Diablo 4 Server Slam Event Guide: Spawn Time, Rewards, Best Classes & Tips For Ashava

5/16/2023 10:58:58 AM

A lot of people are struggling to kill Ashava in Diablo IV Server Slam. They're running out of time because they don't have the DPS or they just don't have a full party. In this Diablo 4 Server Slam event guide, we want to give you all these server slam details as well as some tips and tricks for getting through all the content to ensure you score those sweet beta rewards. 


Diablo IV Server Slam Event Guide - Spawn Time, Rewards, Best Classes & Tips For Ashava

The Server Slam begins on May 12, 12 PM PDT and ends on May 14th 12 PM PDT. You can play on all platforms Windows, PC, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and 5. Couch Co-op for consoles is available as well as cross play and cross progression. The recently announced balance changes to each class will be live this includes things like the necromancer corpse explosion getting nerfed as well as the Barbarian and druids seeing some buffs. Also, the alterations to the world that they announced will be live as well things like removing backtracking from dungeons and adding chests and events to sellers.


Diablo IV Server Slam Boss Spawn Time

The world boss Ashava will also be spawning every three hours during the Server Slam. That way more people will have the opportunity to engage in a world boss fight. Although Ashava's level is not capped at 20, so make sure you bring some friends along with you or it might be a little bit tough. 


Diablo 4 Sever Slam Rewards

If you reach level 20 in the Server Slam if you have before you'll get a back cosmetic which is the wolf pup it is a little back wicker basket that you have on your back you can transmog onto your character at any time. You can use this as a present and it actually has an animating wolf pup. A little puppy that just moves and little animates and is pretty cool.


How To Get Diablo 4 Sever Slam Rewards

Ashava is the new unlock. All you have to do to get the Diablo 4 Server Slam reward is kill Ashava at least once this weekend and doing so will unlock you with a special cosmetic called a trophy that attaches to your mount. We don't know yet if this attaches to all mounts. It's going to attach to the horse mount, it'll be on the back right hip of the horse and it's actually one of his horns or her horns attached to the bottom of this Ivory base and you get to walk around having a piece of the world boss on your mount.


Diablo 4 Server Slam Event Best Class

Rogues are very good at this, they have some really great single Target at level 20. Sorceresses and Necros are also very good. We would say Druid and Barbarian are probably the slowest DPS at level 20 right now but you can still do it if everyone's staying in the fight, paying attention, and focusing hard on killing off the world boss. 


Diablo 4 Server Slam Event Tips

1. Max Out Ability

Ashava is a pretty tough fight at level 20 with no real build. If you're only limited to level 20, the best advice we can give you is to try and max out two or three abilities. You don't need to fill your bar and it's actually pretty easy to only max out two and then use your gear to give you any defenses that you need. You can find amulets and rings that give you one of all defenses for most classes. So if you need a shield or defense or healing depending on what class you're playing, you can get that from your gear and then you don't have to waste your valuable skill points unlocking it. The extra points that you're going to want to use are going to be on your core and your basic abilities because that's where all your damage is going to come from. So you want to max those out as high as possible and just focus on using those. 


2. Choose Range

The range is a little more efficient than melee if you have a ranged option in your class just because Ashava moves around a lot he jumps and slides and all that. So you won't be able to get as easy of an uptime especially when he hits phase two in the second half of the fight, then you'll actually have a lot of time dodging when he does the back rakes and things like that. Doing melee can be quite punishing so if you have an option for ranged we recommend doing that as well. So max out your abilities, don't spread it too thin, and most of the time you'll do just fine using a builder and a spender whatever works for you, and then doing as much damage to Ashava you possibly can. 


3. Legendary

You also want to make whatever legendaries you have available in your Act 1. If you haven't had any drops that's okay, you can do the dungeons that drop the codex aspects that can be used to craft legendaries. There are only going to be two or three available for each class, they may not be for the spec you want, but they're an option there that might give you a little bit more uptime and more damage throughput on the boss. This is really just a DPS race because you have 15 minutes to kill Ashava. 


4. Grouping

Another note is you can only have 12 people in the instance and we recommend filling it out. So if you're in an instance and there are only four people there, either a leaving game and going starting the game again. So you get a new instance, you can get a fuller instance or you can go into trade chat and ask people if they are trying to do Ashava, you can get them into the fight by inviting them to party from chat and then grouping everyone together get 12, level 20 people burn it down that way.


5. Do World Tier 1

The next tip is to lower your world tier. Most people that are playing or playing on world tier 2 which is the highest you can play. You can change this when you launch your character into a start game. You can also go into the main city and go up to the world tier statue and change your world tier. You'll still get one shot by most things anyways since this is a level 25 world boss and we're level 20 and under-geared, but you'll still be able to do more damage with less health on the boss. So make sure you're in World Tier 1, and try to get a full group of level 20s. No one should be much lower than 20.

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