Diablo 4 Server Slam Loot & XP Farming Guide - Best Way To Level & Gear Up In Diablo IV

5/13/2023 10:37:57 AM

Server Slam is now live in Diablo 4 and we only have a few days to really jump into the game. If you're trying to level up as many classes as possible, that way you can really make a determination of what class you may want to initially start with when this game goes live in June. In the Diablo 4 Server Slam event guide, we talk about the best and fastest way to level up and gearing up.


Diablo 4 Sever Slam Leveling & Gearing Guide - How To Farm Loot & XP Fast In D4

Jump right into the loot and XP farming method for D4 Server Slam. This is all about world activities and they are scattered all across the map one of the best locations is on the map South of Kyovashad. The best thing is once you clear one of these things, you can teleport back to town. After being in town for about maybe 5 seconds or so, you can jump back in clear the thing get some more loot to go back to town and rinse, and repeat as many times in a row.


One of the best things about this farming method is you can start this off the moment you jump into Sanctuary. So as soon as you see any world activity you can jump in rinse and repeat as many times in a row as you like. You just need to make sure you get to Kyovashad shot first. Because otherwise, you will not have a place to teleport to, so this will not work now. The other thing that we need to mention is that each of these locations may have a different world activity going on and some of them take longer than others. So knowing multiple spots on the map is a great thing because you obviously want to be efficient as you can with your time. Not only that, even if you find a location where you enjoy farming, the world activity is probably going to change on a daily basis. Make sure you really focus on your time management because we only have a few days to obviously level up as much as we can. 


If you want to try different classes, now another thing about this method is that when you teleport back to the location. A few different scenarios could be going on. First of all, you could be the only one there clear the thing, you're totally good to go. Secondly, you could be in the middle of clearing it, someone joined your group which obviously makes it easier. You then pick up your loot you're good. Another option is that you could get to the location, someone else is in the middle of starting it. You could help them finish it, again you get the loot. To be clear all the loot that drops on the ground is yours, everyone sees their own stuff. So it is not a free-for-all.


Another thing that can take place is that you can teleport back to the world activity and nothing is actually happening at all. however if you just hang out there for 10-15 seconds, you will see it respawn.