Diablo 4 Server Slam Pre Guide - Tips for D4 Beta: Skills, Hotkeys, Legendaries, UI

5/9/2023 4:16:04 PM

There's actually one more public beta-type event happening this coming weekend, and in preparation for this final chance for any and all players interested in trying out the game before release, we thought it'd be good to go over 10 things that you need to know before diving on into the server slam event coming this weekend.

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NO.1 Dates of Event

This is going to last from Friday May 12th at noon Pacific time until Sunday May 14th at noon Pacific Time afternoon took part in the two beta weekends beforehand, it's worth noting this event is one day shorter it ends 24 hours earlier, so just keep that in mind when planning out your play time for this final testing period before the game itself.


NO.2 Beta Characters Reset

Characters from the beta weekends will not transfer over to the server slam, no matter what you did in the previous beta weekend, it will not stick around for this service slam, none of your level 25 characters are still around, not even one and so if you did take part in previous open Play opportunities for Diablo 4, and you want to be a part of this service slam as well just be prepared that you'll be starting over from level one once again.


NO.3 Server Slam Characters Reset

Characters from the server slam will not transfer to the full release of the game, this should generally be expected as this is essentially just a final beta test with an emphasis on the servers, but none of the characters you create during the service land weekend will be saved for the full game.


NO.4 Level 20 Max

Maximum level of 20 if you've played the beta test weekends, you'll likely be aware that the level cap during those was level 25, they locked you to only a couple of zones really and this was simply what we had access to in the service line, however, you will only be able to get to level 20 rather than 25 so 5 levels lower this doesn't limit the actual content that you can access as far as activities to do and you'll still be able to unlock all the different unlocks that were unlockable in the beta weekend for the full game.


NO.5 Ashava Bonus Item

Bonus item for killing Ashava, again those who took part in the beta weekends prior to this will likely be aware of the world boss that was a part of these ashava who would show up over the course of the Saturday of these test periods, offering a relatively difficult fight that can be taken on by up to 12 people at a time decided upon by the dynamic matchmaking from the servers placing it with other players in the world, and even with 12 players this could take upwards of 10 minutes to kill, even with characters that were majority level 25, but this world boss will return in the server slam event as a sort of main character as during this specific event you get a bonus item for the full release of Diablo 4 if you defeat Ashava at level 20, the server slam you'll first spawn on Saturday the 13th at 9am Pacific time and then for every three hours afterwards until Sunday the 14th at 9 a.m Pacific once again so for a 24-hour period which is a pretty reasonable number of spawns and given the last one is on the Sunday right before the servers actually go down there is a fair amount of time to hit Level 20 beforehand as well.


No.6 Expect Server Issues

This event is called a server slam, it's called this because they want to stress test their servers as much as physically possible, they want as many people to play as they can and they are likely going to try it and have the minimum amount of service open at the same time as they can just really use this to test the limits of their servers on an individual level, this means you should expect queue times on the first day of the server slime event, you should expect some lag, there will probably be disconnects, and ideally, this won't be indicative of major problems on proper releases again, they're doing this event with the specific purpose of pushing their servers to the limits beforehand, just to see how much they can handle individually, there were some queue times and disconnect issues in the open Beta which wasn't done for this purpose, so expect at least the same if not even worse to begin this weekend, that said expected to lighten up significantly throughout the weekend as they fix things, one notable thing about the public beta weekends is that connection and queue time issues from the first day of these betas were nearly all cleared up by the second and third days.


NO.7 Class Changed Enacted

After the beta test weakens the developers made a point of making a blog post going over a number of changes they decided to make based on these stats and feedback they got from player testings and having their hands in the game for these weekends, a big part of this was some changes to each of the five classes themselves, so even if you played all five classes before in the previous beta, things will quite likely be different for those classes this time around.


NO.8 World Tiers

This is arguably more important this weekend to remember than the previous beta weekends as a unique item reward for the full game from the server slam weekend is from defeating Ashava at level 20, this shouldn't be unachievable by any means on any of the world tiers, but it's worth mentioning it's the only reason that you are playing this weekend is for this purpose, then you should reconsider which World tier you play on world tier 2 is the one that feels the most balanced and actually fun to play as far as the ones available in the early version of the game that we have, World tier one generally feels just a fair bit too easy, but given everything again if you just want to get to level 20 and just want to defeat the world boss at level 20 and that's it, the world tier one is a very viable choice to make it a little bit simpler to achieve that to make it easier and to make Ashava die easier.


NO.9 Tons of Activities

We'll still have three available strongholds, 23 or so dungeons that we can complete tons of Sellers and event quests and Main and side quests just lots of stuff to do, not to mention that you may want to check out some of the dungeons again even if you've done them before as part of the changes made by the developers due to the beta weekend where actually layout changes to a number of dungeons, nearly a third of the dungeons that we have in the beta have had their layouts changed since then to make them feel less like you're backtracking when you're completing them and more like you're always progressing in some way.


NO.10 Savour it!

This point is quite simple, the full game releases in early June with a few days of Early Access for those who pre-purchase The deluxe edition or above, and that is nearly a month away that means a month of waiting without playing Diablo 4, sure for some that is totally doable but for others depending on how hyped up you are how excited you are for this game, it may be agonizing well that said play the server slam get the most out of it that you can enjoy your remaining time with the game before release, because we didn't originally expect to even have this extra injection of early play time for Diablo 4, and the fact that we are getting it is a bonus in itself, so really just make the most of the time that we'll be having here so that you won't regret it for the next month or so of waiting for the game.


10 Quick Tips for D4 Beta: Skills, Hotkeys, Legendaries, UI

  • Healing wells refill health, potions, and resources to the max. Barbarians particularly benefit by filling up before a boss room.

  • You can get more Skill Points for multiple characters by completing rep rewards. Do your dungeons!

  • Alchemist lets you upgrade healing potions at levels 10 and 20, you can also craft elixirs including experience pots.

  • You can bind elixirs to your action wheel, and you can bind any of your action wheel spots to hotkeys!

  • You can change HUD from the bottom center to the bottom left corner.

  • You can right-click anywhere on the World Map to drop a pin your allies can see. You'll also get a trail on your minimap to follow.

  • Skill tree lets you filter by things like "Crowd Control" "Lightning" and "Berserk" to help you plan builds or change builds around a new piece of legendary loot.

  • Level 15, do your class quests for Sorc or Rogue because they are powerful!! Flame Shield for Sorc passive is a get-out-of-jail-free card for Hardcore.

  • Legendary loot can be destroyed to slap the legendary effect on a better rare or legendary. If an item says 'imprinted' it cannot be salvaged or destroyed again. A legendary aspect replaces a different legendary's aspect and renames the item you modified.

  • Transmogs in the wardrobe are shared among ALL chars, softcore or hardcore. Unlike rep or currency, which is only shared among SC or HC chars.

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