Top 5 Best Dragonflight 10.2 DPS Specs - Meta Dragonflight Season 3 DPS Rankings & Tier List

11/13/2023 5:32:52 PM

With Season 3 of Dragonflight raids and dungeons on the horizon, players are eager to know which DPS classes and specs will dominate the new patch. Today we break down the top 5 best DPS specs to play in Dragonflight 10.2, based on expected power gains and current performance.

Top 5 Best Dragonflight 10.2 DPS Specs - Meta Dragonflight Season 3 DPS Rankings & Tier List 

There are some important things that are changing in WoW Dragonflight Season 3, and we can get a lot of new contents, new zone, new raid, new legendary weapon, new faction, new class tier sets, class reworks, character customizations, and more. How do these affect the performance of classes and specs in 10.2 and what DPS should you play? Check the below tier list of the top 5 DPS classes for Dragonflight 10.2 based on the meta and DPS rankings.

#1. Fire, Frost, or Arcane Mage DPS - A Tier

If you are planning to play Mythic+, there is only one range spec that has consistently performed well throughout the seasons historically, and it would be on Mage. Now whether Mage is going to be Frost, Arcane or Fire, that does not really matter. Mage historically has been always the better performing range classes and there's been a few seasons where they were not as good, but overall they've always been at least decent. Decent is the bare minimum, many seasons are amazing and Season 3 will be no exception. Either of those three specs will make it one way or another to the meta. One of those three will be placed in a meta eventually or if not eventually, then at least at some point might try to break into the meta. So if you are looking for range to pick up in Mythic+, consider Frost Mage, if you got to narrow down to the specs, then Arcane of Fire more than Frost

#2. DH DPS - A Tier

The second spec to be considered playing for the upcoming season is going to be DH. Even if this gets nerfed to the ground, it's still based on the most recent rework, it's going to be minimum at A tier. So keep in mind that the Havoc got nerfed twice in a row. Even after two nerfs, there are 2 S tier. Meaning the spec is actually very good. so it might not be S tier, but it most definitely between A+ and A tier.

#3. Rogue DPS - S Tier

About this one, we think Rogue, whether it's going to be Outlaw, Assassination, or Sub Rogue, he will be doing fantastic in the upcoming season. Whether you're playing low keys, high Keys, mid keys, don't really matter, Rogue is solid everywhere, that's why you will be one of the best performing M+ specs. So Rogue overall is pretty solid, we’re going to choose to play Outlow as Rogue more than Sub Rogue. Rogue is likely to get manatory if DH gets to nerf to the ground, that's why it's always good to have a an alternative versions.

#4. Druid DPS - A Tier

This might be a very wild card, Druid is the next pick for DPS that is going to perform well in the upcoming season. Whether it's going to be Feral or Enhance, it does not really matter. We’re going to put balance more than Feral, even the Balance gets to be nerf, you have an alternative which is Feral. Unlike balance, Feral slightly behind balance in terms of performance, but on the lower to mid level keys, they are both equal. So if you're looking to push high keys, Balance is definitely a very solid choice, especially given the fact that you have your Mark of the Wild and also have a CR, and a very good mob control with your AOE solar beam, AOE roar as well. So on a high keys, choose Balance all the way.

#5. Ret Paladin DPS - A+ Tier

The last Dragonflight Season 3 10.2 DPS pick could be a very wild card pick, Ret Paladin. This is the only dark course that people might laugh about, and although Enhance is better than Ret Paladin, the thing is how strong the legendary could be. And Retribution Paladins have the potential to deal high burst damage, making them effective in taking down priority targets or dealing with mechanics that require quick damage. Their abilities like Templar's Verdict and Divine Storm can hit hard and contribute to overall raid damage.

- Retribution Paladins bring valuable utility to the raid group. They have access to blessings, such as Blessing of Might or Blessing of Wisdom, which can enhance the performance of other players in the group. Additionally, they have access to Hand of Protection and Lay on Hands, which can provide crucial survivability options for themselves or their teammates.

- Retribution Paladins have strong self-sustain capabilities, thanks to their healing abilities like Word of Glory and Flash of Light. This allows them to stay alive during intense raid encounters and reduces the strain on healers.

- Retribution Paladins bring valuable raid buffs to the group. They have access to auras like Devotion Aura, which provides damage reduction to the entire raid, and Crusader Aura, which increases mounted speed for the group. Additionally, their talents can provide further raid utility, such as Blessing of Sanctuary, which reduces damage taken by the raid.

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