Diablo 4 Ashava Boss Guide: Mechanics, Abilities & Tips To Defeat It

5/9/2023 6:53:11 PM

Diablo 4 Server Slam is coming up this weekend and with it the opportunity to earn the Cry of Ashava Mount trophy that you can actually use when the game launches. A lot of you will have a lot of time to actually play this weekend, so we want to give you some tips on how to beat Ashava in Diablo 4 which is seemingly a very dangerous boss. In the D4 Ashava boss guide, we are breaking down the mechanics, abilities, and tips to defeat it!


Diablo 4 Ashava Boss Guide - How To Defeat Ashava In Diablo IV

For every successful Ashava defeat in the Diablo 4 beta as Ashava actually managed to defeat 95 players every single time so that is a pretty high death count. Compared to the previous open beta, a few of the op builds got nerfed such as the lightning sword and we're also limited to only level 20 instead of level 25. But Ashava itself doesn't actually scale down, it has a minimum level of 25 itself. So this means no matter what you are going to be underpowered against the Ashava and if you want to earn this Mount trophy, then you will have to try a little bit harder. In this Diablo 4 Ashava mechanics guide, we’re going to show you how to defeat Ashava effortlessly during the Server Slam.


Diablo 4 Ashava Boss Tips

You don't have to do it on Hardcore and you don't have to do it on better and difficulty. You can actually do it on the first difficulty. Outside of that though, we want to give you some tips on how to actually avoid the mechanics of the encounter because the healing is generally limited. Unless you bring some healing of your own for example the Druids of bloodhowl or Barbarians of their shouts. You don't really get a lot of healing potions and essentially, every single ability will most likely nearly or even entirely one-shot you if you don't press your potions. Ashava usually does a lot of poison damage, so having poison resistance on your items for example the rings in particular or maybe wherever you can roll, might be really helpful maybe even a poison resistance elixir. Because this is the one main damage type that the shower deals with. The Ashava encounter is generally rather scripted and there are five special moves that you have to be aware of and try to avoid as much as possible because they deal heavy damage.


Diablo 4 Ashava Mechanics

1. Jump

Ashava just sometimes randomly jumps in a certain direction. It does actually target a specific player but this jump actually deals pretty massive damage on impact. If you see this jumping animation with Ashava leaning back and then basically making a frog animation to jump, you want to try to evade or teleport out of that landing location. So pay attention to where Ashava turns and then proceeds to jump.


2. 360-degree Swing

Ashava lifts the left arm first to the right of herself and then she proceeds to do this full circle animation with the left arm and then follow up with the right arm. This allows you to actually get into safety very early and very easily. The only thing you have to do to actually avoid this animation is stand right under her. When you are standing basically right behind your back, she cannot hit you with her wide arm swings from any direction. If you're a ranged character, Ashava has just before that or jumped away from you, then you could also just outrange it. But a lot of people underestimate the actual range and like the radius of this attack, it hits the entire screen. So be aware that this actually goes extremely far. 


3. Double Ground Slam + Slice

This ability is also a quite dangerous run but also relatively easy to avoid. It has a rather small radius so if you're at range already, you can easily just like sidestep it. But if you're a meta character, you can also try to stand between a shower's legs to not get hit by this at all. If you stand exactly in the middle between the two arms as they slide backward, you will not get hit. But if your sidestep is a little bit too much, then you might get hit and get a pretty nasty poison debuff. So you got to be aware of this, it's much safer to sidestep it away from the boss. But if you feel confident that you can actually stay exactly in the center, you will be safe.


4. Bite

This one is actually also pretty dangerous, it does a lot of damage and also gives you a nasty poison debuff. This snap animation that Ashava does and has glowing green poisonous mouth animation as well. You have to be pretty fast to react to this but usually before Ashava bites. She will at least walk up a little bit to the targets to try to actually be in melee range to attack with the bite. Sometimes she can do it multiple times in a row, so even besides the step it once, we might have to sidestep it again. But a simple of weight or even just a few steps of walking will make it safe for you. You just have to be aware that this is a pretty fast animation and you want to be on the move when Ashava is not doing anything else and you're close to her mouth.


5. Poison Split

This is also a pretty dangerous D4 Ashava ability and it's very fast so it's relatively difficult to dodge. Similar to the bite, the main clue for disability again is the direction that Ashava is facing, so you always want to pay attention to that even at the range. She will turn towards you then leans back and spits out the poison cloud in front of it and this move moves really fast. So instead of walking after you to bite you, she can also do that and range at a targeted location toward the player. Most of the other abilities are random like random directions, the jump, or the 360-degree slashes, they just happen basically, but here she definitely targets players. There are a few other minor threats in this fight such as the ground slam or the poison puddles on the ground, they are pretty self-explanatory though. 

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