Dragonflight 10.1 PvP Gearing Guide - How to Get 424 Ilvl PvP Gear Fast in Season 2 Dragonflight

4/26/2023 5:58:27 PM

If you want to get 424 PvP item level as fast as possible in WoW Draonflight 10.1 Season 2, this guide is for you! We will show you the strategy and fastest way to get full PvP gear from scratch for your main character or for your alt. 

Dragonflight 10.1 PvP Gearing Guide - How to Get 424 Ilvl PvP Gear Fast in Season 2 Dragonflight

The patch 10.1 & season 2 is just round the corner, each time we come to a new season in WoW, leveling up the gear is the first thing we should do. Getting the higher item level gear provides better stats and bonuses, making it easier to compete in PvP activities and increasing your chances of success. It also increases your overall effectiveness in other aspects of the game, such as PvE content like dungeons and raids, as well as open-world questing and exploration. 424 ilvl is the highest for PvP gear, craft 424 item level gear can help players who want to participate in higher-level PvP content, such as rated battlegrounds and arenas. These activities have a minimum item level requirement, and without the appropriate gear, you may struggle to compete effectively.

Check the Dragonflight 10.1 PvP gearing guide 424 item level, and learn these gearing methods to 424 item level in WoW Dragonflight Season 2. 

PvP Auction House Gear (from 0-411 item level)

Go to the auction house and buy some Crimson Combodant items. That immediately gives you 398 PvP item level. Then if you play for horde and the population on your server mostly consists of hard players, you need to go there and speak to Sergeant Wilson to fight alongside the alliance in the Battlegrounds and epic Battlegrounds. And also don't forget to turn on War Mode. You need to choose all the roles. You can play as Druid and you can play as Healer too, it helps avoid 10 minutes of waiting time and Queue takes only 1 or 2 minutes. 

Honor 411 ilvl 

For honor gear, just spam Battlegrounds and epic Battlegrounds, also take weekly quests to get conquest and honor points. Collect all daily bonuses, and then just buy honor pieces for your actual specialization. Also you can get items from World quest and bloody tokens. 

Get 424 PvP ilvl quickly and easy in 10.1 Dragonflight

As for 424 PvP item level in Dragonflight Season 2, if you already have 1400 rating in Solo Shuffle, 2v2 Arena or RBG, you can buy full conquest gear, just buy Crimson equipment chest and then you can send it to his mail on your alt character. But be aware it's cheap, the price of chest is 375 Conquest points. But stats can be absolutely random, not for your actual specialization, but you can get even weapon from this chest. 

Best way to get conquest points fast in 10.1 patch

How you can get conquest points is solo Shuffle or 2v2 arena. For instance, if you want to play Balance Druid in Solo Shuffle and don't want to waste MMR or make it bad, because you haven't for 24 gear, I just play for Feral or Hill instead of Balance on small rating and within one day, you will get your full conquest gear, because for Solo Shuffle you will get so much honor and conquest points and after that, buy gear with right stats for Balance Druid and will calibrate MMR for balance with 424 gear. Also, don't forget to upgrade crimson armor to tire set. 

strategy for PvP gearing season 2 Dragonflight

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