ACNH Wedding Event Guide 2023 - How To Max Heart Crystals & Get Wedding Season Rewards In Animal Crossing

5/1/2023 7:36:53 PM

Today, we're going to talk about June's wedding event in Animal Crossing New Horizons. To participate in the ACNH wedding season event 2023, you'll need to go to Harvey's Island which can be accessed via the airport. Phototopia is what Harvey refers to as his own Island. Something to keep in mind is that this event runs for the entire month of June and takes seven consecutive days of flying to Phototopia and taking pictures in order to get all the Animal Crossing items it has to offer.



ACNH Wedding Season Event 2023 - Rewards, Max Heart Crystals, Take Photos & More Tips In Animal Crossing

When you arrive, you'll see two familiar characters from Animal Crossing New Leaf, it’s Reese and Cyrus. They were the ones who helped you craft custom furniture in the older game. In New Horizons, you can customize furniture yourself which seemingly makes Cyrus obsolete. But in this ACNH wedding season, he makes unique furniture that you can't get anywhere else. Just remember that if you're in the wedding event room and you leave and go outside Harvey's home, you need to talk to Harvey and select to take photos with Cyrus and Reese in order to get back into the same room. Reese mentions that there are different wedding venues for them to try out and it mostly flips between the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception for the room layout. Watch our ACNH wedding event guide 2023, check the rewards, and tips to max heart crystals, take photos, and play 7 days.


What To Do In ACNH Wedding Event 2023?

Each day you show up here to help out and make sure to talk to Reese in order to get started. The fundamentals of this event are fortunately very simple, especially if you have any practice laying out the interior of your own home. Press down on the d-pad in order to open up the room's layout view and then press right on the d-pad in order to get to the event tab so you could place Reese's furniture. For the first six days, she wants pink and white decorations, so don't worry about customizing anything. In fact, it's better if you don't until the seventh day. At first, there will only be five event items, wallpaper, floor, rug, benches, and flowers that hang on the wall. But the number of items available in this tab will increase each subsequent day until you reach the seventh day.


How To Get Max Heart Crystals In ACNH Wedding Event 2023?

If you do what the game considers a bad job, she'll offer you some constructive criticism and you'll earn fewer heart crystals which are the currency you need in order to get rare furniture from Cyrus. Using duplicate items of furniture doesn't seem to count against you in this, so it's better to just litter the walls, especially in the beginning with the flower arrangements and uses many of the benches as you need in order to hit a threshold of over 20 to 25 items. When you have 20 to 25 items in a room, you can earn a maximum of 11 heart crystals from Reese at the end.


How To Take Photos In ACNH Wedding Event 2023?

When you've finished an arrangement for a day, you don't have to take multiple photos and it doesn't really matter. Because as long as you take one, Reese will only look at the last one that you've taken. Press Z L in order to open up the photo-taking. If you don't want yourself in the shot, press minus, and you'll actually jump away and disappear like a ninja. The angle of the photo the frame any of that stuff that you can add, it doesn't seem to matter. So just do whatever you feel like doing when you take the picture, it doesn't matter for the outcome. After you take the picture, talk to her to get her appraisal, she'll reward you with a piece of furniture that's new that day and she'll also give you heart crystals.

Just focus on placing the furniture to assess how many pieces you need in order to get the 11 crystal max instead of gauging whether she has the heart over her head. It's a little odd that you get the heart crystals from Reese and then spend them at Cyrus who plans to just give them back to Reese. Either way when you talk to Cyrus and tell them you want to trade heart crystals. This menu will open up and it will get new items every single day for 7 days.


Day 2-6 In ACNH Wedding Season 2023

Days 2 through 6 are all largely the same and they're completed in the same with the same color furnishings but they alternate between the wedding reception and the wedding ceremony. The only real difference is on the sixth day when they ask you to put in a lot of villagers and then they throw a party after you take the picture. Recent Cyrus really talked up this party and they make it seem like it's the end of the wedding event, but it's not. So for some reason, you're new and you don't have villagers to fill the room with, don't really worry about it. They seem to be equivalent to one piece of furniture. But the real reason that it's good to put your best villagers in the room is that it counts as actually calling them on the NFC touch point. 

Then it allows you in your Nook catalog or your Nook Miles App to buy the posters of that villager. There really isn't much to the party itself. They thank you for being there, you shoot off party poppers and then it's mostly just people doing singsong animations, occasionally shooting off a party popper until you just decide to end it. When you do end the 6th day's party, there will be another cutscene where you talk to Reese and Cyrus and they'll eventually give you a commemorative plate with their faces on it.


Day 7 In ACNH Wedding Season 2023

Keep in mind, you can keep doing the wedding event past the seventh day. But this is where the content starts to cycle and you're mostly just doing it for heart crystals in order to buy extra furniture from Cyrus. When you show up outside Harvey’s home on the seventh day and you talk to him, he'll give you a DIY for wedding fencing. The seventh day is the first day that Reese asks you to change the colors of each individual furnishing in order to fit a theme. He or she asked for chic, but there are three different types. It's pink and white, the chic natural. You don't have to pay so much attention to the specific colors because, in the chic set, she'll say “I want brown and black". 

But when you're customizing, it picks the chic option or if she asks you for natural pick natural, you'll be fine. Other than having to change all the individual furnishings to fit her theme, it works in the exact same way as the other days. You can change their colors by pressing X on them when they're on the menu. If you've already placed the item, you can click on it and also hit X to change its color. When you finish and get your picture assessed by Reese, Cyrus will give you the DIY for the wedding wand. You actually need to talk to Cyrus in order to receive the wedding wand.


ACNH Wedding Event Rewards 2023

1. Wedding Bench (5 Heart Crystals)

2. Wedding Decoration (3 Heart Crystals)

3. Wedding Table (6 Heart Crystals)

4. Wedding Chair (3 Heart Crystals)

5. Wedding Flower Stand (4 Heart Crystals)

6. Wedding Candle Set (4 Heart Crystals)

7. Wedding Head Table (6 Heart Crystals)

8. Wedding Cake (5 Heart Crystals)

9. Wedding Pipe Organ (40 Heart Crystals)

10. Wedding Arch (20 Heart Crystals)

11. Wedding Welcome Board (5 Heart Crystals)

12. White Wedding Wall (12 Heart Crystals)

13. Wedding-Party Wall (12 Heart Crystals)

14. Brown Wedding Wall (12 Heart Crystals)

15. Green Wedding Wall (12 Heart Crystals)

16. White Wedding Flooring (12 Heart Crystals)

17. Brown Wedding Flooring (12 Heart Crystals)

18. Green Wedding Flooring (12 Heart Crystals)

19. Blue Wedding Rug (4 Heart Crystals)

20. Red Wedding Rug (4 Heart Crystals)

21. White Wedding Rug (4 Heart Crystals)

22. Cake Dress (20 Heart Crystals)

23. Wedding Tuxedo (20 Heart Crystals)

24. Wedding Pumps (6 Heart Crystals)

25. Wedding Shoes (4 Heart Crystals)

26. Bridal Veil (12 Heart Crystals)

If you wanted to buy one of everything outright, it would cost about 255 heart crystals. Since you can only get a maximum of 11 in a day, it would really help to have multiple characters if you plan to amass a lot of wedding furniture.


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