you out!

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