WoW Dragonflgiht 10.1 M+ Healer Tier List & Rankings - Best Mythic+ Pug Healers in Season 2 Dragonflight

5/1/2023 12:01:38 AM

Today we are going to be presenting the best M+ pug healer tier list & rankings in Season 2 WoW Dragonflight 10.1. This tier list is not for high-end world first-level keys, it’s for people who are looking to pug keys and get into as high of keys as they can. So in this Season 2 M+ healer tier list, we're going to value things a little bit differently. We're going to think about which healers are going to have the best time finding groups possibly be able to carry their groups a little bit with their healing throughput their damage and their utility. 

WoW Dragonflgiht 10.1 M+ Healer Tier List & Rankings -  Best Healer Specs Mythic+ Pug in Season 2 WoW Dragonflight

Patch 10.1 doesn't really bring as many balance changes as we're normally used to in a major patch for healers. As a lot of the balance changes seem to come around in patch 10.0.7, a few specs are getting tuned up a bit, and with new tier sets that can also shake things up a little. We also have the 25% healing nerve to consider as well as a new dungeon pool and some new affixes. So we're going to use the current 10.0.7 meta as a basis for the 10.1 mythic+ healer tier list ranking and go from there.

Resto Shaman (S-Tier)

Resto Shaman has been on the rise for several weeks now and whether we're talking extremely high level play or just a mid-level pug, Resto Shaman has all the tools to be an extremely good M+ healer. Good passive damage through acid rain, great healing throughput and a diverse bag of healing cooldowns means you shouldn't really struggle to meet any healing checks that get thrown at you. In terms of a pug group, Shaman offers some really great advantages, you've got a super short cooldown kick with wind shear and capacitor totem and thundershock for AOE CC, the amount of stops you can get out of Shaman to prevent dangerous casts and lock mobs down is pretty insane. You've also got bloodlust which can be helpful in finding groups. You've got your reincarnate for whoopsies, Earth Elemental for tank whoopsies. Shaman is the hands down favorite for 5 man content right now, so put it in the S tier.

Resto Druid (S-Tier)

Resto Druid is just super solid in 5 man content, good throughput, great cooldowns, damage that's really easy to get out, and also really good survivability with bark skin and bear form. We've got a Beerus which is nice but maybe not as big of a deal right now with red and Prot Paladins and seemingly every group. You still have a lot to offer in the utility department with the ability to spec into a kick, you've also got great mobility and the tried and true method of breaking any movement and pairing effects by shape shifting. Druid may not have the raw damage output as Resto Shaman, but it does respectably well in both AOE and single target and has some of the easiest passive damage to get out in the game. Resto Druid is a really safe pick for pugs, it may not be a pluses across the board like Shaman, it has very few shortcomings. Druid is definitely behind Shaman, but still going to be a top performer, so put it in the second spot of the S tier.

Preservation Evoker (A-Tier)

Evoker has been the target of a lot of nerfs recently and has seen its M+ popularity fall off. Evoker 's healing throughput is still solid, its damage is incredibly easy to get out, but without instant living flames from the 10.04 set, the playstyle is definitely going to slow down a bit and that damage isn't really being made up for anywhere else. Still, Evoker brings a lot of utility, that's going to be very highly coveted by your group. Bloodlust, a kick, knock-up and knock back, the ability to dispel bleeds and fantastic cooldowns for 5-mans maybe the most pug friendly healing cooldown in the game. We can characterize Evoker as Druid Light and for that reason, drop it down A tier and put it at the front of the A tier.

Disc Priest (A-Tier)

Disc is just so much fun, but although it doesn't exactly fit the mold of a great pug healer, some of its strengths might offset that a bit. Ever since the 10.0.5 changes, Disc had a really the raw throughput needed to meet healing checks and keep their groups on their feet with proper planning. Disc is also capable of doing an absolutely silly amount of damage. The obvious downside is that priest doesn't have a kick or a very good stop as running into a group and psychic screaming can be tough to pull off at times. You also lack both the classic group getters, bloodlust and battle res. Now you do bring master spell which seems to have some tremendous uses in every dungeon pool as well as Pi. It's easy to overlook the effect of a well-timed pi, but used properly it is an absolutely huge damage boost to your group. Another thing that gains value when health and damage are increased by 25% or damage reductions. So two charges of pain suppression for your squishy DPS and your super squishy itself as well as barrier for your entire group gains some value. With shields and pains up, Disc is definitely the tankier of the two Priest specs. We've got Disc’s tier set to consider which is looking great for 5 man content. Not only is it going to save you mana and buff your radiance considerably, but getting instant casts of radiance can really smooth out and simplify that Disc rotation especially during those Shadow Covenant windows. So while Disc has some obvious shortcomings as a plug and play healer, its strengths are just too good to ignore and it does belong in the A tier behind Preservation Evoker.

Holy Paladin (B-Tier)

Paladins will definitely be able to work in very high level keys. When we make a tier list we are literally comparing it to all other healing specs. Looking at the totality of Paladin's healing throughput in DPS, it's hard to make a case for it taking it over any of the aforementioned Healers. The Avenging Crusader rework has potential, but it feels like Holy Paladin is more than one single talent rework away from competing with the big classes. Be res is really helpful, but what's not helpful is the popularity of both Prot and Ret Paladins and pug keys and inviting that third pink class might be hard sell. The Paladin set also doesn't really seem to do much to solve the problems for a spec, that really needs something to separate it from the pack as more healers seem to be gaining more and more utility. And Paladin's typical plethora of utility doesn't feel as special as it used to and it's not really picking up the slack anywhere else. So we put Holy Paladin in the front of the B tier.

Mistweaver Monk (B-Tier)

Mistweaver is getting some big improvements in the upcoming patch.  Monk does have some useful utility and also some really underrated damage. It feels like it's really hurt by the lack of the two big group getter spells, beerus and bloodlust, and much like Paladin doesn't bring anything unique enough to make it rise above the rest. Monk is suffering from an absolutely terrible case of community perception and even when the day comes that Monk is finally super good, it's going to take a while for the community to accept this spec again. With all that said, Monk will close the gap a bit and like Paladin, it's totally capable of healing very high keys, this is not the super imbalanced state of healing we saw at the beginning of season 1. But we can't in good conscience recommend it as a great pug healer because you're going to have a really hard time finding groups.

Holy Priest (B-Tier)

It is the only class with two healing specs, Priest always suffers from the fact that everyone's going to flock to one or the other and the second spec will kind of be forgotten. Unfortunately, Holy seems to be that forgotten spec this expansion so far. AOE healing as a Holy Priest can also be a little sketch at times but on the bright side, the damage buffs and the Holy Priest 4 set are going to help him a bit. And even though we are placing it last on the tier list doesn't mean it’s bad. Holy has a very straightforward play style that a lot of players really enjoy and it's capable of healing very high keys. But both its damage and healing compared to Disc are a bit lacking.