ACNH May Update 2023 Guide: ACNH May Events, Seasonal Items, Critters In Animal Crossing New Horizons

4/25/2023 3:30:53 PM

As the last month of Spring approaches, let's take a look at what's new in Animal Crossing: New Horizons May 2023 Updates, in terms of events, seasonal products, scenery, and animals (bugs, fishes, and marine creatures).

Animal Crossing New Horizons May update 2023_

Animal Crossing New Horizons May Update 2023: All the New ACNH May Events, Fish, Bugs, and Items

Taking a look at everything that's happening around your ACNH Islands throughout the month of May, hopefully, you'll discover some things that you want to try.

ACNH May 2023 Update - ACNH May Day

Starting us off from the end of April until the 7th of May. 

The May Day Tour, this tour will be happening over on a special Island and Tom Nick will make sure to give you an exclusive ticket, so you can head there, and take part in Rover's Maze, although this is a fairly simple event.

Honestly pretty cool and unique for the Animal Crossing series, it'll have you partaking in a maze where you'll have to use all of the skills,  you've learned like digging up trees crafting stuff and more, you can make it to the end, and meet up with Rover who will give you some exclusive prizes, Rover is such an iconic character for the Animal Crossing series, he's basically the first character, he loves traveling, it makes sense you would find him on this really cool Mystery Tour.

This event is not one to miss especially as it's completely free and it's something nice and different to do around the island. 

ACNH May 2023 Update - ACNH Stamp Rally

From the 18th until the 31st, International Museum Day which is basically a stamp rally that will take place throughout the whole museum blavas will let you know that this event is going on and that you can find different stamps to collect in different parts of the museum, for example, you could head into the bug exhibit and learn more about some of the exhibits that you find, and see all the time maybe some details that you didn't really realize before, once you've managed to collect all of the different stamps, then you can finally get some cool prizes which will basically be the little statues that appear above the exhibits in the main room of the museum, so they're pretty cool and exclusive rewards although once again, this isn't one of the most exciting events in the entire game.

A lot more the museum and Animal Crossing New Horizons are absolutely beautiful and full of all kinds of special details.

ACNH May 2023 Update - ACNH New Items

  • Children's day April 28-May 5

  • Mother's day May1-31

Some exclusive seasonal items that'll appear throughout the month of May, now honestly there aren't too many, this month which is definitely a shame, but the ones you can collect are still pretty cool for example, the Children's Day items will be remaining from April 28th until May the 5th.

Then some other ACNH items throughout the entire month of May for Mother's Day, this little carnation cup, and then also some carnations which are a really beautiful item.

  • New Shopping Tab

  • Carnations 

  • Thank-you Mom Mug

  • Carp Banner

  • Newsprint Helmet 

As an actual flower in Animal Crossing New Horizons, there isn't a ton in the way of new items to collect through the Nook shopping tab, but the ones you can get and after April gave us just so many items, this was kind of to be expected, but thankfully in the way of actually crafting items there is a lot more, you can get in May.

ACNH May 2023 Update - ACNH Spring Bamboo

May will be on last chance to get young spring bamboo, the seasonal material for spring, there are some really cool bamboo items, you can collect, and you can even get some special instruments and such, so there's a lot of variety with things, you can craft using bamboo, if you don't have any, you will need to head to a Mystery Island Tour, using your nuke mile tickets, so you can get some bamboo to bring back, but once you've got it, you should be able to get plenty of young spring bamboo, just make sure you don't chop those trees down completely, but you could head to a cap and Island, and maybe have a chance of getting it as well which is always really neat, but for those of you in the southern hemisphere, you have a much more exciting seasonal material that will start throughout the entire month which will be the mushroom season.

ACNH May 2023 Update - ACNH Mushroom Season

Mushrooms are some of the absolute coolest items, you can collect and you can craft some really interesting items too, as you can see here, there is a lot of variety in the different mushroom items, you can collect.

Honestly,  these have to be the absolute best seasonal items that you can get in the entire game. Definitely, very envious of southern hemisphere players right now,  because you're getting some Kawaii terms not to mention the fact that you can actually sell on a lot of these mushrooms as well, maybe if you need to collect the bells.

Definitely recommend doing that once you've crafted what you want to, but if you're gonna focus on Crafting. Then make sure you pop a lot of balloons that are flying around over your Island, and also talk to those villagers and their houses, as they may have some mushroom recipes for you or the young spring bamboo recipes, if you're in the northern hemisphere, just keep in mind that may will be your last chance to do this until next year, if you're in the southern hemisphere, so go collect those mushrooms throughout the month you definitely won't regret it.

ACNH May 2023 Update - ACNH Bush Changes

There are also a few changes to the bushes around the islands as well, for example, the azalea bush will stop blooming from the 31st which is definitely a shame, this is one of the favorite bushes,  especially when it's In Bloom, it stops blooming in the northern hemisphere from the end of the month, but summer is coming, so that will mean lots of different bushes will start to bloom, if you're in the southern hemisphere, then the holly bush will actually start blooming from the first, so that is a new Bush, you can enjoy.

ACNH May 2023 Update - ACNH Critters

Why don't move on to the bugs fish and sea creatures that you can expect to find throughout this month in the Northern Hemisphere?

  • The great purple Emperor

  • The Queen Alexandra's birdwing

  • The banded dragonfly

  • The pond skater

  • Diving Beetle 

  • Violin Beetle

  •  Roselia Batsy Beetle 

  • The Scorpion

  • The bugs 

  • The new bugs are the damsel fly

  • The mole cricket 

  • The tarantula

Leaving in May is just the mole cricket, so not too much to worry about for the southern hemisphere.

Then leaving in May for those in the southern hemisphere:

  • The Monarch Butterfly

  • The Long Locust 

  • The Migratory Locust 

  • The Rice Grasshopper 

  • The Cricket 

  • The Mantis 

  • Orchid

  • Mantis 

  • Violin 

  • Beetle 

  • The Flea

A lot of bugs are leaving them for the new fish in May for those of us in the northern hemisphere:

  • The Frog 

  • The Catfish 

  • Nibble Fish 

  • Angelfish

  • Beta Rainbow Fish 

  • Giant Trevally And

  • The Mahi-Mahi

Then the fish leaving in May for the northern hemisphere: 

  • The Loach Golden Trout 

  • The Oarfish

  • The Bitterling 

  • The Blowfish 

  • The Tuna

  • The Blue Marlin

  • The Football Fish 

  • The Fish

Leaving for those in the southern hemisphere:

  • The Dungeness Crab

  • The Red King Crab 

  • Sea Cucumber

  • Sea Pig 

  • Snow Crab

  • The Cherry Salmon

  • Char Golden Trout 

  • Mitten Crab 

  • Guppy Neon 

  • Tetra 

  • Seahorse 

  • Zebra Turkey 

  • Fish 

  • Wildlife Jaw 

  • And The Ray

Finally, the sea creatures arriving in May for the northern hemisphere:

  • The Gigas Giant Clam 

  • Sea Urchin 

  • Slate Pencil Urchin 

  • Spotted Garden Eel 

  • The Vampire Squid

Leaving is just the Dungeness crab for those in the southern hemisphere:

  • The Dungeness Crab

  • The Red King Crab 

  • Sea Cucumber

  • Sea Pig 

  • Snow Crab

Checking out all of the updates and changes happening around your Islands throughout the month of May, there's definitely a lot to enjoy here, although it isn't as packed as April, the summer months will start getting a lot more activities.

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