Elden Ring 1.09.1 Fastest Rune Farm 2023 - Best Glitches & Locations to Farm Runes After Patch 1.09.1

5/8/2023 5:37:34 PM

After the Elden Ring 1.09.1 update, now we have a bunch of new fantastic rune farms, which will get you rich quite quickly and allow you to level up fast without ever having to kill a single stuff. Check this Elden Ring 1.09.1 rune farm guide, we’re going to be showing you 5 new glitches, spots & locations to farm 300K runes in 30s after patch 1.09.1. 

Elden Ring 1.09.1 Fastest Rune Farm 2023 - Best Glitches & Locations to Farm Runes After Patch 1.09.1

#1. Bloodhouse Step Glitch for Patch 1.09.1 Elden Ring

We are first going to head over towards the Third Church of Marika and then once you have done so, you can then go behind the church and locate the teleporter that's on the left side. You should see it hidden behind trees. And then once you have done so, you can then go up to it, interact with it and make sure you click “yes”. Once you've done so, you will then be over here teleported. So we want to go past the gargoyle that's located in the middle and let's hop on top of our mount. 

We're going to then go directly downwards and then go towards the bridge. If you have yet to take out the dragon, then it's going to be a bit problematic, but for most of it, you can just dodge his attacks and then run past them. So if you have already defeated this dragon specifically, you don't need to do anything. You can just go straight across and you will be cutting the clip off. Now that you're at the end of the bridge, you can then jump down towards the west and then land softly. Once you have done so, you could then go past the golden scare up on the ground there and then drop down again. You should be able to survive this height because there are these tombstones that you can land on. Once you have landed on a ledge and you are able to jump down. So you then want to proceed towards the East, you should see the ball coming down and if it hits you and knocks you off, you're kind of screwed, so you do have to be very cautious there. Then you are going to claim the Lost Grace. This Lost Grace is specifically called Lenne’s Rise. And once you have claimed it, you can then rest until Nightfall. You are going to then bring up a mini boss that will pop up right there in the middle of the bridge, and this is going to be the Knight Calvary. What to do is simply go right down in the middle and try to lead them towards the right side. Just simply go over the ledge and then drop down and then go behind the wall and then what can happen is that the boss will force himself off the map. Sometimes, this may not happen and sometimes it may just end up doing this where it will jump right on off. This is what's great about this glitch is that you have two options either go behind the wall there and then the boss will jump over the wall or you can go behind the wall on his side and then the boss will force himself off the map.

#2. Bell Bearing Glitch for Patch 1.09.1 Elden Ring

Continuing on towards number two, we are going to head towards the Church of Vows. We are going to then rest until Nightfall. The reason for this is so that we can pop up a bell bearing Hunter. So before we do that, we want to show you what we are going to be doing first and foremost. So we're going to then go inside here, make sure that that bell bearing hunter pops up. Then we'll lead him towards the left side towards the bottom. What's going to happen is that he will follow you as long as you stay close by. And then eventually when you do lead him close enough, you will want to drop down like so and then wait for him to come towards you. 

#3. Blue-Feathered Branchsword Glitch for Rune Farming

And moving on towards the next location for farming runes in 1.09.1. This is located towards the Warmaster’s Shack, we're going to then do the same t thing towards the Lost Grace, we're going to rest until Nightfall and then we want to head over towards the Southeast. You should see some trolls there in the distance and then eventually you should see that there's going to be a death riper that will pop up right over here. There's something to throw in here, it's a death bird. So with that information to the side, we are going to leave this death bird over towards the left side. And once you've done so, you should see that when it tries to attack, it will then force itself off the map like so. It typically does this thrust attack that sometimes will force it off the map and you can do this right now at the beginning of the game.

new glitch for patch 1.09.1

#4. Axe Glitch to Farm Runes in Elden Ring 1.09.1

Then head on towards number four which is at Castle Morne Rampart. We're going to rest until Nightfall and then head towards the Southwest. You will see a Night Calvary there in the distance, but then just go around them and we're going to then proceed towards the Southwest. What you should see eventually is going to be 3 bats. It’s recommended to take them out because they can become troublesome and annoying and you just want to take them out, it's just not worth it. So let's say that that has been done and you've spawned in the death bird as well and you have those bats finished off. We can then go towards the ledge and do the same thing. If you have his back against the ledge, typically he'll jump backwards like so. He jumped backwards and he's off the map. So now the death bird has fallen and you will receive the sacrificed axe. 


#5. Best Glitch for 300K Runes in 30s 

We're going to be at Dynasty Mausoleum entrance. We can just go towards the tree, go towards the ledge and then jump towards the wall, jump towards the right and then jump towards the left. You will be on the top of the ledge, so then just jump towards the right and follow it all the way up. A lot of you said that you cannot jump down the hole, it's kind of difficult. So what you can do is go past the hole, go towards the Northeast and we can simply jump off the map anywhere. And as you do so, you do want to swing your ride as you jump and continuously swing. The second that you stop swinging is when you will fall towards your death and you will not get any runes. No runes will drop, you will not be able to receive a single one. So in order to do this, you want to continuously swipe away and then eventually those runes will drop 30 to 45 seconds in. This is what we mean about 300K runes in 30 seconds because that's how long it does take for the drop. And if you want to survive, all you have to do is pause the map, go towards the Lost Grace, fast travel and you're back safely. You can rent to repeat this as much as you like and essentially you can gather an infinite amount of XP.