Will There Be a New Animal Crossing Game in 2023 - When Is the Next ACNH Update

5/18/2023 5:09:40 PM

Will there be another Animal Crossing game in 2023 and when can we expect the next Animal Crossing to come out? Based on the development schedule of Nintendo’s games, it is very likely to see a new spin-off or main game. 

New Animal Crossing Game

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Will There Be a New Animal Crossing Game in 2023 - When Is the Next Animal Crossing Update?

There are main Animal Crossing series like New Leaf and New Horizons and spin-offs like Pocket Camp and Happy Home Designer. Including Animal Crossing New Leaf and New Horizons, five Animal Crossing games and one major update were released for the franchise from 2012 to 2020, that's a lot of Animal Crossing content, although there are many factors as to why this might have taken so long, one likely reason is that in this time the particular development team was also working on Splatoon 1 and Splatoon 2 as well as the Octo Expansion DLC. Nintendo is a pretty big company, the work on the Splatoon franchise didn't really disrupt Animal Crossing development that much at all in this time period, especially because most likely they have different staff working on different games with only some overlap, but still it does seem like Splatoon games in particular have at least somewhat dictated progress on Animal Crossing and vice versa, for example when updates for Splatoon 2 stopped, that's when we really started to hear more about Animal Crossing New Horizons for the first time and when we decided to learn about Splatoon 3, that's when updates for New Horizons began to stop, it will seemingly be a lot more likely that when updates for Splatoon 3 stop next year and the DLC for that game has been released, that's when we could start hearing about the next Animal Crossing game, especially if Nintendo has released another console at this point or even just an upgraded version of the Switch, but that's not to say we couldn't see the announcement of a spin-off game before that point. 

The development of Splatoon didn't stop Nintendo from working on Animal Crossing content, then merely a year later they dropped Welcome amiibo and amiibo Festival, although main games like New Horizons can take a lot longer, it's seemingly never been too much for Nintendo to release spin-offs whilst they're working on all of these other games too. We got a ton of different spin-offs, updates, and more, New Horizons propelled the series forward even more with its huge sales, so it's very likely Nintendo is already working on something new for Animal Crossing, whether that is a new main game or some spin-offs, we are expecting they can reveal more about what is the next Animal Crossing update.

Will there be another Animal Crossing game? The answer would be yes, but if you expect a main Animal Crossing game like New Horizons, it’s hard to see that in 2023, and we are more likely to get the next Animal Crossing in 2024. But we really could see a spin-off of some kind any time from this point onwards.