Lost Ark Akkan Gear Transfer & Honing Guide: 1580-1600 Ancient Gear Conversion & Cost

5/11/2023 4:05:48 PM

With Akkan updated, Upper Ancient Gear that can transfer the existing Brelashaza Ancient Gear came out. It can be crafted and upgraded to 1600 levels by using materials acquired in Akkan Normal Mode or Hard Mode. With this guide, we dive into the progression and cost of the Akkan Ancient Gear Transfer and Honing in Lost Ark!

Lost Ark Akkan Gear Transfer & Honing

Lost Ark Akkan Ancient Gear Transfer & Honing Guide

With the arrival of Lost Ark's new Legion Leader, Akkan, there has been a change in the way gear upgrades. Starting at level 1,580, new content such as the Akkan Normal, the new Chaos Dungeon, the Sonavel Guardian, and the Corridor Normal of Eons will be unlocked, and the weekly Expedition Missions and Adventure Island rewards will be leveled up a notch.

Even if you clear only the normal, you can craft a new piece of equipment in the Akkan based on the initial clearing in Week 1, and it seems that Normal can transfer 1 part of armor every 2 weeks and Hard can transfer 1 part of armor every 1 week. Adventurers who reach level 1,580 can circle the Akkan Normal, transfer armor, and aim for the hard challenge level.

From level 1,600, the second stage of the Akkan Hard and Chaos Dungeon will open to get more rewards. Apart from the level, adventurers who have achieved the sixth level of Esther's weapon can grant Ella the Akkan reward "Eye of Decline" and Esther's aura.

Simple Summary of Lost Ark Akkan Ancient Gear Conversion

  • 1. Achieve level 1,580 by honing existing ancient gear. 

  • 2. Collecting Honing Mats through Chaos Dungeon, Guardian Subjugation, and Eternal Corridor

  • 3. Craft armor by clearing Akkan Normal Gates 1-3

  • 4. While transferring weapons and armor, honing aims at 1600 item level

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1. Honing To 1580 iLevel For Akkan Raids

Unlike Brelshaza, which was able to transfer higher-level gear at a relatively low level of 1,490, Akkan is currently a level squad that can circumvent the three levels of the highest-level content, Brelshaza Hard and Kayangel (Elgacia Abyss Dungeon). Now in the early stages of the raid launch, it is virtually impossible to enter Akkan with this 19-level honing. This is because if you are a dealer character, it is common to hone your weapon higher. Weapons at too low a level may not help your party, and armor at too low a level may not be able to withstand the attack and die. Armor is at item level 18~19, and weapons at level 20 or more are almost essential.

At this point, it is practically impossible to retrain all 1,580 levels, which is the 19th level, and then clear the Akkan and all 12 levels. As time passes and the Akkan normal section eases, we can aim for a price succession.

Same as the existing Relic Gear, the new Akkan Gear will have its maximum level increased from 1,615 to 1,650, lowering the Honing Level. The retraining stage is lowered, and the retraining success rate is higher and can be retrained relatively easily. It depends on the price of the Protection Stone and the Marvelous Honor Leapstone, but it is usually much more efficient to hone after transferring.

2. Lost Ark Akkan Gear Honing Guide

In order to craft Upper Ancient gear, the item level must be 1580 or higher, and the achievement 'Prima Donna' level 1 must be achieved. This achievement can be achieved automatically by wearing 6 pieces of ancient gear made with the Phantom Legion leader Brelshaza raid. When transferred like existing Brelashaza ancient gear, the set effect and quality are maintained, but the item level varies according to the honing stage. Please refer to the table below for details. For reference, during transferring, the Craftsman's Energy, honing experience, and the success rate increase effect due to failure are not maintained, so be sure to check it.

Brelshaza Ancient Gear

Akkan Upper Ancient Gear
LevelGear Score

LevelGear Score

New Materials are Used for Honing Upper Ancient Gear

In this patch, the following materials have been added:

  • Destruction Stone (Weapon)

  • Protection Stone (Armor)

  • Marvelous Honor Leapstone

  • Superior Oreha Fusion Material 

Destruction Stone, Protection Stone, and Marvelous Honor Leapstone can be obtained in Kayangel Hard 3 Difficulty. The highest grade Superior Oreha Fusion Material can be crafted at the Crafting Workshop in the Expedition Territory. If you clear Akkan Normal and Hard, Abyss Dungeon Kayangel 'Cradle of Eternal Light' Hard 3 difficulty level, you will receive a Fused Leapstone, through which you can perform special retraining. The previous leapstone, 'Adavanced Leapstone', can be exchanged for an Adavanced Leapstone through the Legion Commander Raid Exchange NPC in the big city.

3. Collecting New Honing Mats for Upper Ancient Gear

  • - 1,580 Guardian Sonavel Card, Legendary Galewind, Ancient Trinkets, Leapstones, Protection Stones, Destruction Stones

  • - Elgacia Tier 1 (1,580), Tier 2 (1,600) Ancient Trinkets, Leapstones, Protection Stones, Destruction Stones, Corridor of Eons Ticket

  • - Corridor of Eons (1,580) Great artworks, gems, and leapstones

  • - Epona quest reward expansion, adventurous reward increase, etc.

Once you've reached level 1,580, it's time to collect new tier-honing materials. It's a top-notch level, but it's almost identical to the new currency changes that appeared in the Legends and Relics section. New levels of Chaos Dungeon, Guardian Raids, and Corridor will be added, and Epona daily quest rewards will be changed accordingly. You also get better rewards in small island rewards and adventure island events.

Special rewards include Sonavel's new Hero Card, the Legendary Galewind Rune that can be worn repeatedly, and the Chaos Dungeon Corridor Ticket.

In the Corridor of Eons, you can get more gems, new leapstones, and exclusive rewards for new great artworks. In addition, the Superior Oreha Fusion Materials required for honing the new upper ancient gear have been added. In the beginning, it forms a high market price, so it is better to open up the study of the expedition territory in advance and make fusion materials.

4. Lost Ark Akkan Gear Transfer Guide (Level 1580 to 1600)

  • - Based on the first clear, 1 piece of armor can be transferred 

  • - [Normal] Conversion of all gear completed in 13 weeks after clearing 3 gates of Akkan

  • - Level 1,600 can be gotten by honing 17 levels of 4 pieces of gear and 16 levels of 5 pieces of gear

  • - [Hard] 6 weeks + 3 bids based on clearing 3 gates of Akkan, complete conversion of all equipment in 7 weeks

How long will it take to Ancient Gear from 1580 to 1600 ilvl in Lost Ark? 

Akkan Normal Gate 1 reward 'Eye of Decay' is known as 3 basic rewards and 3 more rewards. 6 + 6 + 10, 22x are obtained. The first clear reward is 20x Eye of Decay, so you can inherit one armor per week, and you can raise one armor every two weeks. Weapons that require 100 pieces take 5 weeks, so if you run Akkain Normal without bidding, you can inherit all equipment in 13 weeks in total (note that the rewards for the 3 gates may change if they are different).

Assuming a level of 1,580 this year's round of 19, you can achieve level 1,600 by transferring 3 pieces of armor for 5 weeks and honing it to level 19 (level 20 or higher is excluded due to cost-effectiveness issues). If you transfer 4 pieces of equipment for 7 weeks, you only need to hone up to level 17, and if you transfer 5 pieces of armor for 9 weeks, you only need to hone up to level 16.

How long will it take until the final Transfer of Gear on Akkan Hard? 

There are a total of 7 Eye of Decay in Gate 1, and if you apply the same standard as normal, you can get 14 + 14 + 16, 44. By adding the initial reward for 6 weeks, you can get a total of 284 Eye of Decay, so you can complete weapons with a 3-week bid. If there is no bidding, it is expected to take seven weeks.

Meanwhile, this Akkan Raid has a similar reward system to the previous Brelshaza. 'Eye of Decay' can be used mainly for transferring new gear, but it can be exchanged for 'Shape of Death' to change it into various products such as pets, emotional expressions, and BGM. Image of Death has a weekly exchange limit of 5 and requires 10 Eye of Decay.

In terms of upgrades, it is always good to change the armor, but if you want a pet like 'Affectionate Akkan', changing the shape of death little by little is also a way. If you exchange a total of 3 (30 Eye of Decay), you can change your pet within 3 weeks after graduating from armor.