Dragonflight 10.2 Classes Nerfs & Changes - Massive Nerfs in Dragonflight Season 3 Patch 10.2

11/11/2023 5:46:45 PM

Patch 10.2 is finally upon us, a pretty massive seasonal update that brings with it a ton of different class changes, not only are we getting access to a brand new set of trinkets weapons and full new tier sets, but also we're seeing some fundamentally massive changes within certain play styles, either class changes, talent changes or entire revamps as of this newest update. If you're someone who's just jumping back into Dragonflight for the patch 10.2 to experience season 3, then this guide is going to highlight all of the most important class changes that every single play style is receiving with this newest seasonal update. Let’s go through all classes' nerfs for Dragonflight 10.2, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior, and more. 

Dragonflight 10.2 Classes Nerfs & Changes - Massive Nerfs in Dragonflight Season 3 Patch 10.2

#1. Dragonflight Death Knight Nerfs for 10.2

The spec of Unholy is seeing some of the biggest set of changes come to patch 10.2. The primary goal is to adjust their damage profile because currently the spec is way too bursty and over reliant on some of the major cooldowns to be effective, which can hurt them in smaller group content like dungeons or PVP. The objective is to make them feel more impactful every 45 seconds rather than every 3 minutes. To do this, the major cooldowns such as Army of the Dead and Summon Gargoyle we seen damage reductions. Talents such as Unholy assault become flat damage buff instead of a haze buff to give him a more consistent rotational experience, and the base damage of all of their abilities.

#2. Dragonflight Demon Hunter Nerfs for 10.2

- Demon Hunters are seen a substantial revamp as of the patch 10.2. First of all, you'll notice that their class talent tree has been adjusted a little, which now provides you with some of the easier pickups for additional utility, helps reduce metamorphosis cool down down to 2 minutes if talented and adds even more defensive value towards the tank and spec of Vengeance. 

- Havoc Demon Hunters saw one of the biggest revamps with this newest update which offers additional Capstone talents, as well as some big changes for some of the existing ones. You also get a ton more mobility options to better support a momentum focused play style. As well as new survivability choices to make sure that you maintain durability.

- The tank spec of Vengeance however hasn't seen nearly as big of a revamp, more of a refresher within its talent tree, which allows them to focus better on sigil gameplay, providing a much easier pathing to pick up additional utility tools and granting him a new Capstone in order to help complement all of the other talented choices.

#3. Dragonflight Druid Nerfs for 10.2

- First of all, we see class talents such as innovate lose 2 seconds of up time as part of this healer Mana adjustment. 

- Then heart of the wild sees a nice little upgrade which empowers the hybrid potential of the balance and Feral Druid abilities. 

- Balance abilities will deal slightly less damage but will gain a much faster cast time for combat. While feral abilities will lose some of their damage, but gain a passive compo generation while inside of cat form.

- Balance Druids aren't seeing too many changes as of this build, but are going to get better talent build variety. Part of this update increases the base power of the Balance Druids. Handful of reductions to some of the more popular talents such as Nature's Grace, and value increases to some of the underused talents such as Wild Mushrooms.

- Also your Mastery has been adjusted, Mastery now has a flat damage increase and a damage increase to targets affected by Sunfire or Moonfire. This allows you to retain majority of your upfront damage if one attacking targets not affected by either of your dot effects. 

- Feral Druids gain a new talent of saber jaws which drastically increases ferocious by damage and a great competitive talent among some of the other choices.

- Ashamane's guidance will further empower Incarnation causing your blades to increase the target's damage taken by up to 6% with the effect lasting for 30 seconds after Incarnation has expired.

- Apex Predator’s Craving single target proc rate has been decreased, but it becomes a little bit more effective in AOE and cleave content.

- Feral Druids can finally cast innovate inside of cat form which is a much needed quality of life improvement.

- Resto Druids will notice that more support has been given to the tree of life play style, especially when empowerered by Cenarius Guidance talent. 

- Base Healing of Restoration Druid has also been increased from spells such as wild growth, rejuvenation, regrowth and many other passive talented options. But major cooldowns such as flourish have been diminished in value, increasing the rate of healing overtime effects by 25% down from 100%. 

- The damage of all spells such as wrath and starfire has also been increased by 90% to help promote more hybrid gameplay.

#5. Dragonflight Hunter Nerfs for 10.2

- Hunters are getting a new raid buff in the form of Hunter's Mark. Enemies affected by Hunter's Mark will take 5% additional damage while they have more than 80% of their health, which roughly translates into about a 1% damage increase for your raid.

- Hunters Mark is also not designed as an ability that needs to be swapped around multiple targets rather than something that you would place on a priority enemy before the start of an encounter which makes it a little bit easier to use.

- Beast Mastery has gained a few new talent options which replace the bottom right portion of their spec talent tree.

- The spec of Marksmanship only sees a nerf to the windrunner guidance talent which no longer randomly procs a longer up time of true shot. Instead, firing wind arrows causes rapid fire to cool down slightly faster. Wind arrows will also increase the up of your next true shot by a max maximum of 10 seconds.

- Survival Hunter's wildfire bomb will now gain 40% additional damage against the primary target which is a buff that's inspired by the most recent tier set bonus.

#6. Dragonflight Mage Nerfs for 10.2

We see no significant class or talent tree changes, we mostly see bug fixes when it comes to Arcane Mage talent tree interactions though nothing incredibly significant. Mages can still look forward to the new tier set bonuses as of the patch 10.2, but right now there isn't really too much class changes to cover for this current update.

#7. Dragonflight Monk Nerfs for 10.2

- We see a small buff to Jade Statue increasing its soothing Mistweaver healing by 40%, as well as an adjustment to the talent of escape from reality which becomes a one rank talent node. 

- Mistweaver Wind Walkers are also seen a new set of buffs for the 10.2. With a base damage Buffs for abilities such as rising sun kick Fist of Fury and whirling Dragon punch.

#8. Dragonflight Paladin Nerfs for 10.2

- We see primarily a new set of changes for the healing spec of holy. All base healing of Holy Paladins is seen a slight reduction. But single target spells such as holy light, flash of light, holy prism, and word of glory are all seen healing increases. There are major cooldowns such as barrier of faith, hand of divinity, and even the healing of merciful auras with an aura mastery all see a bit of a reduction, as does Daybreak when it comes to its mana restoration properties.

- Next we see the defensive of sanctified plates become 40% less effective for Holy Paladins specifically. And on top of it, the blessing of sacrifice will now split 20% of alli damage taken instead of its initial 30% value which is another notable decrease.

#9. Dragonflight Priest Nerfs for 10.2

- In 10.2, the group wide value of Priest is being rained in a bit though with a new set of party wide reductions. We see a reduction to power infusion with a haste and uptime both decreased. As well as a new cool down of 2 minutes placed on the ability of mass dispel. 

- We see a new talent of mental agility which reduces the mana cost of purify, purify disease and mass dispel by 50%, as well as dispel magic by 10%. With backlash damage of Shadow Word Death now dealing only 8% of Priest's maximum health and damage, no longer scaling with the initial ability damage. 

- Then we have the talent of power word life, which can now only be cast on targets if they are below the 35% threshold. And now has a 15-second cool down making it a bit more consistent and less risky to use.

- A new talent of ultimate penitence causes dis priest to rise into the air firing penance balls at enemies or allies depending on your target, while shielding the priest making them immune to push backs and crowd controls for a short moment. Penitents can then be further upgraded with cool down reduction elements and can even create an explosion of light to heal and apply atonement on nearby allies. 

#9. Dragonflight Rogue Nerfs for 10.2

- Assassination: Envenom bonus damage lowered to 60% (from 75%)

- Outlaw: Between the Eyes cooldown increased to 30 seconds (from 25)

- Subtlety: Shadowstrike damage lowered by 5%

#10. Dragonflight Shaman Nerfs for 10.2

- Elemental: Lava Burst damage increased by 10%

- Enhancement: Windfury Weapon effect nerfed by 5%

- Restoration: Wellspring healing bonus increased to 12% (from 10%)

#11. Dragonflight Warlock Nerfs for 10.2

- Affliction: Unstable Affliction damage over time increased by 10%

- Demonology: Doom damage increased by 25%

- Destruction: Rain of Fire base damage increased by 20%

#12. Dragonflight Warrior Nerfs for 10.2

- Arms: Mortal Strike damage increased by 15%

- Fury: Rampage enrage effect increased to 30% Haste and Crit (from 20%)

- Protection: Shield Block defensive bonus increased to 30% (from 25%)