Lost Ark Best Brelshaza Hard Gate 1-6 Guide

4/12/2023 10:34:01 AM

Brelshaza Hard is almost here and we have prepared a short, let's call it a Lost Ark brelshaza hard gate 1 to 6 guide, to point out key differences for each gate’s mechanics and patterns that are different from normal mode. Most of the normal patterns are the same, they just hit harder and every major mechanic has something different to it.


Brelshaza Gate 1 Guide

  • Gate 1 starts just like normal mode, where you go through phase 1 and phase 2 doing the same thing.

  • x85 mechanic the boss will first initiate stagger check and after that the safe spots mechanic will begin where you take x3 and x3+1 positions.

  • x42 mechanic the big difference is that after you counter the boss you become silenced and cannot counter again, so 6 different players will need to counter. While being silenced your job is to intercept arrows that are being fired from random directions towards the boss.

Brelshaza Gate 2 Guide

  • x135 mechanic cannot be ignored in hard mode and needs to be passed by destroying all 3 pillars, otherwise it's a wipe.

  • x110 mechanic is exactly the same except there is a chance that one player gets golden debuff. That player simply just moves away from everyone and he doesn't need to catch the orb.

  • x80 bars mechanic is the same but this time there are multiple black orbs with a mark that you need to clump up by using basic attacks. There are also other smaller dark orbs around each position that are invincible and explode after completing mechanics.

  • x45 bars the only big difference is that the safe spots spawn at random positions and there is also 1 additional safe spot, so 5 in total.


For the player fighting Prokel there are few differences in some of the patterns. One important thing to note is that Knight spawns 2 times for raid outside. First when the Prokel player goes in at the start, and 2nd at 45 bars, so make sure you kill it instantly.

  • Red paralyzing stabs at x40 bars or below will have Prokel , not the clones, dash two times instead of one. Use time stop if you can't dodge.

  • During pizza there is a dark purple circle on the outside that deals heavy damage if you go outside of it.

  • During spear aim pattern the key difference is that there will be more spears spawning.

  • During a 270 degree ground smash Prokel can do an additional smash that aims towards the player.

  • If you cannot counter slashing combo then Prokel will do either a cone attack that stuns and knocks or inside-outside circle that stuns and has no follow-up. Simply stay outside while moving in any direction if its cone attack, otherwise jump towards the Prokel.

Brelshaza Gate 3 Guide

  • x145 mechanic is the same except there will be additional meteor spawning after the 2nd wave.

  • x100 bars before the stagger begins yellow meteors will drop, each having a + shape explosion. Standing in the meteor will grant that player a stagger buff that can stack up. During stagger the eye now cycles between snake and circle. Let classes with high stagger take yellow meteor buffs.

  • x42 mechanic is exactly the same except there are continuous spawn of dream eyes, 2 at a time at random positions. Inanna is very much recommended here if you cannot deal with dream eyes.

  • x0 mechanic is the same except there is a dream eye spawning in the middle at random, so inanna is also recommended here.

  • During the feeding shapes mechanic there will now be 4 shapes spawn instead of 2. 2 shapes need to be lured into the boss while 2 need to be kited away. If failed you can still use time stop right after the first explosion.

  • Maze of illusions will have 3 golden marks instead of 1 and failing to get all 3 to the safe spot will lead to few players getting charmed, so carry sleep bombs.

Brelshaza Gate 4 Guide

Gate 4 follows the same HP and positions as in normal mode except there are differences in all the mechanics.

  • Blue cube color change there will be targeted red flames appearing right after the explosion so make sure you group up and position them at the same spot.

  • Blue cube wipe mechanic, after staggering the cube you must stay in the circle and dodge the red attack to receive a buff. This time you don't group up with other 2 players, instead 1 player will have a typing mechanic while the other will be frozen for all 4 groups of 2.

  • Yellow cube color change, there will be outside explosions and projectiles flying. Stay close to the boss and dodge projectiles as getting hit will spawn more. Right after that there will be a blue line attack coming out of the cube that needs to be dodged, while simultaneously either yellow battlefield mechanics or exploding circles will appear. Dodge blue lines otherwise the boss gets 1 stack and you become stunned.

  • Yellow cube wipe mechanic you need to block all the projectiles otherwise if players inside the circle get hit they get charmed. There is also an additional purple diamond that spawns projectiles in between the two, so 3 in total.

  • Red cube color change after the 2 explosions golden beads will appear around the whole platform and all of them need to be collected. One player can collect as many of them as they want.

  • Red cube wipe mechanic 2 big red circle attacks will appear right before staggering that need to be dodged as they deal very high damage.

  • When changing into a star cube, 4 blue aoe circles will appear around the boss that deal high damage and stun and red lines that need to be dodged. After you stagger the cube golden tunnels will spawn that needs to be dodged otherwise the boss gets healed. Before the star cube changes color, the same blue aoe circles and red lines will appear again. During the 2nd star cube the golden tunnels can spawn randomly during the stagger.

Brelshaza Gate 5 Guide

In gate 5 shapes get assigned randomly indicating underneath your character. Party order does not matter here and you will have to adapt and remember where each shape should be positioned. The positions are still the same: circles are at 3 then 5, squares at 6 then 7, pentagon at 9 then 11 and and stars at 12 then 1.

  • x140 mechanic right before you would take positions, the boss will flash on the ground which positional pattern will be. If there is a cross shaped pattern then you are doing x3 positions for shapes, if there is a circle pattern then you are doing x3+1 positions. For example if at x140 bars the boss flashes a circle, then it's x3+1 which means the x50 bars will be x3 and vice versa. Before placing the shapes at x140 there will be Deskaluda lasers aimed at players two times which need to be dodged otherwise you lose a stack. At x50 mechanic before placing shapes there will be falling meteors that drop 4 times on each player which also lose a stack if you get hit. After you've successfully done everything, you can proceed with doing the mechanic just like in normal mode when dropping correct meteors into respective shapes

  • Key differences during 110 bars mechanic is that there are 3 counters at top and 3 counters at bottom, which can be negated and ignored by using inanna. After staggering both orbs and the boss, the left party still does the same thing inside, while only having to deal with flying guided projectiles, which upon being hit will take one stack away, while the right side party will have lines on the ground that do the same. After exiting the last phase of 110 bars the mechanic is the same as in normal mode.

  • 2 things to note is that during tentacles normal pattern there is always going to be yellow AOE that will petrify you and during shapes there will be a continuous pattern of pink lines that will make you lose stacks if being hit.

Brelshaza Gate 6 Guide

Gate 6 mechanics are all exactly the same as in normal mode. Both dreamworld memory mechanics are exactly the same, both tornado patterns are also the same and the Shandi mechanic also stays the same. The major difference is the meteor management.

  • During the first yellow meteor the blue meteors are delayed which means you will have to either memorize all the blue meteors after that or have a cheatsheet with all the patterns. It's recommended to have it open on the 2nd monitor or your phone.

  • It starts at around 188 bars where the first yellow meteor will go at 6 instead of 12, while other 7 blue meteors will be dropped on tiles shown on the cheatsheet. The reason for that is that blue meteors are delayed and each player will have to move along those lines to put their blue meteor once it appears. After the first set of blue meteors the next pattern will have 2, then 3 then 4 and then back to 3 and 4 changing. If you follow the patterns on the cheatsheet you won't have any issues managing them as long as you have optimal DPS at item level. If your DPS is higher you will most likely skip a few blue meteor patterns so keep an eye on that.

  • If you manage to do everything correctly at around 7 bars you will be put into a new gimmick that is only hard mode exclusive. You will need 5 people preassigned for this mechanic. 4 people will select x3 +1 position while the 5th player will flex. Periodically there will be flashes from each x3+1 position and you need to memorize where the first flash was. After the flashes 4 people take their preassigned positions. Each position will have a meteor spawn and the position with first flash will have 2 meteors, so 5 in total. Flex player will always go the position of the first flash. When meteors appear they will either glow blue or red. Blue glow means you have to counter the meteor, red means you have to let it go through. When you counter a blue meteor after a few seconds your character will shoot out a beam that needs to be aimed at the boss to damage the shield. Red glow meteors should not be attacked at all even with a normal basic attack and everyone should stop DPS the boss until they disappear. There are 4 rounds of meteors in total and there will always be 3 blue and 2 red glowing meteors. After the 4th set of meteors if you successfully remove the shield you pass the mechanic which is indicated by the view being zoomed out and orbs spawning. You need to take at least 1 orb to survive a wipe attack. If you failed to remove the shield after the 4th set of meteors it's a wipe.

  • After that at 0 bars the boss teleports to the center and spawns a big orb that needs to be destroyed. Attacking the orb will spawn a lot of smaller orbs that you need to collect which will give you huge damage increase. You need to burst the big orb in a few seconds otherwise it's a wipe. After destroying the big orb the raid is over.

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