Diablo 4 Best Sacrilegious Soul Necromancer Build - D4 Season 2 Malignant Necro Build Guide

11/9/2023 5:08:10 PM

Diablo 4 1.2.2 update introduces the new malignant powers. For Necromancers, it sees the return of the Sacrilegious heart in the form of this ring, the Sacrilegious Soul. Read our D4 Season 2 Malignant Necromancer build guide, we’ll bring you the best Bone Spear Necro build with Ring of Sacrilegious Soul that can 1 shot everything.


Diablo 4 Season 2 Best Malignant Necromancer Build - Best Bone Spear Necro Build For Leveling & Endgame

With the new unique Malignant Ring (Ring of the Sacrilegious Soul) in Diablo IV Season 2, you can raise skeletons every 1 second, corpse explosion every 1 second, or even a corpse tendril automatically every 8 seconds. This does not even use the cooldown of the effect. This is both better and worse than the original version because it's going to be popping the corps tendril slightly less often unless you do get a top roll. But in the positive, there's no damage reduction on the corpse explosions now which is great, so there's a lot of potential for this ring. Now, let’s straight into the skills, books of the dead, gear, and vampiric powers for this insanely strong D4 Sacrilegious Necro build for Season 2.


Diablo 4 Malignant Bone Spear Build Overview

  • Pros

Bone Spear doesn't need more damage. What it needs is anything that makes casting Bone Spears smoother and better. With this best D4 Season 2 Unique Ring Necro build, you'll have an auto-triggering corpse explosion so you won't have to press it yourself anymore. The only reason we're running that is not for the damage but for popping a corpse to get a damage buff. This gives us those damage buffs constantly. Then we have extra corpse tendrils being cast without us using ourselves every 8 seconds. Leaving us with a corpse tendril to use intentionally whenever we need it.


  • Cons

The cost of running this ring is to lose one offensive aspect. Then you get a massive quality life benefit to make this swap which is well worth it. Much more effective and convenient for open world, speed clearing, and tier 100 gameplay. It also means we save on one talent point in the skill tree. Despite this technical one less offensive aspect in the Diablo IV Season 2 Malignant Necromancer build, you still absolutely crushing Uber Lilith with no problem since the damage remains ridiculous.


D4 Malignant Necro Build For Leveling

  • Skills

Basic: 1 Bone Splinters (Enhanced, Acolyte’s Bone Splinters)

Core: 3 Unliving Energy, 3 Imperfectly Balanced, 5 Bone Spear (Enhanced, Paranormal), 3 Hewed Flesh

Macabre: 1 Grim Harvest, 3 Fueled by Death

Corruption: 1 Decrepify (Enhanced, Abhorrent), 3 Amplify Damage, 3 Death’s Embrace

Summoning: 3 Serration, 1 Rapid Ossification, 3 Compound Fracture, 3 Evulsion, 1 Corpse Tendrils (Enhanced, Plagued)

Ultimate: 1 Bone Storm (Prime, Supreme), 3 Stand Alone, 3 Memento Mori, 3 Inspiring Leader

Key Passive: Ossified Essence


  • Book of the Dead

Skeletal Warrior Skirmishers (3)

Skeletal Mages Cold (3)

Golems Iron (3)

  • Gear

Helm: Deathless Visage

Armor: Adventurer’s of Might
Gloves: Boneweave Gauntlets of Serration

Pants: Tibault’s Will

Boots: Ghostwalker Warlord Boots

Weapon: Splintering Gargoyle Greatsword

Amulet: Amulet of Grasping Veins

Ring: Ring of Exposed Flesh, Ring of the Sacrilegious

  • Vampiric Power


Prey on the Weak

Accursed Touch



D4 Malignant Necro Build For Endgame

Above is the single target open world or speed-clearing Malignant Bone Spear Necromancer leveling build for Diablo 4. If you're going to do a tier 100, here's a Malignant Bone Spear Endgame build. All you need take off Deathless Visage and slot on a Warlord Greathelm of Might and Adventurer’s Tunic of Disobedience. These provide the most defensive consistency in only two defensive slots. In tier 100 as Bone Spear, you don't need more damage instead of more survivability and so this is how you achieve that.

  • Gear

Helm: Warlord Greathelm of Might

Armor: Adventurer’s Tunic of Disobedience

Gloves: Boneweave Gauntlets of Serration

Amulet: Amulet of Grasping Veins

Ring: Ring of Exposed Flesh, Ring of the Sacrilegious

Weapon: Splintering of Gargoyle Greatsword

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